Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 34

Chapter 34

Charmine wanted to stop him, but they

were already making their way outside.


Luckily, the motorbike was already

parked outside the restaurant and the

technician handed the key to her.

Charmine instantly got onto her bike.

“Wait.” Anthony walked in front of her

and grabbed her arm.

She wanted to pullback her arm on

instinct, but Anthony already took out a

bottle of ointment and applied it to her


Was he… taking care of her wound?

Anthony grabbed her arm with one hand

and applied the ointment with his index

finger on her wound. He seemed careful

and meticulous as though appraising a

timeless piece of artwork. He then took

out a small roll of bandage and wrapped i

t around her wound.

“Try to avoid contact with water in the

next three days for this hand. Try using

less of your right hand,” he reminded

her, his voice deep and gentle.

Charmine’s heart began to beat faster

than usual; no one gave her this much

care over the past five years. However,

she was quickly reminded of what

happened five years ago. She pulled

herself away from him and flatly replied,

“Thanks. Take good care of Momo.”

She ignited the engine, and the motorbike

raced out of sight. Her hair was unruly in

the wind as her red dress fluttered. It was

a sight of charming heroism. It was as if

nothing in the world mild stop her or

move her. Though, Anthony’s look


Charmine soon arrived at her villa, and

she saw Eric waiting for her on the sofa

with a folder at hand.

“The list?” she asked.

“I’ve asked bay to make a background

check on every some on the list, and I

believe the results will be out soon. On the

other hand, the second thing is more

urgent.” Erk placed the folder on the

table, and with a grave tone, he

continued, “Someone’s making a

background on what you did for the past

five years in Africa. Due to my

carelessness, someone found this photo.”

With that said, Eric handed her a photo.

In the photo, Charmine was in a red

bandeau dress as she stood beside a

handsome and royalty looking man. The

man was dressed in royalty, with every

finger accessorized with glittering

diamond rings. This man was handing a

large diamond in the size of a pigeon’s

egg to Charmine.

She frowned. “Why wasn’t this

destroyed? It they find out…”

“Everything else was destroyed, but it

turns out Simon kept one to himself.

Also, Amelia had gained access to this

photo,” Eric replied as he closed the

folder. “We could silence her or bribe all

the media to stop this from spreading.”

“Hall. It’s not so simple.” Charmine

walked to the table and poured herself a

glass of water. She swirled the glass for a

while before she nonchalantly replied, ”

Since she found it, then let it be. I do hope

she can bear the cost of this discovery,

however.” Her remark held a downplayed

sense of arrogance and malice. 6

Eric frowned. “Do you mean that we’ll

expose her?”

“It’s no big deal.”

On the some day, Twitter was raging with

numerous posts.


l l Charmine-flawless-fall


l l Chanel-unh-anniversary

l l 3D-holographic-imaging


Out of the ten hottest discussions, six of

them were about Charmine. Charmine’s

performance was made into animations

and short clips as these clips went viral o

n platforms like Youtube, with coumless

likes and comments.

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