Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 26

Chapter 26

At Ocean Pearl.

It was only 9.30am, but guests had occupied the hall. With the bet between Charmine and Julian going

on, everyone was keen to find out who Charmine was and how she would win. The ticket price went

from a few thousand to twenty thousand per ticket due to the increasing demand. Even executives like

Julian who was never seen in Burlington reserved front row seats. They were all supporters of Julian,

wanting to find out what drove Charmine to place such a grand and risky bet against Julian.

A dazzling back Hypersport pulled over at Ocean Pearl’s back door. Luke turned to Charmine and said,

“Miss Jordan, I’m relaying a message from Mr. Bailey. He said that if you need anything, just say the

word and he’d get it done.”

“No, I don’t need it,” came her firm reply. “This is a small matter, and help is not needed.” Charmine

got out of the car, but as she was about to shut the door, she added, “Right, help me to pass on to

your Mr. Bailey. Ask him to spend more time with Momo, and stop wasting time on me. I don’t lack

anything, especially men. Just give up.”

With that said, she turned and left, majestic and proud like a peacock.

Luke was left with a pale face. What did she mean she did not lack men? Also, ‘just give up’? How was

he supposed to tell his master this message? Would he be beaten to death?

It did not bother Charmine; she just wanted to make things clear with Anthony Bailey. Looking at the

time, Charmine noted it was already 9.30, and the show would start in 30 minutes. She marched to the

makeup room hastily.

At the backstage, makeup artists rushed to complete the models’ makeup while the manager paced

back and forth anxiously. “Why isn’t Charmine here yet? And nobody is picking up!”

“That’s so rude. She’s always been arrogant, pretending to be famous when she’s not. Mr. James, you

shouldn’t have hired her for the final appearance,” Amelia mocked.

“‘Shouldn’t have hired her’? Who else could it be? You?”

A cold and arrogant voice was heard coming from the corridor. Charmine marched in and scoffed at

the sight of Amelia. “A model ranked third in Burlington… Why are you talking again?”

“You… I’m ranked third! What about you? You’ve no ranking at all! How dare you speak to me with

such a tone!” Amelia barked as she stood up in anger.

Charmine scoffed, “Exactly, a nobody like myself was chosen to make the final appearance. Does this

not prove that you’re worse than a newbie? Are you sure you didn’t buy your ranking with money?”

“You—!” Amelia pushed away her assistant and makeup artist, about to jump at Charmine.

“Stop! Stop!” Mr. James yelled angrily. “The show is starting in thirty minutes, so everyone better get

ready. Whoever ruined my show will pay ten times the damage!”

With that, the room went pin-drop silent, and Amelia sat back on her seat. A makeup artist walked up

to Charmine swiftly as she helped her get dressed.

Mr. James walked to Charmine. With mixed feelings, he spoke, “Miss Jordan, I have to say that I’m

impressed by your boldness. Because of you, our show is completely sold out. What do you feel about

this? Do you think you can win?”

If she lost, this would more or less affect Chanel’s reputation and the company would be criticized for

hiring her. He knew better than anyone else that a jewelry show was nothing like a Victoria’s Secret or

a fashion show where the models could show off their body shapes and costumes. In a jewelry show,

the costumes were simpler as the main focus was on the jewelry. The supermodels would wear the

jewelry and display them on the stage. How interesting could it be? How would Charmine stand out

from the rest?

Nevertheless, Charmine appeared calm and relaxed. “Don’t worry, I’ve never lost to anyone in the past

five years,” she spoke, her tone as arrogant as always.

The supermodels looked at her from head to toe. There was no doubt that she was an attractive

woman, but she was way too arrogant. She was just a human with a pair of hands, eyes, and nose.

How different could she be? Just walking around the stage trying to stun the world? How so? With

what? A handful of fireflies?

How much courage could one possibly have to fight against the son of the second wealthiest man in

the country, Julian Cabell?

Amelia snorted at her arrogant figure, yet there was nothing she could do. Out of the blue, her phone

lit up with an incoming message:

[Amelia, this is your first appearance on such a grand occasion. Do make sure you’ve checked

everything, especially your heels since they break easily. Tripping on the stage is the biggest

humiliation any model can get, especially at a show like this. This will ruin the reputation completely,

so do be careful!]

Mischief glimmered in Amelia’s eyes once she finished reading the message.

‘Hmph. Mock me? I want Charmine to get out of the modeling industry entirely. Want to fight against

Julian? Not a chance!’

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