Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 45

Chapter 45

Charmine had to stop as Amelia interjected her. “Did

you forget to brush your teeth?” Charmine glared at

her. ” Why are your words so foul? Do you know that

a good dog doesn’t block the way?”

Dog? Did she call Amelia a dog?

Amelia was seething in anger. ” Charmine! You’re

now only a homeless rat on the street with everyone

criticizing you. What makes you think you can act all

pompous? If I were you, I would’ve found myself a

hole to drill into! And you’re out shopping? How can

you be so shameless?”

“Shameless?” Unfazed, Charmine lifted her chin

slightly as her eye contact did not break. “What is

shameless? Taking a photo with a cucumber in hand?

Or is it trying to lock someone in their house but was

forced to pay three hundred fifty thousand in


Charmine’s eyes drifted from Tiffany to Amelia as she

spoke, and onlookers instantly changed the way they

looked at both Amelia and Tiffany.

Of course. Tiffany’s nude was revealed.

On the other hand, Amelia locked Charmine inside

her own house, but in return, she was threatened to

pay up 350,000 bucks. How outrageous!

Amelia felt the mocking glances aimed at her. Fuming

with anger, she yelled through her gritted teeth,

“Charmine Jordan! You’re a b*tch full of nonsense!

You ’11 get it from me today!” She lifted her hand up,

ready to hit Charmine.

Tiffany’s face turned red with anger, too.

She had to stay indoors for the past few days to let the

rumors pass. Now that she could come out to shift the

focus from her nude to show off how lovely her

relationship with Julian was, Charmine just had to

bring it up her nude again!

Tiffany held so much grudge against Charmine that

she wanted nothing more than to tear off her mouth.

Alas, since Julian was here, her eyes wavered as she

walked forward to Amelia. “Calm down, Amelia. Have

you forgotten why we’re here? She’s a younger sister;

we have to b e more understanding.”

Amelia instantly recalled the reason why they were

there in the first place. With a lightened expression,

she held her chin high as she goaded, “Right, today is

a great day! I can’t be bothered to waste my time on a

third-wheeler like you!

“Do you know what we’re doing here today? Do you

know what shop is this? Ohly! It’s Ohly! It signifies

‘the one and only’! This is a place for engagement

rings, and only one identity card can purchase one

ring, signifying one true love! Who’d want to sell it to

a third-wheeler like you? Also, what’re you doing in

Ohly? Here to pollute the air?”

“Oh, ha-ha,” Charmine laughed mockingly. She lost all

interest to even entertain her.

Tiffany had assumed Charmine would be sad that the

sight of them together would hurt Charmine, which

would be as satisfying as slapping her. She never

expected Charmine to have such an unbothered


Frustrated as she might be, she wore a pitiful

expression and looked at Charmine sympathetically.

“Charmine sister, I know it’s all my fault. Please don’t

blame Julian darling, but the love between us is real.

Today, Julian darling brought me here to buy the Ohly

ring, so please just let us be. You and Julian darling

are in the past, and now that you’re Diamond

Prince’s…third wheel, you and Julian darling aren’t

together anymore. Please let us be, why don’t you?”

Tiffany said with a pleading tone, soft and helpless.

The crowd eventually had the same idea; that

Charmine came here t o avoid them from buying a

ring. How could a third-wheeler like her be

unashamed to destroy a happy couple?

Julian walked forward and hugged Tiffany. “Tiffany,

why are you begging her? This is Ohly, surrounded by

lots of guards. If she does anything to you, we’ll send

her to the police station. Come, let’s continue picking

our rings. We can’t let a shameless woman like her

ruin our schedule.”

“Exactly, Tiffany. You have to pick the most beautiful

diamond ring to show her what true love is. That’s

how shameless being a third-wheeler is!” Amelia said

proudly as she vainly lifted her chin.

Meanwhile, a black vehicle stopped and pulled over

at the entrance abruptly. The sales manager then

exclaimed, “The latest limited-edition diamond rings

are here! I heard that this batch has a three-carat

pigeon blood ruby with diamonds all around it!”

“What? A pigeon blood ruby? Really? This is

unbelievable! I heard that out of hundreds and

thousands of white diamonds, it’s very unlikely to get

one colorful diamond, let alone the pigeon blood

ruby!” Amelia said excitedly.

Tiffany’s eyes glimmered as she spoke, ” Red rubies

are usually siding toward reddish-purple or dark

purple. A pigeon blood ruby is the rarest of the rarest

in the world!”

“If you desire it, Tiffany, we’ll get it for you,” Julian

said with an endearing voice, not forgetting to glance

at Charmine to make sure she heard it.

Amelia mockingly glared at Charmine. ” Did you hear

that? Brother-in-law is buying the pigeon blood ruby

for Tiffany! A red ruby from Ohly! The one and only

red ruby ring of that kind in the world!”


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