Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 38

Chapter 38

Despite having renovated her villa after

her return from Africa, there were some

daily necessities still lacking. Say would

send fresh ingredients daily to her Wlla,

and since she did not like snacks, there

was nothing edible in the house at this

moment. If that was not bad enough, her

stomach was starting to hut. She

checked her pulse and Mew her

menstmation would happen in five days,

but she had no pads in the villa!

On the other side, at the Bailey family’s


Chris wobbled as he ran to Anthony with

a phone at hand. “We have a problem,

Daddy! Mommy is surrounded by

people!” he exclaimed, anxiety evident in

his tone. “She’s pacing everywhere inside

her home, and it’s like she’s looking for

something!” With that said, he banded

Anthony the phone.

The phone was connected to a high-tech

drone. Its body merely the size of a leaf,

the drone had a four-million-pixel

pinhole camera of the latest technology.

Even a glass of water in the villa could be

seen clearly from a few hundred meters


Once the drone’s mmera zoomed in, the

image of Charmine wandering around the

villa—hands rubbing her belly as she did

as displayed. As an adult, Anthony

understood right away what she w as up t

o. He kept the phone and hoisted Chris

into his arms

“Daddy, are we finding Mummy?” Chris

asked excitedly.

“Yes,” came Anthony’s simple answer as

he carried Chris out of the mansion and

placed him inside a car.

The car was driven at such a speed before i

t stopped at a mall. Once he pulled up,

Anthony turned to look at Chris who mt i

n the backseat. “Wait for me here. Take

care of the paparazzi at Violet Villa before

we get there.”

“Don’t worry Daddy, you can count on m

e.” Chris patted his own chest confid.tly

and took out an Wad.

Once he entered the mall, Anthony pulled

a trolley and started searching for items. I

n truth, this was his first time in a mall,

but he adapted quickly. Still, the eyes of

other shoppers bothered him.

From vegetables and snacks to daily

necessities, his trolly was filled fast.

He eventually stopped at a row that

displayed menstruation pads; Anthony

was dumbfounded by the variety

displayed in front of him. The passersby

all looked at him in awe and adoration.

“This man is too handsome! He’s a

hundred times hotWr than the number

one male model and first-ranked idol!”

“Argh! This godly-handsome-looking

man is here to buy sanitary pad? So

handsome and caring! I want a car full of

men like him!”

“Who’s his girlfriend? She’s so lucky! I

want to bean inch of his girlfriend’s sldn,

just m I can feel his touch everyday!”

The women nearby muttered in awe as

they took out their phones and took

photos. Anthony saw the crowd starting t

o gather around him an he grabbed every

type of pad available on the shelf and

pushed the two overfilled trolleys to the


The cashiers hastily went forward to help

him. Even glancing at Mm made their

hearts pound loudly.

Eventually, his groceries were packed

into a few bags. Right after, five

bodyguards dressed in black suddenly

appeared and carded the bags to the car. A

s Anthony reached the exit, he turned to

Luke and said, “You know what to do

with those who took the photos.”

“Yes.” Luke nodded and left, ready to

delete everyone’s album.

meanwhile, Charmine laid on her sofa as

she debated whether or not she should

ask her men to disperse the crowd

gathering in front of her WIla. Then

again, it seemed Miprac Deal to ask these

men to do such an unimportant task

Hams then when she heard Imocking on

the door. The lmocking was steady:One,

two, three knocla, equally paced.

Had she not turned OR the high-voltage

grid? Whywas there Imocking on her


Dubious, she walked over to the window

and looked down, only to see two figures

—one tall and one small—standing by

the door. Anthony had a pair of highly

insulated gloves, and standing beside

him was the little Momo, adorable as ever.

Charmbie frowned. How did they get

here? Where did the paparazzi go?

As though befell her gaze, Chris looked u

p and yelled, “Mommy, open the door! W

e brought you some groceries!”

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