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Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 42

Chapter 42

Amelia entered the room and carefully placed the

food onto the table. Instead of leaving, however, she

stripped off her staff uniform. Her alluring, seductive

body was revealed, clad in a skimpy red tube dress.

Prince Simon Gray frowned at her actions. “You’re not

a waitress!”

“Please don’t be alarmed, Prince Simon. I’m Charmine

Jordan’s cousin, and I’m here to strike a deal with

you.” Amelia stood in front of him and she got

straight to the point. “I’m sure you’re aware of the

rumors going on between you and Charmine which, I

assume, is troubling you as well.”

Amelia then continued, “Our family shares have

dropped greatly due to these rumors, so I’ll be hosting

a press conference tomorrow, and I’m hoping that

Prince Simon could attend the conference. You could

tell the press that Charmine had seduced you when

you were drunk, and that she kept on using that to

cling onto you.”

“Why should I listen to you? Leave!” snapped Simon

Gray, angered by her suggestion.

Amelia merely looked at him with raised brows

before she suggestively added, “If you could expose

her, I’ll do anything you want.” Amelia then pulled

down her tube dress slightly, which pushed up her

breasts alluringly.

She had always been confident and satisfied with her

body. A 1.68 meter height, D-cup breasts, and

beautiful curves, Amelia could tempt any man who

looked at her. Since the prince had cheated with

Charmine, he might as well just have a go with


As expected, Simon’s look changed. ” Really?” he

prodded. “Do you promise to do anything if I help you

out?” i

“Of course, I’ll do anything you want.” Amelia

sauntered toward him and ground herself against

him—his arm—as seductive as one could imagine.

Simon’s eyes darkened as he fought back his urge.

“Alright, you have a deal. But, as a businessman, I live

with my principles. I won’t take treats without work.

Come find me tomorrow night after the press


“What a noble prince! I’ll see you tomorrow night.”

Amelia winked at his and pulled up her dress.

Amelia left the hotel as a happy woman. Prince Simon

actually agreed to her! Once the press conference was

conducted, Charmine would be utterly destroyed!

Her? So what if she slept with Prince Simon? It would

not be her first time anyway, and she had nothing to

lose. She might even earn a few pigeon-sized


Pleased that everything was in place, she took out her

phone and posted:

[Tomorrow at 3pm, I’ll be hosting a press conference

on the first floor of Kelsy Hotel regarding rumors

between Prince Simon and Charmine Jordan.

Breaking news! Any reporter who attends will be

given a red packet with 688 bucks! Yes, you read that

right: 688! I must reveal the truth and make sure my

adopted sister learns her mistake with the help of the

public! ] 3

The post went viral instantly.

[688 bucks? For attending the press? Wow, Boss! ]

[Amelia being Amelia! Spending so much on this

adopted sisted]

[I’m so curious! Breaking news? Can’t you just say it

right now? I can’t wait!]

[Of course not! These things need to be revealed at an

official occasion. To the commenter above me: let’s go

there together! We gotta wake up early to get the

good seats so that we can live- stream for everyone

else! ]

Everyone was looking forward to tomorrow’s press

conference while Charmine was not even bothered in

the slightest. She was having a good night’s sleep as

she hugged the soft and squishy Momo.

Morning came, and Anthony was roused from his

sleep when he received a call from his company. He

had to wake up Chris, who was still sleeping in

Charmine’s room. 2

As he approached the room, he saw that the door was

slightly ajar. With a gentle push, the door was

opened, and there was a suggestive glint in his eyes.

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