Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 9

Chapter 9

The following day had come, and Veronica came over to pick up Tiffany.

Tiffany was dressed in her best gown, face meticulously decorated with makeup. Her mother, Joey

Young, walked her to the door. “I’m sorry, Tiffany, but I can’t go to the audition with you today. Your

dad and I have a project to discuss after all. We wish you the best for this audition and getting into the

final appearance. Mommy knows you’re the best!”

“Thanks, Mommy.” The mother-and-daughter duo shared a hug before Tiffany got in the car.

Once the door closed, the sweet and innocent smile on her face was replaced by an entirely different

look. It was darker.

Tiffany had been plagued with anxiety and concern since Charmine’s return. Tiffany knew the truth:

Her poor biological mother was sentenced to death three days after giving birth to her. To ensure that

her child would have a better future, she swapped Tiffany with Joey’s actual daughter, and poor

Charmine was left on the street instead.

Would Joey love her the same once she found out the truth?

When she saw Tiffany’s difficult expression, Veronica assumed Tiffany was still concerned about what

happened last night. “Don’t be too concerned about it, it’s just a photo,” she assured her. “Even if it

got out, it wouldn’t be such a big deal. You should focus more on getting the opportunity to make the

final appearance. Everyone will be attending the show tomorrow, and I even heard that someone from

the Bailey family would be coming. Scoring this role would definitely double your value, and nobody

would remember what happened during Senior Jordan’s birthday.”

“I know what to do.” Tiffany nodded.

Last night’s event no longer bothered her; the hacker must have been a pervert like many of her crazy

fans. Since the perpetrator did nothing to release her photos last night, there was no way the hacker

would publish in the future. They probably just wanted to keep these things to themselves.

“By the way, I gathered that Charmine Jordan signed up for the audition when I looked through the list

in the morning,” Veronica added. “The girl had just returned to the country and had no previous

experience at modeling. It’s hilarious that she even signed up!”

Instead of joining in with Veronica’s mocking, Tiffany’s brows furrowed at the mention of Charmine’s

name. Right, she did threaten to take everything away from Tiffany. It was no surprise she would be at

places like this, though there was no way Charmine could compete with a supermodel like Tiffany.

She sneered with utter disdain. Tiffany aimed to capture the audience with her brilliance today, and

they would adore her. That would show Charmine how far away she was from her league.

Inside the Grand Ballroom of Hotel Vienna, a long T-stage stood elegantly, surrounded by luxurious

chairs seated by the hosts, designers, and sponsors.

One by one, models made their appearances on the stage. They were all dressed in a simple gown and

makeup, though expressionless as they were. Chanel was to present a necklace named ‘The Glowing

Forest’ with the final appearance. The necklace was made with platinum, carved in the shape of a leaf,

along with a green fluorite stone hidden in the leaf. The stone consisted of platinum, white gold, silver

and light green, and it exuded an air of perpetuity and elegance. Therefore, the chosen model to make

the final appearance would have to exude an aura that matched the necklace or, more preferably,

more than that.

Nial Bailey looked down as he sat on a hidden seat on the second floor.

“Bro, didn’t you say the special lady would appear today? The audition is almost over. Where is she?”

“Exactly! Where’s Mommy? These women are so ugly and bland-looking, thinking they’re cool and

refined. My eyes are drooping already…” Chris muttered.

Anthony rubbed the boy’s hair and spoke, “She’ll be here anytime.” He then averted his gaze to the


“Uh…You’ve only seen her once and you’re so sure?” Nial asked, tone laced with disbelief and


“No one believes in love at first sight until that special person comes along and steals your heart,”

Anthony replied with an unintentional smirk on his face.

“Lord, save me from this burn!” Nial howled dramatically. He acted as though he was attacked and

struggled to stop his imaginary wound from worsening.

“Bro, are you my actual brother? Seems like I was wrong from the beginning. I shouldn’t have been

born, and then I needless to have a brother like you. Without a brother like you, I don’t have to listen

to what you just said! Your existence is a pain to a single man such as myself!”

Chris then chimed in, “Uncle Nial, you’ll still have me even if Daddy’s not here! I’m almost old enough

to go to school, too. Where’s your child, Uncle? Oh wait, you’re not married and you don’t have a wife.

How can you make a baby then?” Chris continued to chatter without restraint. “Poor you, Uncle. Even

if you’re married, you can’t get a baby as adorable as me.” Chris looked at Nial sympathetically.

Nial was met with more slaps to his face. What had he done to deserve this?

All of a sudden, the crowd below them grew aroused as noises of appreciation were heard.

“Oh my goodness… What a stunner!”

The three stopped bickering and immediately turned to look at the stage.

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