Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 28

Chapter 28

The first to appear on the stage was a tall and slim Causasion supermodel. She was dressed in a

tight-fitting black short skirt, complementing her alluring body shape. Blue-eyed with wavy blond hair

cascading down her shoulders glamorously, it was the most famous supermodel from France, Michelle


Around her neck hung a red ruby necklace, and it came along with earrings and bracelets of the same

series. This was Chanel’s latest collection named Passion. complemented by Michelle’s fiery

temperament, it was seamlessly perfect!

The audience was left awestruck by her beauty and they, along with the paparazzi, started taking

photos of her. Thus began the hushed comments between attendees.

“If a top supermodel like Michelle can only be the opening act, how great could Charmine be to make

the final appearance?”

“Who knows? Maybe she slept with the owner of Chanel!”

“Even if she did sleep with the owner and made the final appearance with her body, can’t she be a

little lay-low about it? She made such a huge scene out of it while she’s nothing but a newcomer

thinking she’s untouchable!”

“Let’s sit back and watch how ‘stunning’ she’ll be later. She might end up crying halfway.”

The comments followed one after another as the audience anticipated Charmine’s appearance. Among

the audience, a few men in caps sat together.

One of them grew impatient and wanted to get up. “I can’t stand it anymore! How dare these ignorant

people say such harsh things about our big boss. I’ll teach them a lesson!”

“Sit back down. Boss said nobody can involve themselves in the things she does in this country.

Otherwise, all collaborations will be put on hold, and your tongue might be cut off!” Kay stopped him.

The person vehemently protested in reply, “And we just sit here and watch them humiliate our boss?

Our boss isn’t someone they can poke fun of.”

“Why the hurry? They’ll take back their words shortly, just wait,” Kay reassured.

The show was at full swing with some models majestic, some fashionable, some arrogant, and some

modest. Everyone had the designated jewelry that suited them, walking down the T-stage with

nothing but perfection. Naturally, this went for Amelia Jordan as well when she walked out to the very

front. Dressed in a bright-red super short dress that displayed her hot figure, she blew a kiss that

instantly tuned up the temperature of the atmosphere.

However, the atmosphere in the private space remained cold and dull. Anthony was resting with his

eyes closed, with Momo sleeping on his lap.

On the other hand, Nial seemed rather interested. He had a magnifying glass at hand as he watched

the models. “Bro, look at this chick. Her waist is so on point!” he chirped. “Wow! Oh, and look at this

one! Her legs are so long! So fair!”

Anthony did not seem to care. He remained unbothered with his eyes closed throughout the entire

show, and so was Chris, sleeping with his cute pouty mouth with a bit of drool on his lips.

Suddenly, someone half-yelled, “Charmine Jordan is coming! It’s finally the finale!”

Anthony shot up in an instant as his eyes opened wide. The boy who was sleeping beside him sat up

right away, too. Both of them glued their eyes onto the stage.

Everyone else in the hall turned their attention to the stage. They all wanted to see the woman who

told them to wait and watch—despite not having experience yet was signed to make the finale—how

she would impress them. What did she have in her to stun the world?

Amelia stared at the big screen from backstage with a small smirk on her. It was a smirk of malice

waiting for the damage to happen.

‘Charmine, get ready to humiliate yourself in front of everyone!’

Today was the day she would see Charmine humiliate herself and watch her get kicked out of the

modeling industry.

At this instant, everyone stared at the T-stage unblinking, waiting for Charmine to make her

appearance. The atmosphere was unusually tense and pin-drop silent.

Finally, with ethereal music in the background, a figure walked out from backstage. Suddenly, all eyes

were awestruck, astounded.

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