Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 50

Chapter 5o

[Oh no, my princess is hurt! It must’ve hurt so much.]

[Amelia looks so pale white! Charmine must’ve

wanted revenge against Amelia for trying to expose

her lies! Shameless!

[Can’t wait till the press conference! We’ll see how

Charmine defends herself once the cat’s out of the


As Twitter was overrun with comments like these,

some reporters went to interview Tiffany and Amelia.


“I’ll still stand for justice, even if Charmine beats me

to death,” Amelia said to the camera, “and I’ll make

sure the press conference happens!”

Tiffany, on the other hand, was nursing her wound as

she muttered, “I don’t have anything to say. It’s okay if

she hits me, but I just want to help her return to the

path of righteousness. Please, can everyone help me

convince her?” As usual, her crocodile tears won the

hearts o f many.

Everyone was eagerly waiting for the press

conference, a moment of truth to discern truth from

lies. They waited for the moment when Charmine

would be kicked out of the modeling industry. 1

Without realizing it, it was already three o’clock in

the evening.

On the first floor of Hotel Kelsy.

Apart from the hordes of paparazzi, numerous

influencers were also present a s they live-streamed

with their phones, their netizens at the edge of their

seats in anticipation.

Among the chatter and noise, Amelia walked up the

stage with a noble and flamboyant temperament,

dressed in a bright red satin dress.

“Thank you everyone for taking your time to

participate in this press conference,” Amelia began as

she spoke with the microphone. “I know everyone

can no longer wait for this, so I’ll get straight to the


“I believe that many people might feel that a photo is

inadequate to determine that Charmine is the thirdwheeler.

Therefore, I’ve specially invited Diamond

Prince himself to attend this press conference. Today,

the prince himself will clarify everything.” With that

said, she turned to look at the backstage. i

Surrounded by ten or so international bodyguards,

Simon walked to the stage in his black suit. With his

fair skin and distinctive facial features, coupled with

his dark blue eyes, he looked like an actual prince

who walked out of a fairytale. The buttons on his suit

were made of black diamonds, and it gave him an air

of nobleness and lay-low luxury.

An uproar began once he stepped to the stage.

“Ahhhh! It’s him; Diamond Prince Simon! The number

one chief executive officer in South Africa! The most

charming man ever!”

“Amelia managed to invite him over! He hasn’t made

any statement since the rumors, and yet here he is!”

“Charmine will be completely destroyed! Let’s see

how she defends herself!”

“Diamond Prince, please tell us what happened! Why

did you cheat on Princess Verna? Didn’t you promise

to never cheat on her?”

A bunch of paparazzi held up their microphones as

they scrambled to ask their questions. The discussion

room online, too, was bombarded with comments

and questions.

[Simon Gray is too handsome!]

[Why would someone so handsome cheat? Why?!]

The world was reeling with questions and

astonishment, as well as hating on Charmine for

doing such a despicable act.

Meanwhile, the mastermind sat languidly on her sofa

as she painted her nails bright red. It was a unique

warmth-sensory nail paint. Once applied, it would

turn the nails bright red, and the tip of the nails

would turn dark cow-blood red. 1

Eyes glued to the television, Eric asked, ” It’s reaching

the climax soon. Are you sure you’re not watching?”

“What’s there to watch? Is it as important as my new

nail polish?” Charmine smirked as she continued to

paint her nails.

Nevermind; the one everyone was criticizing was not

Charmine anyway. What was there for an agent like

him to b e so anxious about?

At the hotel, the press conference was at full swing.

Amelia passed the microphone to Simon

enthusiastically, “Diamond Prince, please tell us the

truth. We’ll give you justice!”

Simon accepted the microphone and faced the crowd

before he slowly began, ” I don’t know where to start

on this matter, but I’d like to show you a clip.” With a

wave of his hand, the big screen behind him lit up.

Amelia felt giddy and pleased altogether. These were

all part of their deal: Simon would show the receipts

of Charmine’s spendings to everyone, along with

some photos of their relationship, exposing to the

world of Charmine’s love of vanity and extravagance.

Once this information came to light, Charmine’s

reputation would be ruined forever!

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