Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 32

Chapter 32

With the bodyguards’ escort, Charmine

got on a limousine partied by the side.

Once she got in, however, she saw

Anthony sitting in the backseat What was

more terrifying was that Nial was the

driver again. Would the horrific

experience repeat?

Her first instinct was to push the door

open and get down the car, but she could

not leave due to the crazy fans and

paparazzi outside. In her hesitation, Nial

hastily stepped on the gas pedal. The car

moved at such a speed that Charmine had

no time to even lament.

It was then when Charmine’s eyes

squinted as a thought occurred to her.

She leaned toward Anthony.

When Anthony saw her leaning closer, his

eyes darkened with excitement as he

gulped. It felt so fast; Charmine was

already right next to him and she reached

her hand toward his waist.

Chris—sitting in the front row—

instantly covered his eyes while Nial

f l icked down the rear mirror as he did not

want to be distracted.

Charmine’s hand was groping Anthony’s

waist as if searching for something. As he

felt her soft hands, he suggested with a

smirk, “Miss Jordan, if you insist, I think

my abs and chest would feel better.”

Charmine rolled her eyes. “Touch you, m

y foot?” She pulled out the seatbelt from

behind him and helped him fasten it. ”

Who wants to touch you? I just want to

keep you up from falling against me. I

don’t have that many dresses for you to

destroy.” Charmine then fastened her

seatbelt as tight as she could and sat

upright, straight like a plank

So she was feeling for his seatbelt! Nial

flicked back the rear mirror with a

hopeless face while Chris uncovered his

eyes with disappointment

‘Sigh… Is Mommy’s heart made of steel? I

f this goes on, how’ re they supposed to

improve on their relationship?’ The boy’s

doe eyes flickered as he thought of ways t

o help his dad.

At the back, both Anthony and Charmine

were sitting still and apart as though

separated by a wide river. Chris panicked.

How could there be no interaction

between Mommy and Daddy? He could

not stand the thought of sending Mommy

home just that; an opportunity so good

would be wasted. Noting that the

limousine was about to leave the city, his

eyes flickered.

He started moaning in pain with his

hands on his belly.

Nial pulled over by the side and asked

worriedly, “Mown, what happened?”

“Stomach…stomach pain…” Chris

groaned as though in pain. “I think it’s

because I haven’t had breakfast.”

Nial frowned. “This is bad! This is a sign o

f gastric. You must eat!”

“Oh… R—Really?” Chris asked in shock

and guiltily turned to look at Charmine

who sat at the back “Mommy, can you

bring we to eat?” Chris began to whimper

“Waa… My stomach hurts…”

“You don’t look well. Let your dad and

uncle bring you to eat something quick

I’ll take a taxi home,” said Charmine as

she unfastened her seatbelt.

“No!” Chris yelled before he realized it

was too loud, out of character for a ‘sick

boy’. He lowered his voice and continued i

n a breathless voice, “Waa… Mommy… I

don’t want to eat with Daddy and Uncle

Nial. They always order spicy food! The

tastes are awful! I’m just a kid and I

wanna eat something light, but they

wouldn’t let me!

“They said I must eat spicy food to grow

faster,” Chris mumbled as he cried with

his head down, with tears rolling down

her cheeks. “I’d always agree with them

and eat whatever they tell we to because I

don’t have a Mommy, and nobody loves m

e. I have to be a good boy, be a good Moron

… But now…” Chris amped up his

whimpers. “My stomach hurts! I’ll die if I

eat spicy food again… Waaa… I don’t

wand die.. ! Waaa…!”

Understandably, both Anthony and Nial

were downright stupefied.

Since when did they start eating spicy

chili? They could not even recall such a


Nonetheless, this worked on Charmine,

and her heart was completely softened by

his cry. She hastily opened her door and

walked over to carry him in her arms. “

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