Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 30

Chapter 3o

Charmine elegantly twisted to the opposite side and

simultaneously tossed the silk cape upward. The long

and flowy cape floated in the air—as though in slow –

motion—before it wound around the metal frame

above the stage into a knot. I n a swift movement,

Charmine pulled on the cape as her body swayed

freely in the air. 2

Like a choreographed dance, she flew above

everyone else languidly and carefreely with the silk.

Her skin-colored tulle dress fluttered as she floated in

the air, while the cape whirled like tidal waves. The

innumerable fireflies became her backdrop as she

flew like a fey from a dreamy fairyland; stunningly

beautiful, stunningly bewitching.

Everyone watched as she glided above them, their

breath taken away. 5


Her dress swirled like the smoke of an enchanting

dream. She was like a goddess that came from heaven

that held captive the souls below her with a faint


With a smooth transition, she hooked her legs mid-air

as she reached over to remove her shoes. “Anyone

fancy these?”

Anyone fancy these…?

These three words echoed throughout the air like a

bewitching poppy flower: seductive, mind-boggling…


In an instant, half of the audience raised from their


“Me! Me! Give them to me!”

Chris jumped up enthusiastically as he yelled at the

top of his lungs, “Mommy! Give them to Daddy! Give

Daddy!” Sadly, his voice was too small and was

completely overwhelmed by the uproar.

Her lips curled into a knowing smile, Charmine

wrapped the shoes around one end of the cape and

tossed it into the air. All of a sudden, everyone in that

direction jumped and reached out.

“Mine! It’s mine!”

“Don’t take them from me. They’re mine!” 3

A bunch of people formed a circle around the shoes

as they reached out for dear life. Kay and his men had

no excuse with their agility as they leaped without


Those were their boss’ shoes. How could they end up

in the hands of a nobody?

That was it. A pair of broken shoes ignited the

atmosphere to the highest form. Charmine looked at

the chaos below like a witch who cast a spell before

landing elegantly on the T- stage with the cape at


As if nothing had happened, she turned around to

return backstage. Though bare-feet, her aura

remained the same. With her 1.7 meter tall figure, her

long legs beautifully carried her body on the stage.

Her dress flitted like cicada wings.

Charmine was akin to a fairy from a timeless script of

ancient times.

All eyes were glued on her back and at her long

enchanting legs, stunned and breathless.

Once Charmine’s figure retreated backstage, the

fireflies gradually disappeared and dissolved into

thin air. The hall subsided into the darkness as


A few seconds later, an uproar filled the air. Some

even surrounded Mr. James as they yelled,

“Charmine Jordan! Charmine Jordan! Encore!


Anthony saw Mr. James overwhelmed by the people,

and his eyebrows twitched at Nial. “You know what to


Still awestruck by the performance, Nial was only

pulled back to reality by Anthony’s voice. He stood up

instantly. ” Nobody can steal my sister-in-law!” With

that, he went into action. 1

A proud smirk on Anthony’s lips, he held onto the

boy’s hand and walked with him backstage.

“Daddy, where are we going?” Chris asked dubiously.

“Find Mommy.”

Backstage, all the supermodels surrounded Charmine

with awe and adoration. Her dress was way too

beautiful, it seemed to be a part of a luxurious

brand’s permanent collection.

Moreover, the fact that she perfectly saved herself

from tripping on the stage and continued her

performance with so much charm was utterly

astounding! Charmine would only grow famous from

today onward! Worldwide famous!

Amelia was burning with hatred and envy, her hands

balled into fists. How could it be? Was she not

supposed to fall and humiliate herself? 2

She walked forward and grabbed onto Charmine’s

arm. “Charmine, what did you do?” she interrogated.

“Where did the fireflies come from? Where did your

dress come from?” 2

Before Amelia got on the stage, she remembered

Charmine donning a dress provided by the organizer.

Without the clothing she had on, and coupled with

the cape, she would not have been able to save

herself from the fall.

Charmine scoffed at her with a deadly cold look.

“Who are you to speak to me? Why should I tell you?”

`Who are you to speak to me’?

Charmine spoke to her in such a rude tone. The

adopted kid who used to address her with utmost

respect had spoken to her with such arrogance!

“Charmine Jordan, are you out of your mind? You’re

nothing but an adopted kid! Without our family

adopting you, you would’ve died a long time ago!

What rights do you have to speak to me with such a

tone? You might think I’m playing, but I’d hit you

now!” 3

“Then do so if you dare! Take your pick: Hit my face,

my legs, or my hands?” Charmine jeered while feeling

her fair and slim hands. “My hands are insured with

five million. This face that you’re looking at is worth

ten million. These legs? One billion! Do touch the tip

of my finger if you dare.”

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