Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 47

Chapter 47

Realization dawned on Julian as he asked i n

disbelief, “Charmine, are you the owner of Ohly?”

“Yes,” came her simple yet strong reply, the message

conveyed loud and clear.

Charmine removed her hat and her hair cascaded

down her shoulders. She flipped her hair and eyed

them uncaringly. ” What? Is there a problem?” i

Everyone stared in disbelief, eyes and mouths wide


Charmine was the owner of Ohly? The big boss of


No wonder she looked at them with such ridicule,

even as they mocked her. No wonder she did not

flinch even after they barked at her. They were

mocking her for not being able to afford a diamond

ring when this entire shop belonged to her! Everyone

had a confused and dumbfounded look on their faces,

especially the quartet. An adopted daughter they so

despised and looked down on turned out to be the

owner of Ohly? How could she be better off than

them? 1

Tiffany clenched her fists as her heart thrummed

with jealousy.

Charmine stared at the myriad of expressions on

their faces and indifferently asked, “Do you still want

this ring?” 2

Want it? Did that not mean they had to buy it from


Tiffany felt as though a fly was stuck in her throat; it

felt so uncomfortable like she was dying.

Amelia never would have thought the person she

looked down on would be Ohly’s owner. Not just any

owner, too, but the owner of a brand she loved! 2

“No! If we knew this is your shop, we wouldn’t have

come in at all!” Amelia growled. “What are you so

proud of? You’re just a third-wheeler, using Prince

Simon’s diamonds. Aren’t you embarrassed in the


Joey’s face was flushed red with anger. ” Charmine,

I’m ordering you now, right now, to return the shop to

Prince Simon and Princess Verna. Don’t hoard things

that aren’t yours!” i

Charmine snorted at them with a mocking look. “And

who are you to me? What makes you think I’ll listen

to you? Also, what makes you so sure that these

diamonds aren’t mine?”

“Huh? Yours? You’re just an adopted daughter. With

what sorcery did you get these diamonds? Sleeping

with Diamond Prince and ruining his family, wasn’t it

all for money?” scoffed Amelia.

Face much angrier than before, Joey yelled in anger

and hatred, “Charmine, wake up! I’m your foster

mother! You must listen to me! Don’t forget that it was

me who picked you up and saved your life!”

Charmine merely scoffed at them as she walked

further inside the store, the box still at hand. She

brought out the rings in the box and placed them on

display. The 3 -carat red ruby was too beautiful! It

glowed brilliantly under the sunlight that peaked

through the store’s windows.

At the thought of all these rings belonging to

Charmine, Amelia almost burst with jealousy. She

walked forward and pulled at Charmine. “Charmine,

can’t you hear that Auntie is speaking to you? Don’t

you dare think for a second that these are yours! You

got them from shamelessly sleeping around! If you

still have dignity, you should return them to Prince


“Are you a fly? Buzz, buzz, buzz! If you’re not buying

then leave!” Charmine scowled impatiently, her voice

harsh yet clear. i

Amelia’s face contorted even more. ” You’re asking for

it! I’ll teach you a lesson today!” She pulled on

Charmine’s hair with one hand and lifted the other

hand i n an attempt to slap Charmine.

“Teach me a lesson? I’ll teach you how to hit

someone.” Charmine’s lips curled into an evil smirk

and raised her own. 1

Charmine caught Amelia’s hand flawlessly and pulled

it with force. 1


Charmine’s powerful pull dislocated Amelia’s arm. It

hung there weakly, unable to exert any force! I

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