Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 48

Chapter 48

“Aah!” Amelia cried out in agony, her face pallid due

to the pain.

Joey then shifted Amelia behind her and scowled,

“Charmine, enough is enough! You ‘re shameless

enough to be a third – wheeler. How dare you hit your

cousin? Aren’t you even ashamed at all?” i

“Ashamed? Ashamed as in standing here and

listening to you?” Charmine clapped back bitterly.

“She’s your cousin!” Joey shrieked. “So what if she

criticizes you? You’re just an adopted daughter, and

your life was given by the Jordan family. From what

you’ve done so far, nothing would be in vain if you’re

bashed to death right now!”

A sliver of irony gleamed in Charmine’s glare.

Nothing would be in vain if she was based to death,

was it? Everyone would see who would be first to go.

Tiffany took this opportunity to play the good cop.

“Mom, Sister, please stop arguing,” she pleaded, “we

can talk things out. Sister claimed she wasn’t the

third-wheeler and that this shop belonged to her.

What if she speaks the truth? Maybe she had no

choice but to be a third-wheeler?” 2

“Huh? Who is forced to become a third – wheeler? It’s

all her love for vanity! If I didn’t pick her up and

bring her home, she would’ve died a long time ago!

Not only is she ungrateful, but she’s also done such an

outrageous act!” Joey barked as the intensity of her

glare amplified to a greater degree.

“You bring shame to the Jordan family! If you still

have a sliver of dignity left in you and care about

your foster mother, I want you to go back to Senior

Jordan and tell him you’re voluntarily leaving the

Jordan family! Don’t you bring shame to all of u s!”

“Auntie is right! I’ll be blowing the whistle on you,

and your reputation will b e ruined! You better leave

and hide now, and don’t ruin the Jordans’

reputation!” Amelia scowled.

“Huh?” Charmine scoffed. “What’s whistleblowing?

Please help yourself.” There was no mistaking that

hard-headed tone in her voice, powerfully so as well.

Tiffany could never get used to this strong -willed and

unruly Charmine. She was just a third-wheeler. What

was there to b e arrogant about?

It was then when Tiffany, from the corner of her eye,

noted that paparazzi were secretly taking photos

outside the store. A light bulb went off in her head as

she walked toward Charmine and held her arm.

“Sister, Mom and Amelia were trying to help you. Just

apologize when you did something wrong or just tell

us your problems. We’ll forgive you.”

“Forgive? You don’t have a say in that matter. Get

your dirty hand off of me!” Charmine forcibly pulled

herself away from Tiffany’s hold.

“Ah!” Tiffany stumbled a few steps backward and

slammed against the display counter.


The display counter fell over, and the glass shattered

all over the floor. Tiffany fell onto the floor and, in the

process, cut her palm with a broken glass piece. 1

“Tiffany!” Two voices yelled her name at the same

time—Joey and Julian.

Julian rushed forward and pulled her up. ” Tiffany,

you’re bleeding!” he gasped anxiously.

“I’m fine, really. Charmine didn’t push m e, it has

nothing to do with Charmine. Please don’t blame her.”

Tiffany begged, pulling on his sleeves. 1

Julian’s handsome face instantly turned harsh, he

glared at Charmine coldly, ” Charmine! Your sister

was trying to help you! How can you be so evil?!

You’re like a white-eyed wolf; a fair-weather child!”

“Charmine! Your sister was trying to help you! How

can you be so evil?! You’re like a white-eyed wolf; a

fair-weather child!” 2

“B*tch! How dare you harm my daughter? Don’t you

know she still needs t o play the piano? Who are you

to touch Tiffany?!” Joey glared at Charmine, hatefully

and loathingly so.

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