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Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Anthony had no intention to do what he was about to, but this woman had undeniably piqued his

interest. His family had been trying to get him married throughout the years, but now…

“Daddy… Daddy…” Chris’s bright voice brought him back to reality.

Anthony noticed that the two darkening spots were quite terrible to the eye. It might be too late to

save this woman by the time the serum arrived.

Pushing all thoughts aside, he bent down and started sucking the blood out of the wound. Chris, who

was laying on the ground, saw this and chirped with joy, “Daddy touched Mommy, and Daddy kissed

Mommy. Now Daddy needs to take care of Mommy!”

The boy never ceased to surprise him.

When Charmine regained her consciousness, she found herself in a monochrome-colored room, and

nicely furnished at that.

‘Where am I? Wasn’t I attacked by a cobra? I need to clear the wound now!’

When she looked down, however, she realized her clothes had been changed. Moreover, her clothes

were swapped with an oversized white shirt that reached her knees.

‘My wounds are cleaned and bandaged…? Who did this?’

“You’re awake?” a deep velvety voice was heard from across the room.

Charmine looked up and saw a tall muscular figure walking in from the door. The man was dressed in

his tailored suit, his facial features looked as though carved with the finest detail. His aura felt

exorbitant, lathered with class and refinement.

It was Anthony Bailey.

The man who was at the top of the pyramid; the Bailey family’s thirteenth heir, a family of extreme

wealth for 500 years. This was Anthony Bailey.

“Was it you who saved me? Were you the one who changed my clothes?”

“Mhm,” he softly replied.

As he approached her, he then knelt before her. “Don’t worry, I’ll take responsibility over you.”

He took out a small cotton box and gave it to Charmine. The box automatically opened; sitting in the

box was a heart-shaped diamond ring.

“What are you doing?” Charmine frowned.

“Proposing to you,” Anthony answered.


Rumor had it that Anthony paid no interest in women, and even his son had a surrogate mother. Why

would he propose to her?

Of course… The son! The boy’s features were similar to Anthony’s, too. So the boy she had saved

turned out to be this wealthy man’s son? Why did he allow his son to wander in such a dangerous

place and, out of the blue, was proposing to her now? What an irresponsible man!

“Are you insane? You helped me change and now want to marry me?” she scoffed.

“I’m a man of principles,” Anthony deadpanned.

“According to your principles, doesn’t it also imply that the men who go to beaches would have to

bring home a bunch of wives? More than thousands of men saw me when I went to the beach, so do I

have to marry every one of them, too?”

Thousands of men? Anthony did not like what he heard.

Once she got down from the bed, Charmine gently patted him on his shoulder. “Mr Bailey, we’re all

adults. I don’t need you to take care of me; just take good care of your son. Don’t spend all your time

making money. Your son doesn’t have a mom, and if you don’t do something about it, it could affect

his character development.”

Charmine left the room after telling him off for good. Her, dressed in an oversized shirt that showed

off her long and slim legs, gave off strong masculinity laced with elegant femininity.

Anthony’s face went stiff in awe. Was his proposal rejected?

Any other woman in the world would die to marry him, yet this woman rejected him without a second


He turned suddenly and asked in a slightly raised tone, “Is there someone else?”

“Ah?” Charmine was confused.

Anthony looked right into her eyes, and pronounced each syllable as he said,

“I sucked out your toxin.”

Wait a minute. Was the snakebite not at her thigh?

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