When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 1812

Chapter 1812

Robert looked at his father with a cute and handsome face, and said what he saw and heard from his mother today.

Avery said that he liked his father before, but after his communication, he now likes it.

These words made Elliot’s heart arouse thousands of waves!

The son’s serious appearance does not seem to be lying.

“Robert, who said this to you?” Mrs. Cooper asked Robert immediately when she saw Elliot’s body froze.

Robert raised her head, looked at Mrs. Cooper, and replied, “It’s what my mother said!”

Mrs. Cooper couldn’t help laughing and crying: “Your mother told you such a thing!”

“Mom did.” Robert was afraid that everyone would think that He was lying, so he repeated the point.

Mrs. Cooper saw that the atmosphere was really awkward, so she took out the other leg of the robot from the suitcase that Elliot opened.

“Let’s go and fit the robot’s legs.” Mrs. Cooper led Robert away.

Elliot closed the suitcase and carried it back to the master bedroom.

Avery actually said such things against her intentions in order to get closer to her son!

She didn’t expect her to be like this now.

After closing the master bedroom door, Elliot paced back and forth in the room, but his heart could not calm down!

Ben Schaffer actually carried him behind his back and took his son to Avery to see!

He turned on the phone, but did not see Ben Schaffer’s news or missed calls.

In a fit of anger, he dialed Ben Schaffer.

Starry River Villa.

Ben Schaffer’s cell phone rang, and seeing that it was Elliot calling, he immediately winked at everyone.

“Everyone be quiet first! I’ll take a call.” Ben Schaffer had expected the matter to be revealed, and he was about to be scolded.

Gwen was very gossipy and pressed his phone on the speakerphone, wanting to hear how Elliot scolded people.

Ben Schaffer looked embarrassed: “Gwen, can’t you save me some face?”

Gwen: “What kind of face, if he scolds you, I will help you scold back.”

With Gwen’s words, Ben breathed.

After picking up the phone, Elliot’s voice suddenly came: “Did you take Robert to see Avery today? Robert is my son, who allowed you to do this without my consent?”

Ben Schaffer cleared his throat: “The matter is like this…I took Robert to play outside today, and by coincidence, I met Avery…”

Elliot: “Is there such a coincidence?”

Ben Schaffer: “Yes! What a coincidence! How could I deliberately bring Robert to Avery’s house? I wouldn’t do that.”

Ben Schaffer’s eyes widened and he was talking nonsense, which fell into everyone’s eyes.

Gwen didn’t expect Ben to be so cowardly in front of Elliot, and was suddenly a little disillusioned.

When Avery saw that Ben was lying because he was afraid, she felt that she had implicated him.

“Give me the phone.” Avery stretched out her hand towards Ben Schaffer.

Her voice clearly fell into Elliot’s ears on the other side of the phone.

Elliot held the phone tightly with his fingers.

Unexpectedly, Ben Schaffer is now with Avery.

“Uh… Elliot… I’m at Avery’s house now… She wants to talk to you on the phone…” Ben Schaffer said hesitantly here, see Elliot didn’t respond, so he said, “Since you have no opinion, then I’ll give her the phone… You two have a good chat.”

After Ben Schaffer finished speaking, without giving Elliot a chance to respond, he directly handed the phone to Avery.

After Avery got the mobile phone, he turned off the handsfree, and then walked out with the mobile phone.

After walking out of the villa, Avery exhaled and said, “I asked Ben Schaffer to bring Robert to my house. Robert is my son, and I have the right to see him.”

Elliot listened to her strong tone. He coldly Said: “If you want to see your son, do you need my consent first?! You still ignore me as always!”

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    1. Yes same thoughts here. Like let them hash out the misunderstandings, make up, find Haze and Hayden get over his issues with his dad.

  1. Yes, i believe they still love each other and what they need is for them to talk and tell each others grievances to one anorher then forgive each other and be reconciled..as eell as hayden to his fathet and have a happy ending

    1. Me to Avery needs to tell him to part ways as long as mike is running her life her and Elliott will never have peace. They need to take all the kids and move away from all there rotten friends. And they need to communicate with eachother and not lie and keep secrets from eachother if fear of hurting eachother. They need to have the twins learn respect. Also not let Eric take their daughter on trips. I hope all ends happy. I feel they still love eachother. This started as a love story and turned into a hate story.

  2. Avery has a toxic personality. She’s always keeping something from Elliot and will play victim. Sorry but that’s how i see it.

    1. One more thing that I find it annoying? It is the unnecessary chapters. Like Ben and Gwen story, Tammy and Jun. Please write a separate books on each. This book is about the Foster Family

  3. They both keep secrets from one another I don’t know why when they claim they will tell each other that they won’t do that

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