Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 39

chapter 39

Noting that Anthony and Chris had a few

grocery bags with them, Charmine had n

o choice but to go to the control room and

pressed on two red buttons. The grids

outside the main entrance were retracmd.

Anthony entered the villa holding Chris’

hand with his free hand, and he placed

the groceries on the table. Once she came

down, Charmine saw her table filled with

bags, including a few bags filled with


A grin made its way to her face

unconsciously. “Why so many?”

There were at many pads that it could

last fora year.

“I didn’t know which one you use, so I

took one of every brand,” came

Anthony’s blunt reply with a passive

expression on his face.

“Hoy’ much are these? CH pay tailback.”

“Mommy, they’re for you. Daddy bought

them for you! But, if you insist, you can

hug me and Idss me,” beamed Chris said a

x he walked in front of her and reached

out with his adorable flabby hands.

Charmine waMed to turn him down but

once she saw that adorable face with a

cute pout, she could not help but bend

down and carry him. “Momo, you can’t b

e so wasMfur These are hard-eamed

money, and it needs to be returned.”

“But you’re Mommy, and we’re a family,

so It’s okay,” Chris chirped.

Charmine caressed his face and

sympathetically muttered, “Momo, I

knowyou like me, but I’m not your

Mommy. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mommy,” Chris answered


She let It go, thinking they would not be

meeting much anyway. Charmine then

turned to Anthony and said, “It’s getting

late. Bring Momo home to rest. He’s

growing, and he needs sleep.”

Anthony frowned. He came here to care

for her, and she asked him to leave so


His eyes gleamed as a lightbulb went off

n his head. “Momo, come here.” Anthony

reached out to Chris. “We’re going


“No! I only want my Mommy’s hug!

Momo wants to stay with Mommy

tonight!” Chris clung onto Charmine’s


Anthony frowned. “Pont be naughty.”

“But I only want to be with Mommy!”

Chris clung to Charmine much tighter

this time.

Anthony’s elegant face darkened

instantly. “Come here.” He grabbed Chris

‘ hand with his own. “What did you

promise me before we left home today?

Have you forgotten?” Anthony snapped,

and he smacked the boy’s rear rather



Aloud smack was heard followed by Chris

sobbing out of pain.

“Sniff…sniff… It hurts… Don’t hit me…!”

Anthony’s handsome face fumed colder. ”

Bonk you data cry. Grown men don’t

cry.” As he scowled, he gestured to smack


“Was… Mommy! Help! Help me!” Chris

cried out with a hoarse voice, hk face

smashed with tears as he blinked.

Charmine could not stand it anymore.

She reached out and carried Chris away

from Anthony, glaring at Anthony with

anger. “ht. Bailey, I don’t mean to

itrude, but this isn’t howyou mach your

son! He’s just a kid, and thk will

traumatize him!”

“He was the one who disobeyed mein the

first place,” Anthony reasoned


“Was… Momo didn’t do anything wrong

…!” Chris whimpered again. “Momo only

wants to be with Mammy. Momo miss

Mommy! Momo never had the chance to

sleep with Mammy… Momo doesn’t want

to sleep alone in the Mildren’s had

Momo wants hug f tom Mommy! Momo

wants to he with Mommy…”

He cried as his tears rolled doum his

cheeks like waterfalls.

Charmine’s heart melted with sympathy.

“Momo, don’t cry, don’t cry.” she coaxed

him gently. “Stay over here tonight, I’ll

protect you.”

“nay!” Chris stopped crying instantly,

and a big smile appeared on his face.

“Sorry for the trouble, and thank you for

agreeing, Miss Jordan.” With that said,

Anthony walked over to the door and

closed it behind him.


What just happened?

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