Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Everyone was in shock. “Isn’t there only one of Czech No.1?”

“How is Charmine gifting the Czech No. 1 as well? How are there two of them?”

Amelia was the first to react, a mocking cackle escaped her lips. “Haha! What else could it be? She

must’ve wanted to save her face and bought a fake one. Little did she know that Tiffany gifted the

same thing. Shame that the cat’s out of the bag, no? Hahaha!”

“Charmine, are you not ashamed of yourself? Can’t you bring something else if you’re that penniless?

Why would you bring a fake item? I must’ve been blinded back then when I brought you home out of

pity,” scowled Joey Young.

Joey loathed Charmine since day one, but little did she know that the woman before her was her

actual daughter. The Tiffany she adored was the adopted kid sneaked into the Jordan family, carefully

planned by Tiffany’s biological mother, Lara Zabel.

Before Charmine could even reply, Tiffany walked up to her. “Charmine, how could you do this? Don’t

you know that stones have Reiki?” she swiftly reprimanded her, playing the role of a genuinely

concerned sister. “Fake stones can inflict harm to the body. How could you do such a thing to

Grandpa? Please apologize to Grandpa; I believe he and everyone else here would forgive you if you


“Apologize? You’re the one who should be apologizing!” Charmine retaliated. “The Czech No.1 black

green meteorite was found in the southern part of Czech. According to experts, its Mohs hardness

scale reaches 11, with the ability to crush even diamonds. Needless to say, things that are made with

this meteorite stone can’t be damaged by a knife or hammer.”

Confident, Charmine then added, “Want to know if this statue is real? Allow me!” Without giving time

for anyone to react, Charmine picked up a hammer and smashed Tiffany’s Buddha statue.


The moment the hammer crashed onto the Buddha statue, the supposed ‘Czech No.1’ shattered into

pieces all over the grass. Swiftly, Charmine turned to her Buddha statue and swung the hammer.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

With a stronger hit each time, the Buddha statue remained undamaged, yet the color turned darker.

Everyone was stunned, unable to comprehend what was happening before them. Unbelievable!

“What! How’s this possible? Does that mean Tiffany’s gift was fake all along?”

“These broken pieces are obviously some advanced artificial glasses! We were almost fooled!”

“My thoughts exactly. How can a supermodel like Tiffany earn up to five billion in just five years? Now

it makes sense; she’s a fraud!”

What was once a resounding choir for Tiffany’s generosity and prosperity quickly darkened into an

atmosphere of condemnation.

“If you knew that fake stones cause harm to the body, how could you do such a thing to Grandpa?”

Charmine scorned, a permanent frown on her face as she did.

“I didn’t know… I really didn’t!” Tiffany shook her head vigorously. She turned to Senior Jordan and

hastily sputtered, “Grandpa, I went to Czech just for this…!”

Grandpa wanted to believe his granddaughter, but the truth that unraveled right before him made it

impossible for him to do so. He merely waved it off. “Alright, I understand. You might’ve been

deceived in a foreign land,” he commented. “Step back. Someone please come and clear the rubbish.”

In an instant, a few staff came forward to clear the broken bits. Tiffany’s face ashened as she looked at

the pieces of shattered glass being cleared. The ‘rubbish’ they were clearing was not just her five

billion dollars… They were also taking away her reputation, her dignity!

Humiliation had never hit her this hard before. How did Charmine have so much money? She could not

even make five billion as a supermodel in five years, so how was it possible that Charmine made five

billion in Africa? Impossible! Where did her money come from?

James Jordan could care less about what had happened; what mattered was the young girl before her.

Five years ago, he had no choice but to send Charmine abroad to recover, but his longing for his

precious granddaughter had never diminished. Now that Charmine returned with such maturity,

James rose from his seat and walked toward Charmine.

As Senior Jordan stood before her, he held Charmine’s hand fondly. “Oh, my child,” he spoke, “it

must’ve been difficult for you in the past five years. From now on, no one can change your status as

my granddaughter, and nobody can send you away from me,” Senior Jordan consoled her. “Grandpa

will transfer you the promised fifteen-percent share.”

Instantly, the crowd fell into chaos.

Senior Jordan was so loving to this adopted child, and he was even willing to give her the 15% share of

the family’s business! The adopted kid who suddenly disappeared for five years was suddenly

showered with the biggest blessing anyone in the Jordan family could ever ask for. She was indeed an

attractive woman with a generous heart; her future seemed rather bright as of this moment.

The guests surrounded Charmine to congratulate her, and words of adoration and praise were sent in

her way. Tiffany, on the other hand, was left alone like a moon among glowing stars. She was

completely tossed aside, just like the broken bits cleared away earlier. Nobody cared.

Eventually, someone did see her, but their only comment was, “Tsk, what a fraud!” The moment this

person walked away, Tiffany balled her fists. How did Charmine steal her spotlight away so easily? No.

That was it. Charmine did it on purpose. She came back to take revenge on what happened five years

ago. Tiffany would not let this slide. With malice darkening her eyes, Tiffany took out her phone.

[I want her dead.]

Meanwhile, a tall and well-built man stood at the mansion’s attic with one hand in his pocket, emitting

an aura of indisputable class and elegance. He saw everything that had transpired at the garden

below, and his eyes were strongly glued onto Charmine. She was no ordinary woman.

He snapped out of it the moment his phone rang. Answering the phone, he instantly spoke, “Did you

find anything on the girl from five years ago?”

“Sorry, Bro. I tried my best, but I don’t have any leads on the girl’s identity. We do have a situation,

though: Momo’s missing!”

“What?” The man swiftly turned and walked away.

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