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Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 49

Chapter 49

Charmine had gotten used to Joey’s hate-filled eyes

over the years. This Joey was utterly smitten with

Tiffany, too. Even if she found out Tiffany was the

adopted daughter, she would still side with her.

It felt like a drag for Charmine to even talk to them,

thus she coldly instructed, ” Someone, come and show

them the way out.”

The security guards who were supposed t o bring

Charmine out went to Amelia and the group instead.

With the white-hot pain still burning at Amelia’s

dislocated arm, she growled through gritted teeth,

“Don’t act all high and mighty, Charmine! I don’t want

to spend any more time in this stupid store; it’s too

dirty for me! Just wait for it, Charmine. I’ll let

everyone see your ugly face this afternoon, and your

reputation will be torn to shreds!”

Amelia did not let the guards touch her as she

struggled to walk out herself. Joey and Julian carried

Tiffany, and they glared at Charmine with

unadulterated hate. Tiffany, on the other hand, held

herself like a regal white swan, the cared-for princess,

though she secretly gave Charmine a dirty look


So what if she had a diamond shop? Charmine still

lost to her! Julian was hers, Joey was hers, and even

the Jordan family was hers!

Suddenly… “Wait,” came Charmine’s crisp voice.

Julian and the rest instinctively stopped t o look at

her; they were evidently taken aback, too.

“Please settle the bill for the broken gold-plated

display glass. That’s three hundred thousand bucks in

total.” 4

Charmine took a card machine and shook it before

them nonchalantly.

Amelia, Joey, Julian, and Tiffany were utterly


Their eyes were red with hatred. Joey—the one with

the most grudge—snapped. “How shameless of you,

Charmine, to ask for money after all these years of

eating and using up the Jordan family’s resources!

And it’s three hundred thousand, too? 1

“Fine. Here’s three hundred thousand! But tonight,

you’ll have to come back to the Jordan family and pay

up all the money you’ve used throughout the years!”

Joey then took out a card and tossed it at Charmine.

Charmine picked up the card and threw it right back

at Joey. “Unfortunately, the display glass was broken

by Tiffany, so I’ll only take her money.” 1

Tiffany’s face turned red with anger. Her hand was

already wounded, and she still had to pay Charmine

300,000? Charmine was not letting her breathe!

She wanted nothing more than to kill Charmine on

the spot, but she quickly pulled herself together at the

thought of paparazzi outside and her plans. She

swallowed her anger and adapted a soothing voice.

“Mom, Sister is right,” she muttered. “I broke it, so I

should be paying for it.” She pulled out a card, though

her eyes burned with anger still. She wanted

Charmine to pay for her arrogance and this ludicrous

300,000 ‘ damage’.

After swiping the card, Charmine tossed the card

back to her. “You may leave now.”

The quartet walked out of the store with fume coming

out of their heads.

As they walked out, Amelia yelled, “Just you wait,

Charmine! Stay tuned for the press conference at

three o’clock today. I want to see you cry!” i

Charmine’s lips curled up. Cry? Oh, someone would

be crying, alright.

She then glanced around the store. “What are you all

standing here? Clean up the shop.”

“Yes,” replied the staff in unison before they began

cleaning up.

Charmine was shameless but they were still

employees of this store, they needed the job.

The general manager feigned innocence a s she

pretended to take part in cleaning u p.

“You’re fired!” Charmine snapped. 1

In less than an hour, Twitter was deluged with

hashtags like these: 1

#Ohly- owner- is-CharmineJordan #Charmine-hit-

Tiffany #Charmine-push-Tiffany #Charmine- scoldedfoster-


These were the hottest discussions. Although it was

obvious that these were intentionally arranged to

criticize Charmine, the netizens merely joined in a s

long as they were entertaining.

[0MG! She was already exposed! How is she still so

arrogant?! ]

[If it wasn’t for Joey Young, she would’ve died a long

time ago! How could she be so rude to her mother?]

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