Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 37

Chapter 37

“Boss, something’s happening! The

photo of you and Diamond Price had been

exposed, and now everyone’s going ham a

t you on the forum! Also, Amelia Jordan

revealed your address to the public, and

now paparazzi are heading your way,”

Kay rambled. “Do you want to find a place

to hide? They’ll be surrounding you!”

“Ah, since when was I the type to cower?”

Charmine refuted with a calm face as she

held a fan-like device to her face. The

device emitted blue light that functioned a

s phototherapy on her face.

“So what do we do now, Boss?” Kay

pressed on, anxious as he did. “Shall I

arrange for someone to reveal the truth?”

“Not needed. Now isn’t the right time

yet,” warned Charmine before she hung u


At that moment, she heard a stampede

outside her villa. Charmine walked over t

o the window and saw a swarm of

paparazzi rushing toward her villa. Her

security team was trying to stop them,

but the paparazzi were irrationally

persistent that even her guards could not

stop them.

Just like that, a large gathering of

paparazzi surrounded her villa like

zombies as they yelled:

“Charmine Jordan, may I know if you’re

the third-wheel of Diamond Prince’s

relationship? How did you hook up with


“Why is Diamond Prince with you? Does

Princess Verna know about this?”

“Charmine, could you please respond?

Tell us the story between you two!”

Every question was directed at

Charmine’s relationship with the

Diamond Prince. Despite being a stunner i

n the recent Chanel show, Charmine was

still new to the modeling industry, and

this meant she was not the interest of

every paparazzi right off the bat. Yet,

with just the story about Prince Simon

Gray, she became a target of every

headline paparazzi in the country.

Charmine was unfazed, even as these

people started knocking on her door and

her windows. Watching the vibrating

door and windows, a knowing smirk

made its way on her face as she went to

the second floor.

There was a central control room of 5o

square meters on the second floor, filled

with numerous high-powered machines.

Charmine walked into the room and

started pressing on all the red buttons


Suddenly, a loud noise was heard as rows

of electric fences landed from above. Like

a scene from a sci-fi movie that came to

life, the grids surrounded the entire villa

securely after landing. A fly would

definitely be fried to death if it flew past!

Terrified, their faces turned pale as their

eyes screamed ‘horrified’, and they

stepped back in fear. Even Kay and his

men—hiding in the dark—stared in

disbelief. J

“I can’t believe our boss managed to

install this advanced protection device in

her villa, especially since she had just

returned! This is a defense patent that

can only be used in dangerous areas!”

exclaimed one of the men in awe.

Kay, on the other hand, remained

passive. “This is merely first-level

defense. If the house is genuinely under

attack, who knows if it could fend off

bomb attacks!”

The men were impressed, no longer

worried over Charmine.

Charmine merely stood at the balcony on

the second floor, wine-sipping and did

whatever she pleased.

Out of the blue, a thought occurred to her

as she turned and inspected the

compound of her villa. Damn it, she

forgot something important!

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