Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 29

Chapter 29

A figure so ethereal slowly emerged to the stage.

She appeared to be naked under the light, the shade and shape of her body all too noticeable: Long

neck, paper-thin waist, and those elegant, long and straight legs!

There was not a trace of excess fat on her body. It was as though she was a sculpture made in heaven.

This was a figure of a natural supermodel.

Still, was she genuinely naked? Did she choose to go on stage naked just to win?

Anthony’s face darkened instantly as his hands instantly shot up to cover the boy’s and Nial’s eyes. A

strange and unfamiliar feeling of anger arose in his chest, and his ears rang with the words Charmine

had said to him, ‘Walking around the beach in a bikini.’

Had she always been such an open-minded person?

All the audience stared at her in bewilderment. Some even had the word ‘god’ comically appeared in

their mouths.

On the streaming platform, some commented, [OMG! We can report Chanel for streaming

pornography, right?]

However, it was only after Charmine took a few more steps forward that they realized she was not

naked. She wore a skin-colored long dress wrapped around her chest.

The dress was made of an exceptionally soft and exquisitely delicate type of silky material. Weightless

like mist and seamless like her skin, it perfectly veiled the body and outlined her curve, thus making it

seem as though she wore nothing. There were small and irregular-shaped diamonds scattered across

the dress, and this replicated a 360-degree view of glimmering stars in the dimly lit hall. Her body

became the night sky, and she was basically wearing a starry night on her!

Between her arms hung a long silky cape of the same shade. The pale and almost transparent cape

fluttered with her dress with every step she took, and it was like a whirl of smoke unfolding into a

weightless mist, dream-like.

The sexy and see-through skin-colored dress did not make her appear any less sophisticated. On the

contrary, she was like a fairy that walked down from heaven: courtly, immaculate, and refined.

In an instant, the already dimmed lights darkened, turning the hall cave-like. Suddenly, a soft twinkle

fell onto Charmine and another onto the jade of the necklace. The faint green necklace became

enchanting under her collarbone. Although her dress was dazzling, it did not steal the necklace’s

thunder due to its color.

Suddenly, a firefly flew out from her necklace, followed by another, and another, and they danced

around Charmine. What started with a few quickly grew in number, and it did not stop growing until

there were hundreds and thousands of them. These fireflies fluttered around as they haunted the

pitch-black venue. One only needed to look up to see a universe of fireflies slow-dancing in the air. The

hall was transformed into an unrealistically magical space like the world of Avatar. It was


Not a single soul could escape from the awe.

“Oh my god… Beautiful! So beautiful!”

“So many fireflies! Why are there so many fireflies?”

“Are we in the making of a fantasy movie? Why are there so many fireflies flying out of her?”

“This is mind-blowing! So unreal!”

Every Chanel staff was just as awestruck. Where did the dress come from? They had nothing to do

with them. What about the fireflies? There were so many of them, and they had no idea how they

came to be. How did Charmine place so many fireflies into the necklace? Impossible!

Only Anthony was not that mind-boggled. He knew the fireflies were not real; they were projected by

the 3D holographic imaging technology. This was the latest display technology that could project

three-dimensional images in a three-dimensional space, perfectly capable of bringing the

unrealistically real images to life.

Nonetheless, only a few companies had mastered this technology at present. How did an adopted kid

like Charmine master such high-end technology and presented it so flawlessly?

Julian and his friends stared in disbelief. They had been searching for this 3D holographic technology in

hopes of signing the patent from bigger companies, yet Charmine was using it for her show?

Moreover, she used it so appropriately in an utterly captivating way.

Julian’s face darkened. He never thought that the ugly and unattractive Charmine he knew could turn

into this attractive, charming, and stunning woman.

Was this the same Charmine Jordan?

Charmine remained calm and aloof as she made her way to the end of the T-stage. She knew for sure

Julian was about to lose.


Suddenly, the heel broke off from her shoe! She began to wobble as she tilted to the right.

Gasps and noises disrupted the ethereal atmosphere, and everyone unconsciously held their breaths.

Would she fall?

Amelia, initially angry and jealous, was instantly amused.

‘Finally! She’s finally tripping over!’ she sneered to herself. ‘Hah! Who’s humiliated now?’ Charmine’s

fall would mark the end of her infant career as all eyes watched her humiliating fall!

Eric, who was in charge of the holographic projection behind the scenes, tensed the moment Charmine

began losing her balance. It was as though his heart would jump to his throat.

Inside the private space, Anthony instinctively pushed Chris away from him, ready to take action.

However, with the distance between him and the stage, it was impossible to get there on time.

Everyone had their heart in their mouth, watching Charmine’s body tilting downward. Yet, just when

she was about to touch the ground…

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