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Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Fists clenched tight, Tiffany called her manager, Veronica Ramos right away.

“Find out who sent me the anonymous email in the next five minutes. I want his information,” ordered


Tiffany believed she could blackmail this person into conceding defeat once she obtained their

information. Nobody could ever walk over her.


Five minutes later, Veronica called her again, but she came without good news.

“Tiffany, I’m sorry. I found the best hacker in town and used up all my connections and resources, but

we still couldn’t break in the sender’s IP address.”

“How is this possible? I thought we had the best team?!” Tiffany’s fear had gotten the best of her as

her voice raised a few octaves. “Now we can’t even break into an anonymous IP?!”

She was the most celebrated supermodel in the world, armed with the finest of resources and best

connections. There was no way such a thing could happen to her.

“The hacker has skills we can’t compete against. We don’t know their identity, and even the best

hacker in our team couldn’t break his IP. Tiffany, perhaps you could come up with other plans to keep

him silenced. If this goes public, your reputation will be completely ruined,” Veronica tried to reason

with her, and a sigh escaped her lips soon after.

Tiffany fell onto her bed in disbelief. Veronica was her manager and assistant. If she—a person who

possessed the best resources in town—said she could not help, anyone else would be useless.

What could she do? Host a press conference and confess her wrongdoings? What difference would this

make from the screenshots going public? Should she send this person her nude then? Her reputation

would be just as ruined as the first option.

She received another email.

[You have three more minutes.]

In the email, a screenshot of a typed-out post on Weibo was attached. The screenshot read:

[The most famous supermodel Tiffany Jordan paid for her sister’s murder!]

Tiffany turned pale as her hands quaked without restraint.

If this was to be revealed, it would make headlines around the world, and she would likely end up in


[Don’t send this. Wait. I’ll send you nude right now.]

She had no choice but to run into her bathroom, she even picked up the cucumber she prepared for

her eye mask.

However much she did not want to do such a shameless thing, she had no other choice. The

perpetrator was most likely some crazy fanboy who wanted to entertain himself with her nude photo.

Also, even if her nude got circulated, she could insist they were photoshopped by others and easily

think of ways to dissolve this chaos. She could even gain more male fans with her nude. The outcome

of this choice was more bearable compared to the other.

Holding onto these thoughts, Tiffany bit her lips and took a nude in the bathroom.

At Violet Villa…

Cross-legged in front of her computer screen on the desk, Charmine muttered quietly as she sipped her


“Three, two, one.”

An email showed up in her inbox at that instant.

The email had Tiffany’s photo attached to it. Under the shower head was Tiffany in her bikini,

thoroughly soaked. She looked into the camera holding a cucumber, imitating that of a seductive gaze.

Charmine smirked. The fish took the bait.

Oh, well. Nobody could blame Tiffany for choosing this option, however ugly it was.

It was then when a man dressed in casual wear suddenly entered through the door of the study room.

With a deadpan look, the man stared at Charmine coldly and spoke, “Charmine, you might have the

budget, but don’t forget the real reason why you’re back.”

“Of course I remember. Things are going as planned.” Charmine took a sip of the wine as she saved the


The man glanced at her computer screen and added, “This alone won’t do you good to fight Tiffany

Jordan. It’s only when you get more fame that you can take away Tiffany’s every belonging. Go to the

audition tomorrow.”

With that, the man threw a file on her desk and turned to walk away.

Charmine picked up the file and studied the content; it was the document for Chanel’s audition.

Chanel was an international luxury brand known for its beautifully designed clothes, bags, and

amazing perfumes. Many people took pride in buying an item from Chanel.

Chanel just so happened to announce that they would host their 10th Annual Jewelry Show on the top

floor of Ocean Pearl, Mount Claire in two days. Therefore, in the audition tomorrow, they would hire a

supermodel to make the final appearance during the show. This would make a huge difference to the

fame and reputation of a supermodel.

Charmine scanned the list of names. Besides Tiffany, the supposed ‘most famous supermodel’, the

other 49 candidates were world-renowned supermodels, guests of Milan Fashion Week, Victoria

Secret’s Show, and the likes.

Charmine was still new in this field, considering she had just returned from abroad, yet this man

already had such a difficult task arranged for her.

The man knew what he was doing.

Charmine rearranged the folder and her attention went back to the photo on her screen. A sly smile

went on her lips. Tomorrow would be interesting.

Tiffany’s reputation was at stake.

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