Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 33

chapter 33

Anthony and Nial followed right behind

Charmine and Chris.

They entered the congee shop, and

Charmine ordered a pot of congee with

some light dishes. Once the waitress took

the order and left, Charmine eyed both

men sitting opposite her and scolded,”

Can’t you two men behave appropriately?

The boy is still so young. How can you

feed him spicy food? Growing tall by

eating spicy food is a complete bullsh.t.

How can men like you two believe in such


“We—. NMI refuted instinctively in an

attempt to explain.

Anthony kicked him under the table, and

with a solemn and undersMnding

expression, he spoke, “Miss Jordan is

right. I’ll take note of that. Is there

anything else tattooed take note of?”

“Mommy, Daddy always signed me up

for tuition classes,” Chris chimed in. “I

have classes till twelve o’clock every

night!” He continued, “Oh, and Daddy

always leaves me alone at home, only

sharing one meal with me every week.

Also, he brings me out to play only once a

month!. he lamented. “All my friends

have parents to play with them, but I’m

always alone..”

What a poor kid. Charmine listened as her

heart melted with sympathy before she

scowled at Anthony, “Mr. Bailey, you’ve

got it all wrong. Even though he was born

with a surrogate mother, he bleeds your

bloodlYou.re his father, and you have to b

e responsible. He’s still a young boy!Why

sign him up for so many dasses? You

can’t just treat him like a robot; he needs

a happy childhood.Also From then on,

Charmine rambled on and on, and there

was no space for interjection.

Still, Anthony was not offended stall! he

silently listened as he refilled her water

every now and then. Once she finally said

her piece and settled down, he took out

his phone and curtly asked, “Miss Jordan,

could you please leave me your number?

This is so that you could impart your

knowledge on educating children with me

in the future.”

“Yeah, Mommy. You’ll have to remind

Daddy every day of what you just said, or

he’ll forget everything.” Chris nodded his

tiny head approvingly.

Without even hesitating, Charmine took

out her phone and added him on

Whatsapp. Nial, on the other end, was

confused. How did that happen? Did they

just get along so well that they added

each other on Whatsapp?

Out of the blue, Charmine’s phone lit up

with an incoming call, and the caller ID

was ‘Eric’. Although Eric was his agent

and friend, he usually would not ring her

unless there were urgent things.

charmine hastily walked away and

answered the call.

Anthony’s chest tightened with jealousy.

Eric? That was a man’s name!

Nial muttered under his breath, “Gut it,

I’ll find out who it is.”

Charmine stood outside the door as she

listened to Eric’s explanation.

“There are two things: Fleshy, Kay found

the list of names of those that visited

Phoenix Hotel five years ago…”

Charmine’s body instantly quaked the

moment she heard that name: Phoenix.

She unconsciously turned to look back

Maids the restaurant.

Anthony was picking food for Chris. He

caught her looldng at them and nodded at

her. Charmine could not explain this

feeling, odd as it was. She felt like she

should not speak of this matter—the fiveyears-

ago incident—to Anthony.

“We’ll talk more when I get back,” came

Charmine’s swift reply. With that, she

hung up.

When he noted her strange behavior,

Anthony asked in a concerned tone, “Is

everything okay?.

“It’s nothing Charmine frowned.

What just happened? Whywas she

worried Anthony would find out what

happened in the hotel? now peculiar.

She recollected herself and curtly replied,

“Something happened, and I have to go

back The repair company finished

repairing my motorbike and they’re

sending it over. Take good care of Mom,

and don’t make him eat spicy food.”

“Mammy!” Chris got up quickly and

hung on to her thigh; he did not want her

to leave.

Charmine ruffled his hair. “Be good,

Moron I’ve added your. father on

Whatsapp, and I’ll be keepMg a close eye

him. Make sure hes not mistreating

“Alright then! Mommy must remember

o video-call me,” beamed Chris with his

doe-eyes. He looked much like a kitten

this way.

Charmine nodded, lust as she was about t

o leave, Anthony stood up and followed

behind her. “I’ll walk you out.”

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