Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 43

Chapter 43

There Charmine was, still asleep on the bed in

burgundy pajamas. Her skin was so fair and her

facial features were utterly captivating; she was like a

fairy in her deep sleep. Above all, some of her buttons

popped open, and her elegant neck and inviting

breasts were revealed.

Anthony gulped in reflex and turned away to stop

looking, but he accidentally stumbled against the

door when he turned.

Thump, thump!

Eyes still closed, Charmine threw a shark pillow from

the bed in his direction.

“Shut up!”

Tsk! Still bossy even as she was asleep. Nonetheless,

her unwillingness to get out of bed made her seem

more humane.

Anthony could not stop his lips curling upward in

adoration. “If you don’t wake u p, I’ll come in.”

Charmine did not hear him as she merely flipped to

her side and continued sleeping. When she heard

footsteps approaching her, however, she instantly

opened her eyes and saw Anthony’s muscular figure

standing by her bed. Worse still, he was looming over


“What’re you trying to do, you pervert?!” Charmine

yelled, and Chris was awakened from his slumber.

When he opened his eyes and saw what was

happening, he instantly closed his eyes and

pretended to be asleep still.

Anthony was, in fact, bending over to carry Momo,

but Charmine misunderstood the situation. Knowing

she misunderstood the situation, he placed both

hands beside Charmine and leaned toward her.

“What do you think I’m trying to do?”

“You’ve got the worms up in your brain this early in

the morning! A chairman like yourself turned out to

be a stinky bear! You pervert! I’ll teach you how to be

a good man!”

Charmine raised her leg and aimed at the gap

between his thighs, ready to kick with all her strength

without mercy.

Frowning, Anthony lifted his leg and locked

Charmine’s knees. He glared at her with his lips

slightly parted. ” Charmine, are you sure you don’t

want to start planning for your happiness?”

“Reconsider your head! Get off me now; m y punch

has no eyes!” Charmine cracked her knuckles and

stretched her arms. The sound of knuckles cracking

seemed to convey a certain doom.

Anthony never expected her to be so fierce. He never

saw it coming when he felt a sharp punch against his

arm. The arm that held him up above the bed lost its

balance, and it sent him falling forward to the bed. 2

His masculine figure fell on top of Charmine’s body,

and their lips instantaneously met.

At that moment, the two bodies froze.

Charmine felt a strong current that shot through her

body, and her brain halted all activities for a good few

seconds. In the past few years, she had never fallen

for any men, despite their figure or background.

Everything changed once she met Anthony. Her heart

would beat irregularly fast on more occasions than


Anthony was the first to snap out of it as h e held up

his body and asked, “If I say I didn’t intend it, would

you believe me?”

“Believe? Believe, my *ss!” Charmine pushed him

away and wiped her lips with a tissue like a triggered


Once he saw her worsening expression, Anthony

quickly took Chris into his arms. “I’ll visit you another

time,” he spoke. “D o take good care of yourself. Don’t

go out.” With that said, he adjusted Chris in his arms

and walked out of the room.

`What a shameless pervert! I won’t let him in next

time!’ Charmine hissed internally. i

Meanwhile, Anthony stopped right outside the door

as though a thought occurred to him.

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