Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 24

Chapter 24

It was not long before Tiffany’s friends reacted to Charmine’s obnoxious words.

“Charmine Jordan, you’re like a dog fighting its owner. Can’t tell what’s good and bad, or a chalk from

cheese? Tiffany was kind enough to give you a ride. How could you say such things to her?”

“What are you barking on about, you adopted kid? This is a limited edition Lamborghini Sesto

Elemento, priced over forty million with only twenty available worldwide. It’s a blessing for you to

even see it!”

“Exactly! Why don’t you bring a better car than Tiffany’s if you have it? All you do is brag. Disgusting!”

The comments were ugly to the ears. Charmine frowned contempt, unable to formulate a proper


The ladies cackled at Charmine, under the impression that the frown on Charmine’s face was because

her whistle was blown.

“Look at her face! She can’t bring out any! What a bragger!”

“Hah! Seems like her whistle is blown! She deserves this!”

“Please don’t say such cruel things to my sister. Maybe she just doesn’t like Popa, not the car. Perhaps

she doesn’t want to sit with Popa.” Tiffany then turned to Charmine. “I’ll let you sit on the passenger’s

seat if you want to. Come on up, or you’ll be late.”

As she spoke, she opened the front door for Charmine. Even on the passenger’s seat, she would have

ways to make Popa bite her. Best if he could bite off her head from the back!

Tiffany’s friends had no idea how evil her thoughts were, they were more impressed by her generosity,

scowling at Charmine :

“Tiffany is so kind and generous! Charmine Jordan, what are you waiting for? You ungrateful b*tch!”

“Yeah, what are you waiting for? Haven’t been on such an expensive car before? Shocked?”

“Haha! Must be a first-timer!”

As the ridicule persisted, the shadow of a car zipped right past them before it was parked by the side.

The dazzling black body was made of carbon fiber and titanium alloy. The black finish had a shallow

matte texture, and it embodied the definition of high-end technology. The two headlights were

lavishly coated with diamond coating on the LED lights.

One of them recognized the car right off the bat as they screamed, “It’s a Hypersport…! There are only

seven in the world!”

Suddenly, everyone was excited.

“Hypersport is worth at least a billion. It’s the rarest sports car in the world!”

“I heard the seats in this car are sewn with golden strings, and that the lights are inlaid with diamonds.

Even the lights are worth a Rolls-Royce.”

“This is the red sports car that leaped over the skyscraper in the seventh Fast and Furious movie… The

same model!”

Who was the owner of this rare masterpiece? Everyone stared at the door in anticipation, their

breaths halted as they waited.

At this moment, the door was opened. A man in his personalized suit got out of the car.

Although he was just a driver, he exuded an air of handsomeness that could dethrone top male

supermodels within seconds. However, what happened next was just as shocking.

He stood beside the car as he curtly announced, “Miss Jordan, I’m picking you up on my boss’ behalf.

Please get on.”

Miss Jordan? He came for Tiffany Jordan?

“Aahh! Tiffany! When did you make acquaintance with this boss! Why didn’t you tell us?”

“I’m so jealous! Oh my goodness! Tiffany, can I touch the car?”

Everyone worshipped Tiffany with looks of admiration!

On the other hand, puzzled Tiffany had no recollection of anyone who owned this car. Perhaps some

wealthy billionaire was attracted to her after her viral nude, and thus sent a man to pick her up?

A bashful expression emerged as she sheepishly spoke, “I honestly never knew ‘til today. Can’t believe

he came to pick me up!” She turned to Charmine and spoke. “Oh right, Charmine. I’m afraid I can’t

send you to the show myself, so my driver will send you off. As you can see, I’ve got plans.”

With that said, she strode confidently toward the Hypersport, her face proud like a swan soaring

proudly in the high skies.

Tiffany’s friends looked at her with immense adoration and jealousy. How could she be so lucky? Born

in the second wealthiest family in Burlington, having a perfect boyfriend like Julian Cabell, and now, a

billionaire suitor? There was no way anyone could ever compete with Tiffany Jordan!

However, the man standing beside the car frowned. “Please excuse me, I’m here for Miss Charmine


What? Charmine Jordan? Not Tiffany Jordan?

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