When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 1808

Chapter 1808

Mike: Guess.

Chad was too lazy to guess, so he made a phone call.

Mike felt that his temper was getting more and more impatient.

“You and Hayden came back?” After Mike answered the phone, Chad’s voice came.

Mike: “Hayden is still in school! How did he come back with me?”

“Oh… Avery never returned to Aryadelle? Why did she suddenly return to Aryadelle?” Chad pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose.

“When did she say she would never go back to Aryadelle?” Mike took the phone and went back to his room, “You haven’t gone to work yet? Why don’t you ask for leave today…”

Chad said, “No. I really can’t ask for leave today. The boss sent me an email last night saying that he will not go to the company for the next few days. You said that my boss suddenly behaved like this, is it possible that it has something to do with Avery’s return to Aryadelle?”

MIke: “How do I know what your boss is doing? I thought. Anyway, we came back to Aryadelle quite abruptly, and we didn’t tell anyone.”

“Oh, that might be a coincidence! By the way, how many days is Avery going back to Aryadelle this time? Why did she decide to go back?” Chad looked at the time, “Is it convenient for you to go out now? I’ll invite you to breakfast.”

Now the time in Aryadelle was less than seven in the morning.

MIke: “She’s going to make up for her sleep. I can go out, but I’m a little tired. Come over and treat me to breakfast!”

Chad: “Okay.”

About half an hour later, Chad came to the breakfast shop near the Starry River Villa.

Mike has already ordered breakfast.

Chad said, “On the way I came, I specifically asked Brother Ben, my boss is no longer in the country. If Avery wants to see Robert, today is a good opportunity!”

“Chad, you are really a good spy!” Mike couldn’t help laughing, “You used to be loyal to your boss, how has it changed now? If your boss knew about you, he would definitely fire you.”

Chad scratched his head: “Avery and I are also good friends! Avery must have returned to Aryadelle this time to take care of the children, right? My boss has not traveled far for the past two years. It was Avery who took care of the children. It’s a good time. Otherwise, if my boss is here, Avery may not be able to see the child.”

MIke: “Your boss has no right not to let Avery see the child.”

Chad: “I know, but the law between them is unclear.”

“I’ll wait. Go back and tell her later. You are responsible for bringing Robert out.” Mike arranged.

Chad: “I’m going to work, how can I bring Robert? Let Brother Ben take it!”

Mike: “Then tell Ben Schaffer. I have a normal relationship with Ben Schaffer.”

“You’re stupid! Wouldn’t you let Gwen talk? Gwen is taking care of him.” Chad laughed, “Ben is actually a very shrewd person, no matter what he does, it will count as a cost. But he overturned with Gwen. He paid the sunk cost, If he doesn’t marry Gwen, it will be difficult to end.”

Mike: “Cut! Didn’t he pay more for Chelsea?”

“No.” Chad said, “He didn’t think he was worthy of Chelsea, so he didn’t pursue it. He has passed Chelsea. But he is different to Gwen. The day before Gwen returned to Aryadelle, he took a week off and planned to play with Gwen. Now that Gwen goes to work, he drives to pick her up every day. If he has a daughter in the future, It’s just the same for his own daughter.”

“Just be with an old man like Ben Schaffer and treat him as a donkey. If he can’t provide emotional value, it’s better to find a young and handsome guy who can at least be eye-catching.” When Mike said this, he immediately took out his mobile phone and found Gwen’s number.

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