Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 46

Chapter 46

“What are you still doing here? Leave now!”

Joey Young glared at Charmine with hatred in her

eyes. “Get lost! The Jordan family doesn’t have a

shameless third-wheeling daughter like you!” 1

However much they yelled, Charmine did not move

an inch nor did her expression shifted. It was as

though they were just a bunch of clowns. 3

Once it registered with Amelia that Charmine was not

budging, she turned to the sales manager and

snapped, “What are you all standing here for? Ask

this shameless b*tch to leave! If she’s here, w e won’t

buy anything from Ohly.”

The store’s general manager, Madam Gail heard that

they were purchasing the pigeon-blood ruby ring, and

her eyes glimmered at the prospect. She then stepped

forward before Charmine and scowled, “Madam,

please leave now. Ohly is a prestigious shop, and not

just everyone can come in.”

“Madam Gail, according to the shop’s rules, no matter

who the customer is, we have to be—”

“Shut up! She’s just a third-wheeler that everyone

hates. Why should anyone respect her? She doesn’t

even respect herself, and she even went as far as

trying to ruin Miss Tiffany’s day. I despise these kinds

of people.” With that, she ordered, “Security, come

here and bring her away!”

As the general manager, a few security guards came

forward to obey her.

It was only then when the driver from the vehicle

outside came out. He was an American with a tall

physique and was dressed in a black agent-like suit.

This man exuded a compelling temperament.

The crowd stared in awe. Even a guard tasked to

escort products was so handsome!

At the thought of a handsome man serving her,

Tiffany straightened her back regally. “Since the ring

is here, come and show it to me,” she spoke in an

elegant and noble voice, in a mannerism almost like a


The man kept his gaze straight as he walked in with a

white box in his hands.

Tiffany grew excited with every step the man took. A

rare gem was about to become hers, and it would be

given to her in front of Charmine! Even if Charmine

could fake her nonchalant mannerism, surely she

would still feel bad. 1

Just as she thought the man would hand her the gem,

however, the man suddenly continued to walk past

her as his gaze did not once turn to her.

Tiffany stared in disbelief as her eyes widened


What just happened?

The man only stopped walking when he stood before

Charmine. “Boss Jordan, please check and sign this

package.” 1


Everyone was petrified, frozen with disbelief.

What did the man say? Who was Boss Jordan? Who

was asked to sign for the package? Did they hear it

right? 1

As onlookers remained frozen, Charmine calmly

opened up the box. Inside the box laid nine diamond

rings next to each other. The one in the middle was a

heart-shaped pigeon blood ruby of 3 carat. It was

indeed as red as blood, and it was the embodiment of

genuine and passionate love. 1

“Boss Jordan, please have a look. If you’re happy with

them, please sign here,” the man curtly spoke as he

brought out an invoice for Charmine.

Charmine glanced at the rings, accepted the invoice,

and signed her name swiftly.

“Thank you for your time, Boss Jordan. It seems that

someone is looking for trouble here. Is there anything

I could help?” said the man as he glared at the people

around them.

Charmine tossed him the pen. “No need. G o back.”

“Alright.” The man left with the guards following


No one recovered from the shock for a good amount

of time. The man asked for Charmine’s signature?

With such a humble attitude, nonetheless? 1

Could it be…?

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