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Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 31

Chapter 31

Charmine’s comment, though aloof, hid a

A m eba was shocked as though an

earthquake hadjust hit. A billion worth of

insurance? How was that even possible?

Whatwas she made of: gold tdl,ff

Charmine was telling the with, the Issuance company

might come after

Amelia If anything happened roller.

.5o,Co on, hit rue1Why,are you scared? I

f you’re nat gonna hit me, well, it’s my turn, sneered

Charmine as she cracked

her .mckles.

Crack, Crack!

The cracking other knuckles sounded loud and crisp,

and Amelia felt fear

creeping onto her.”What„. What are you

trying to do, There’re so many people

here„.!You can’t hit me,

.So what III you, O c e s It look like I


Charmine then svning her list atAmelia’s right upper

arm followed hya strong kick

directed ether heel.

Suddenly, a sound of fracture was heard a

s the gem bracelet on Amelia’s arra was

crushed while her long and pointy heels broke into

two! Charmine crushed her

bracelet with her mere fist and broke her

heelswithjust kick!

Amelia instantly lost her balance as her heels broke

and she staggered

inelegantly. Furious and in pain, she

glared at Charmine. “Charmine, what did

you do,1 Do you know this bracelet costs

rne five hundred thousand?I’veordy wo m it one,” =

“So what,Vou broloe my heels, and

brokeyourbracelet and heels. This is

called ‘returning double,. If you ever pull

tricks on me again, return theta ten- fold.” With her

final words, Charmme

shoved her away and walked right past


AogrY and Mocked altogether,Amella eat on herchair

with eyes wide like saucers_

Howdid she Imow?Amelia swore she did i

with such caution that nobody sawher!

By then, charmine walked Into her

Mess Eric had brought over right before

the show started; a countermeasure

against people like Amelia that would scheme against


person, so she hid a thin steel wirewithin

the cape beforehand. It was the steel wire

that allowed her to fly in the air. While

she did wear a gauMlet in lace, that did not spare her

from the severewound.

.Ah,let’s hope theheadline t011ight

worth bleeding for,’ She mused as she put

on her clothes and left through the backdoor.

Just as she stepped outside, however, a

groUP.PeoPle surrounded her.

“Charmine Jordan, really like you!

payyou to walkagain,please!”

“Charmine Jordan, I’ve reserved a table

br us at a Michelin restaurant.Would you come with


“I bought you a diamond necklace! VII

buy you whatever you 1 1″

.Charmmejlardan, I’m a headhne

reporter,day have a momentwith you,”

“Charminelordan, look at Me camera!”

Hundreds of people surrounded her enthuslastIcally,

some men pulled at her

arms some were rePOrtere

intervielx her. Completely surrounded,

Charmine could not take even one step.

Within a few seconds, some perverted fans squeezed

her waist and started

pulling her clothes, and she even saw a

hand pulling her sleeve.

If thls were to contlnue, her cloth.

would tear. Her eyes squinted as she Was about to

take action.

Suddenly, around ten arso bodyguards. blackmade

their way

“Nlakeway!Make way!”

With that heard, the bodyguards made

their way to Charrnine’s side, surrounding her. One

of them—

seemingly the chief of these bodyguards

—curtly spok , ‘Miss Jordan, we are seM

here by Master Momo to help escort you



However much She did not want to awe

Mem any more favor, she had no choice but to leave

with them she puton her

being escorted by tn, warg a made

her seem more Pike a queen.

The crazy fans were left hanging as they

helplessly watched Charm leaving.

The paparazzi were taking shots at any angle of

Charmine, not wanting to miss

[‘Ma single second.

As she walked up to the doar,Amelia

boiled injealousy at the sight of Charmine surrounded

by fans and

paparazzi. This was only her first show,

yet it was so well-received. Her

popularity had completely submerged

The bodyguards did not seem like run-off

hodYguaMs, either. The guards that Amelia spent fifty

thousand bucks

just to hire could not even compare to

those men..The bodyguards surrounding Charmine

required at least a hundred

thousand per month, yet she so

W hat had she done in the past f ive years i Africa? W

hy did she return as a

completely differem person? No way,

Amelia had to find out. She took out her

phone and called Zoey,

“With all our resources, want you to find out

everything that happened to

tnarmine in Africa for the past live.

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