When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 1810

Chapter 1810

“Don’t blame Robert. Robert is a child after all, and whoever is around to take care of him will kiss him.” Ben Schaffer saw the loss in her eyes, so he comforted, “Robert and Elliot has a very good relationship. Just like Layla and Hayden did to you.”

Avery: “How could I blame Robert. I didn’t take care of him. To him, I was actually a stranger.”

Ben Schaffer said, “Well, when you return to Aryadelle this time, How long do you plan to stay? If you stay longer, I’ll bring Robert over next time. Even if Elliot knows about it, it’s me to blame.”

Avery said, “When I come back this time, I should stay for a long time. When Elliot comes back, I will talk to him about the child’s visitation rights. I never let him see Hayden, so he can’t stop me from seeing Robert.”

“If you want to talk, you must talk calmly but don’t say a word and quarrel again.”

Ben Schaffer originally wanted to persuade Avery, but Avery retorted: “You should tell him this. As long as he doesn’t quarrel with me, I naturally won’t quarrel with him.”

“Oh, good.” Ben Schaffer touched his nose, then picked Robert up from behind and put it on his lap, letting Avery take a good look at him, “Robert, this is your mother What are you afraid of? If your sister sees her mother coming back, she will definitely jump up happily!”

“I’m afraid.” Robert’s soft and waxy voice came in a low voice.

Ben Schaffer laughed and patted his head: “You’re a man, be brave.”

“I’m afraid.” Robert lowered his head, focused on the snacks in his hand, and didn’t dare to face it.

Avery felt that her son’s reaction was very real. It should be well protected.

“Robert, do you want to watch your sister’s videos when she was a child?” Avery thought of a way to get closer to Robert.

She turned on her phone, found the video of Layla’s childhood, and clicked it.

Layla’s voice came from the phone, and Robert was immediately attracted.

Ben Schaffer carried Robert to Avery’s side and watched Layla’s video together.

After about ten minutes, Ben Schaffer walked away from Robert, and Robert stood beside Avery, not as scared as before.

When he sees excitement, he will laugh with Layla in the video.

“Robert, do you like your father very much?” Avery found a topic to chat with her son.

“Yeah!” Robert nodded without thinking, “Do you like my dad?”

Avery was stunned. She didn’t expect the little guy to ask back.

Avery: “I liked it before.”

“Oh…” Robert got the answer and continued watching the video.

At his age, he still doesn’t understand the meaning and difference between ‘before’ and ‘now’.

At about four o’clock in the afternoon, Mrs. Cooper called Ben Schaffer and asked Ben Schaffer to send Robert back.

At this time, Avery was busy in the kitchen. She wanted to cook a dinner for Robert herself, but after Ben Schaffer answered the phone, he immediately brought Robert to the kitchen and said goodbye to Avery.

“Avery, Mrs. Cooper called me and asked me to send Robert back now.” Ben Schaffer looked at Avery wearing an apron and knew that she would be very disappointed to do so, but Mrs. Cooper’s attitude was very firm, “Mrs. Cooper knows that I brought the child to you. She is afraid that Elliot will be angry. If there is a chance in the future, I will bring Robert here again.”

Avery couldn’t make it difficult for Mrs. Cooper and Ben Schaffer, so she quickly take off her apron and send them out.

Avery: “When Elliot comes back, let me know!”

“Okay.” Ben Schaffer hugged Robert into the car and apologized, “I’m sorry, I’m afraid that next time Mrs. Cooper won’t be so quick to let me take Robert out. After all Robert is usually led by her, and Robert especially listens to her words.”

“Avery: I understand. Thank you very much for bringing Robert here today. It’s normal for Robert to be afraid of me. When I was determined to divorce Elliot, I thought of this outcome.”

“Do you regret it?” After putting Robert in the child safety seat, Ben Schaffer asked Avery.

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