Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 25

Chapter 25

Tiffany was shocked with disbelief. Her face stiffened as she could barely contain her emotions, but

she managed to hold herself together and forced a smile, asking, “Sir, I think you’ve made a mistake.”

Charmine just returned to the country, and hardly anyone knew her. How would such a wealthy boss

know her and send someone to pick her up?

“No, I’ve not,” the chauffeur deadpanned. “I’m here to pick up Miss Jordan. Charmine Jordan,” he

added, emphasizing ‘Charmine’ when he spoke.

Disbelief, their gazes turned to Charmine as though in slow-motion.

This car came for Charmine? She knew the car’s owner? Impossible! Tiffany’s face twisted into a shade

beyond abhorrence. How could it be?

As everyone was still frozen in shock, the man walked toward Charmine and bowed. “Miss Jordan,


Charmine walked over nonchalantly, her eyes judging the car. “Hmm… It’s not too bad, I’d give you

that. However, there are only seven cars in the world, and that number is ominous. Also, black absorbs

heat, and it’s not suitable to be driven in summer. It seems the seats are real leather, too,” she spoke,

going into detail. “Is your boss not aware that real leather traps heat in summer?”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

A Hypersport came to pick her up, and she was still unsatisfied? What more, criticizing the number for

being supposedly ‘ominous’? The seats trap heat? What an ungrateful b*tch!

Luke Reed’s lips twitched. Indeed, this was true to Charmine Jordan’s nature. She disgusted Mr.

Bailey’s diamond ring days ago, and now she hated his Hypersport? What was she made of?

With a frown, he sighed. “ Miss Jordan, please don’t make it hard for me. My master said I must pick

you up no matter what. Also, the young master prepared you a gift.” Luke then handed Charmine an

exquisite-looking wooden box.

Charmine frowned. Young master? Who could it be that they even prepared a gift?

She accepted the box dubiously. Inside the box was a hand-prepared breakfast, with rice shaped into

an adorable cartoon figure, its black eyes made of black pearl. On the bottom right corner, a few

words were written with black sauce:

[Wishing Mommy all the best! My Mommy will stun the world!]

It had to be Chris Bailey.

A grin unnoticeably made its way on Charmine’s face as she recalled the boy’s round face, and her

heart softened. ‘Fine. For Momo’s sake, I’ll get in,’ she reasoned.

Instantly relieved, Luke hastily opened the door for her and got in the driver’s seat himself.


The Hypersport raced away as it left dust particles and leaves fluttering.

Tiffany was splashed by the leaves, messing up her hair, while dust stained her white dress. Her

so-called ‘friends’ mocked her as badly as they praised her, although they only did it behind her back

due to her reputation and power.

Still, Tiffany felt their mocking glances. She could not restrain her emotions anymore as she was left

awestruck in embarrassment. The Hypersport came for Charmine, not her… How embarrassing! She

had never been more embarrassed in her entire life.

Her plan was to stop Charmine and slow her down from appearing on the show. Alas, not only were

her plans ruined, but she was utterly humiliated as well!

No way. She could not sit idly; Tiffany wanted Charmine to fail. She wanted her dead!

She picked up her phone and replied Amelia, her eyes filled with pure malice.

‘Just you wait, Charmine. You’ll be embarrassed through and through. I want to get back at you for

what you did, but ten times worse!’

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