Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 35

Chapter 35

The comment section was filled with awe

and praise.

[CMG! So gorgeous! so enchanting! lier

fare, her legs, her aura._ So bewitchWg1n

tu. supermodell

[Every model has one stunning Wture,

but en charmine, every part of her is a

feature! [ter face, her legs, her

temperament, everything about her

screams bold a. powerfl, I love her’)

[ I see now why she made that ‘it back

and watch’ comment. zio wonder she

took away the final appearance from

Tif fany Jordan. Thh, 1 personally think

that Tiffany would’ve tripped on stage if

she made the f inal appearancM1

[el of what the above said dpude W more

confident and take the personally think


[Mg.! nasn’t Mffanylordan tripped

Ud pitiful?chrmine’s more of my type.]

Every netlzen hailed Charmine as though

she was a hero. Even those who attacked

her oMine came forth and apologized to


On Julian Cahell’s feed, on the other

hand, comments kke these appeared:

(Mn! National Hushand is actually livestreaming

himself eating sh”t?That’d he

toe horrible to watch.)

Bohan Cabell actually has a chance to

perWrm too, right? Man up and own up

your punishment Stream MI

[No way!. absolute way’ Charmine was

average in my hOokI

[The person above, please be civilized, we

gotta own up to our mistakes and be

honest. Charmine was indeed stunning.

Try thinkof ways to negotiate with her on

the deal I guess.]

[Exactly. eat-Most-1M is impomilde. Don’t

anything else? She won’t really insist on i

t, I gueSsd

In an upscale restaurant with a nice

mbient Julian was scrolling through his

feed with a gloomy mpremion. fie Mem

thought Charmine would looks°

gorgeous, stunning everyone.. Meg’


He was the one to declare the challenge

publicly. What next? As the chairman of

his Mile-End company, he could not deny

the challenge as it would break his trust

with other collaborators. Stin…Would he

have to eat actual crap if he conceded?

How was that sensible?

Tiffany sat by his side, dying from

jealousy as read the discussion Wrum. 11

would have been her walking on that Tstage,

captivating all eyes, had Charmine

not harmed her reputation publicly. Now,

she had to lay-Ww everywhere she went

due to her viral nude.Worse still, she saw

the entranced eyes& J Lilian as he studied

Charmlne’s photo. Tit fany could not let

Charmlne steal away her spotlight and

the heart of her man!

Pa a thought occurred to her, she lowered

her hmd and started sobbing. “Julian

darling, Im sorry… It’s all my fault. The

thee-dimenional projection was my

Idea. I thought of It firm and she must’ve

overheard it when was discussing It with

Alice. overhearing is fine, hut to use it

against you…”

“What’re you talking about?” kilian

looked at her in shrek “The tWeedimensional

projection was your idea?”

It was.1 was brainstorming for

something creative to mein my finale, so

I spent lots of time and effort corning up

with this.Ask Alice If you don’t believe m

e.”Tiffany then made a look at Alice, who

stood by the corner, and signal. for her t

o come.

Alice hastily came forward. “Yeah, Owes

Tiffany’s idea!” she gushed. “She made a

lot of research on this, spending nights

staYing un-”

“Alice, don’t say that It’s all my Wok_ If

I didn’t do the research, I wouldn’t have

discussed it with you, and Charmine

wouldn’t have overheard us. Her Wctory

today was because of that technique, and

it’s all my fault.” Tiffany sobbed silently a

s though it Ill really her ideo

Julian noir kly enveloped her M an

embrace. “Don’t cry,” he coaxed her, “I

don’t blame you. it’s all charmine’s fault!

1 was wonderinghow she can be so smart,

when she actually stole Me idm from

you! What a shameless woman!”

“Julian darling, 1 don’t think there’s

anything we can CAAAIIUIbIgAIIIIU

charmine. She’s my sister, and shell

surely]. it pass if 1 beg her.” Tiffany

acted as though she was about lo leave.

Julian quickly stopped her from leaving.”

you don’t have toga. You’re heiress of the

Jordan fimibri a prestigious tat, and my

future Mfe. Howcould yoo beg a

shameless woman? Mink of

something. There must he another way!”

MO course there is. t’ve some

inWrmation here that’ll ruin Charmine,”

came a voice, confident and irate.

Tiffany and julian looked up to see

Amelia walWng over.

“Amelia, what’re you talking about?”

Tiffany asked dubiously.

“I’ve sent someone to search for what

Charmlne was up to in the past five ymrs,

and ItWtO something Mteresting. Look”

Amelia sat dem opposite them and

showed them her phone.

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