Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 40

Chapter 40

“I only agreed to let Momo stay. I didn’t say you can,”

Charmine reminded Anthony.

With a dignified look on his face, Anthony walked

toward her. “Apologies. Momo might have sudden

convulsions anytime throughout the night, so he’ll

need my help. It worries me to leave him alone here.”

“Mommy, just let Daddy stay. He can cook, do laundry,

and housekeeping. He can be handy!” Chris pleaded,

his voice charmingly adorable and cute.

Charmine frowned, though surprised still. “Your dad

does laundry and housekeeping?”

“Yes! You can ask him if you don’t believe me.” Chris

blinked at Anthony.

Anthony hesitated for a few seconds, and under

Charmine’s questioning gaze, he nodded. “Yes, I do.”

“Alright then, you’ll stay over and make u s supper.

Nothing too fancy. Just three dishes and one soup

should be fine, as long as it’ s healthy,” Charmine

ordered. Since no one was sending her supper

tonight, having someone to make her food was not a

bad idea.

After all, he volunteered to stay.

Charmine’s detailed order stunned Anthony for a

good few seconds. Nonetheless, he took off his suit

and carried the bags of fresh vegetables to the

kitchen. He had a rather attractive body with his

biceps bulging under his white shirt—utterly

muscular and attractive. Charmine could not help

herself as she stole glances of him from time to time,

her heart beating faster than usual.

How strange. She had seen all kinds of handsome

men, but why would her heart beat so fast when

Anthony was around?

“Mommy, I’m sleepy. Can you read me a bedtime

story?” Chris asked softly.

Charmine quickly snapped out of it and composed

herself. “Of course. Close your eyes and I’ll read you

one.” With that said, she carried Chris in her arms,

walked him to the bedroom, and laid in bed with


Chris closed his eyes as told, his tiny body curled in

her arms as his head rested on her wrist. Gently as

she could, Charmine then began, “Once upon a time,

there was a big grey wolf…” 1

She was unaware of how her usual bold and unruly

voice became so gentle. Her face was filled with

warmth and love, nothing like herself. She assumed

that this storytelling session would take a while, but

she was surprised that Chris fell asleep after two to

three sentences. His breathing calmed and his hands

stopped fidgeting.

He fell asleep already?

She gently caressed Chris’ pouty face. Seeing as he did

not respond to her touch, she slowly maneuvered and

removed her arm from under his neck. She gently

covered him with a blanket and changed the room

temperature to 26 degrees Celsius before she tip-toed

out of the MOM.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Anthony was frowning in

front of the table filled with ingredients.

“Need help?” A teasing voice came from outside the

kitchen. i

Anthony looked over to see Charmine standing at the

door with her hands on her hips. She leaned against

the door and looked at him with a teasing grin.

Anthony did not flinch and kept his cool. ” Hmph. I’m

just deciding whether to steam or fry the dish.”

Charmine laughed him off. She walked over and

pulled on his wrist to move him aside.

“Fine, fine, go out and wait for me. Don’t ruin my

kitchen.” Her eyes matched the goading grin on her


It did not shock her that he could not cook. Why

would a high-ranking executive like him know how to

make food?

Charmine took out the vegetables and rinsed them

with water before she started chopping the spices.

A faint smile appeared on Anthony’s lips a s he

watched Charmine cook with full concentration.

Preparing the ingredients, she pressed on the green

chili with one hand and chopped them with the other,

fluidly as she did.

She wore casual long black pants topped with a tight

black top, and they flattered her alluring body. It was

like a hot martial artist practicing with her sword

when, in reality, she was just preparing to fry a fish.

Whatever she did, Charmine always seemed so bold

and confident. Anthony stood by the side as he

enjoyed the scene unfolding before him. Not long

after, the prawns turned red in the wok—a whole

wok filled with bright red prawns. She scooped them

into a bowl and brought it out of the kitchen.

As she walked past Anthony, she stopped short. “What

are you standing here for? G o grab us a fork.”

Anthony snapped out of it instantly. No one had ever

spoken to him in such a tone, but since it was

Charmine, he did not feel offended. He took out two

pairs of cutleries from the cupboard and followed her

out of the kitchen.

Charmine took a seat in front of the matte -black long

rectangular dining table. She picked up one prawn

and started to eat. Unlike other women who faked

their elegance as they ate, the way Charmine ate was

a little unruly but not rude in any sense.

Even though Anthony was not used to having supper

this late, he decided to join in after watching her

enjoying the food so much.

The food was good. This woman never ceased to

surprise him. After a while, he paused his meal.

“About the Prince Simon thing… How are you

handling it?”

“It’s just a small matter. It’ll resolve itself,” Charmine

answered nonchalantly as she took out her phone

and photographed her prawns. 3

Assuming she was hiding her inner turmoil, he went

about the matter in another way. “I do have ways to

help you out.”

“Oh? How so?”

No longer beating around the bush, he blurted,

“Marry me.”

What? Marry him? 1

“I’ve given you the answer before,” Charmine refuted,


Anthony’s eyebrows twitched, but he pushed on,

“Charmine, once the world knows you’re my wife,

who’d believe that you’re ruining Simon Gray’s


Although Diamond Prince’s family was super wealthy,

it was still limited to the diamond industry in South

Africa. Meanwhile, the Bailey family had investments

in medical research and technology. The family

background could completely submerge Simon

Gray’s. i

If Charmine married him, all rumors would be


Lips curled, she reached out her hand to touch

Anthony’s chin.

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