Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 44

Chapter 44 ”

Regarding Prince Simon Gray, I believe i n you. Just

say the word and I’ll marry you right away,” he spoke,

voice powered with assurance and determination.

Charmine felt her heart clenched as warmth began to

spread across her chest.

Believe in her?

Everyone wanted her dead, but this pervert said he

‘believed in her? The thought of their few-minutesago

kiss resurfaced in her mind, and her heart

thrummed against her chest.

`Useless heart, why are you beating so fast? He’s just

attracted to your appearance and wants to get in your

pants! Man up and don’t fall for this kind of

irresponsible and wild guy!’ Charmine gave herself a

pep-talk as she slapped her chest, right where her

heart was nestled.

Ding! Charmine’s phone lit up.

Once she picked up the phone, she heard Eric’s voice

as he spoke, “Due to the upcoming press conference

Amelia is hosting, Chanel had given out the notice t o

postpone today’s shooting and is considering whether

to terminate your contract or not, according to the

situation after the press conference. Besides that, a

new batch of diamonds has arrived at Ohly. These are

incredibly rare and hard t o find; you have to check

this batch personally.”

“Now? You sure?”

Even an international brand like Chanel postponed

the shooting because of Amelia’s press; it was only

natural that airhead keyboard warriors would come

for her. If she left the villa, it was likely that she

would come home horizontally instead of vertically.

Though, Eric reassured, “Don’t worry. The Bailey

Corporation had passed on the order that no media

can cover or disturb your private life; they’ll be shut

down if they did. It should be fine if you lay-low when

outside. This batch of diamonds is very important, so

carefully inspect them to ensure no one tampered

with them.”

These were limited diamonds, after all. Even if only

one was tampered with, a significant loss would still

be incurred. 111

“Alright, I’ll go,” Charmine answered. It could be

troublesome at times to have lots of money.

“Be careful,” Eric warned before he hung up the call.

Charmine walked into her room and started looking

for plain-looking clothes; clothes that she could wear

to go incognito. She eventually settled on a black

sports top and pants before wearing a mask and cap.

Only her eyes were visible at this point.

When she made sure she was unrecognizable with

her outlook, she left the villa and took a taxi to Ohly.

Ohly was a jewelry store that only sold wedding rings.

It did not matter who was purchasing; each person

could only buy one ring with his or her identity card.

Nobody could buy a second one, however much they

were willing to pay for. Also, Ohly only had one shop

in each of the 34 cities nationwide, which stayed true

to its `one and only’ image.

Upon arriving at the shop, she saw four people inside.

Of all the people in the world, they just had to be Joey

Young, Tiffany Jordan, Amelia Jordan, and Julian

Cabell in his suit.

Julian was seen handing over a ring to Tiffany.

“Tiffany, do you like this design?” he spoke, voice

gentle like a breeze.

Charmine wanted to throw up out of disgust just by

listening to his voice. She turned to leave, but Tiffany

caught her at the corner of her eye. She knew it was

her from just one look. “The lady by the door, please

wait,” Tiffany called out.

What? Wait up? Who was she to call someone to wait


Charmine’s lips curled into a smirk, her long legs

continued marching away from the store.

Tiffany initially thought the physique resembled

Charmine, but as she studied the woman’s walk, she

was more sure of her guess. “That seems like

Charmine,” Tiffany spoke again. “Why is she leaving

after seeing us?”

“Charmine?” Amelia’s ears perked up. She hastily

walked toward Charmine and blocked her from


“Charmine Jordan! Didn’t you hear someone asking

you to stay? Are you deaf?! “

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