Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 41

Chapter 41

As she raised his chin with her fair and elegant finger,

she questioned, ” Anthony, do I look like someone

who’d sell their body to solve the problem?”

Anthony frowned. What did she mean by ‘ sell their

body to solve the problem’? Marrying him was the

ultimate dream of countless women. How was that

selling her body? The finger on his chin was rather

cold, though there was a faint and unique scent to it.

His lips curled upward. “If Miss Jordan insists on

‘selling her body’ first, I wouldn’t mind.” His large

palm grabbed onto her small and delicate hand. At

that moment, they felt a strange electric sensation

that ran through their shock-frozen bodies.

Charmine was the first to snap out of the trance and

pulled her hand away. “You wish! I’m afraid you can’t

afford a body like mine!” She dusted her hand and

left the dining table, her arrogant figure moved with

an unrelenting spirit.

Anthony frowned but did not press on the matter.

She returned to Chris’ room; the boy would be

sleeping in her room tonight, after all.

Alas, she could not fall asleep. At bed, she turned on

the silent mode of her phone. Once she logged into

her Twitter account, she read the numerous

criticisms hurled a t her way. She then posted,

[That’s all you’ve got? Not even enough for me to use

in my dish.]

With that, she attached the photo of the red bright

prawns she made earlier.

The fans had been waiting for her reply; everyone

thought she was hiding and crying somewhere in a

corner. Who would have known that she merely

carried on with her life and even cooked herself some

prawns. What a shameless thick-faced sl*t!

When Kay and the men saw her clapback, they


[Boss Jordan is so bold!]

[The ignorants should get their facts right before


[Boss Jordan, I support you! Can I get the next batch


A bunch of weird replies appeared in the comment

area, but they were quickly submerged due to the

hundreds and thousands of comments coming in

every minute.

Amelia nearly threw her phone in anger when she

saw Charmine’s post. All this while, she thought she

was embarrassed o f the accusations, but she was still

so bold! How was that temperament still sticking up?

No way! She had to think of ways to diminish her


Amelia’s phone then rang at that moment “Amelia,

good news! Great news!” Zoey blurted excitedly on

the other end. “According to a secret informant,

Diamond Prince has arrived i n Burlington today and

will stay at Walton Grand Hotel. We even found out

his room number. It’s 8801, Presidential Suite!”

“Really? Are you sure?” Amelia asked as she struggled

to believe what she heard.

“Yes, the source is a hundred percent reliable,” Zoey

quickly assured her. “I’ve double checked myself, and

it’s real.”

“Alright. Set it up for me, tonight!”

If she could meet up with Diamond Prince tonight,

persuade him to blame everything onto Charmine,

and claim that it was Charmine who seduced him in

the first place, then Charmine would be completely

ruined. Completely ruined!

With that in mind, she excitedly put on a new dress

and rushed over to Walton Grand Hotel.

At Walton Grand Hotel, Presidential Suite Room


A rather good-looking and prince-like man was

watching the news. Suddenly, his doorbell rang.

“Good evening, Sir. I’m here for your room service.”

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