When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 1809

Chapter 1809

Chad: “Don’t talk about it. Brother Ben is quite handsome. Besides, Brother Ben is really nice.”

“Yeah, your boss is also a great person in your eyes.” Mike teased and turned the clouds away Gwen’s number, “Don’t talk, I’ll call Gwen.”

Starry River Villa.

Avery slept for about three hours and was woken up by the sound outside.

When she slept, she forgot to close the curtains.

The sun shines in through the window, shining like gold.

She opened her eyes and didn’t get up immediately.

Until a child’s voice came.

“Robert, don’t tell your father that I brought you to see your mother today.” Ben Schaffer hugged Robert and came to Avery’s house, feeling uneasy.

Robert knew Ben Schaffer very well, because Ben Schaffer often visited him. So he proposed to bring Robert out to play, and Robert obediently followed him out.

After Robert heard the word ‘mother’, an unnaturally timid expression suddenly appeared on his little face.

In fact, Robert often communicates with his mother on video.

Sometimes when Layla and Avery in hit a video, they would drag Robert along.

However, Robert didn’t dare to call his mother, and he didn’t dare to face Avery.

After all, he hadn’t gotten along in reality, and he felt very strange.

“I want to go home.” Robert looked at Ben Schaffer, and said in a milky voice, “Uncle Ben, I want to go home!”

“We just came out! Can we go back later? I’ll get some food for you to Eat.” Ben Schaffer said, and took out a bag of baby snacks from the bag that Mrs. Cooper brought him.

When Robert saw the snacks, he stopped yelling and went home.

Avery came out of the master bedroom and saw Robert, who had grown a lot taller, and was stunned in place.

She didn’t expect Robert to appear here.

“Robert!” Avery was unable to restrain herself, she strode towards Robert.

Ben Schaffer and Robert looked at Avery one after another.

Ben Schaffer immediately squatted down and explained to Robert: “Look at Robert, this is your mother. Your mother is so beautiful, just as beautiful as your sister, right?”

Robert was so frightened that he immediately hid behind Ben Schaffer, revealing only a pair of Curious eyes, looking at Avery.

Avery stopped when she realized that she scared her son.

“Ben Schaffer, why did you bring Robert here? Does Elliot know?” Avery sat down on the sofa opposite Robert, and although she was asking Ben Schaffer, she kept looking at Robert gently.

Robert held snacks in his hand, watching her while eating.

Robert looked like a miniature version of Elliot, but he was not as serious as Elliot. Like other children of his age, he was full of cuteness.

“It’s a long story. First Mike went to Chad and said you were back. Then Chad told Mike that Elliot has gone abroad and now is a good time for you to see Robert, so Mike asked Gwen and Gwen asked me to bring Robert to you…” After Ben Schaffer told the reason, Avery was very grateful.

“Thank you! I really haven’t seen Robert for a long time. Even if I just look at Robert like this now, I’m very satisfied.” Avery didn’t expect to see her son so smoothly, so for a while, she didn’t know what to do measures.

She especially wanted to hug Robert, and wanted to say sorry to Robert. But she knew that this would only scare Robert.

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