Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 36

Chapter 36

Both Julian and Tiffany looked at

Amelia’s phone and saw a photo of

Charmine standing next to a man dressed

in what seemed to be royalty’s attire. The

man was seen handing a diamond to

Charmine, a photo of a couple happily in


Julian frowned. “Isn’t this Diamond

Prince of South Africa, Prince Simon


“That’s him alright. He’s why Charmine i

so loaded! What do you say if I make

this photo public? W ill she still be basking

in her glory if this is out? Nobody would

even remember Julian’s bet!” Amelia’s

lips curved into a devilish grin as she


While Tiffany was internally cheering for

this discovery, she maintained a passive

face outwardly. “If I’m not mistaken,

Prince Simon is married, and his wedding

-of-the-century with Princess Verna

attracted worldwide attention. They were

so happy in love and shipped by

everyone! If this photo is exposed,

Charmine will be deemed as the third

person who’s tearing them apart…

Everyone will hate her.”

“So what? She hurt you so much. Why do

you still care for her?Also, she spends the

prince’s money as if it’s hers. If this

doesn’t go on public, she won’t feel guilty

for spending the man’s money and

brealdng up a happy couple,” Amelia


Julian’s face turned colder. “And here I a

m wondering what changed her in five

years… Turns out she became a third –

wheeler. If she’s got the guts to be one,

she might as well be prepared to be


Tiffany nodded unwillingly as though she

was forced to. “Then send it out, I guess.

Hope the media will change her and that

she’ll stop causing harm to their family.”

At night, [Charmine Seduced South

Africa’s Diamond Prince] became the

hottest headline with Amelia’s post.

[It brought our family great joy when

Charmine Jordan returned home, but it

shocked us when she brought with her

the infamous black-green meteorite

stone, countless properties, and

luxurious cars!]

[In the past five years, the Jordan family

gave her adequate allowance. Where did

she get her money from?)

[With much curiosity, I asked my friends i

n South Africa to do some research, and I

found out that Charmine became a thirdwheeler.

Not just any third-wheeler, but

the third-wheeler of Diamond Prince,

Simon Gray! It’s unbelievable that she

chose to destroy their family because of


[I hate this kind of person. Who cares if

she’s popular? Who cares if she has many

fans? I don’t care if her fans come at me,

but I just want to speak up for justice!)

Amelia attached a few photos along with

that post: A photo of Charmine with the

meteorite stone, her on the Hypersport,

and one with bodyguards around her.

Every photo portrayed the luxurious life

she lived, with her chin held high. Of

course, the last photo was of her with

Prince Simon Gray.

The post raked Up to 300,000 comments.

[OMG! No wonder she’s so rich. She’s

sleeping with Prince Simon!!]

[She doesn’t just sleep with any man. She

slept with South Africa’s Diamond Prince,

so of course she’s arrogant!)

[Ali! Prince Simon and Princess Verna’s

wedding that was well-loved by the

people, with 99 wedding cars! I still

remember it vividly; they were meant for

each other! How could she ruin such a

happy marriage?)

[Disgusting! She broke their family for

money! It’s just so morally wrong to

seduce someone’s husband!)

No wonder she was throwing shoes in

the show! She only knows how to seduce

men. What a slat! )

[Third-wheeler! Shameless! I support

Amelia for standing up. We have to

boycott this shameless slat!]

The fans had long forgotten Julian’s

promised live-stream as everyone was

distracted by the latest discussion.

Charmine’s fans were all new from

today’s show, no they did not stay loyal to


Charmine was relaxing with her face

mask on when her phone vibrated nonstop.

She picked up the phone and heard

Kay panting for dear life.

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