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Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 22

Chapter 22

A woman stood close to the door as she watched closely. When she saw that the doorknob stopped

jiggling after a while, she smiled proudly and made a phone call to report on the matter. “Miss Amelia,

everything is going as planned. Charmine can’t get out.”

“Good work. Keep watching, and make sure she doesn’t come out,” came Amelia’s sly reply.

Once the call ended, the woman sat on her chair, cross-legged.

‘So Charmine thinks she would build her reputation through Chanel’s show and steal Tiffany’s fame?

Well, she’s locked in her house now,’ Amelia mused to herself, self-assured that Charmine would

never gain the fame she craved.

Charmine was so bold to place such a bet against Julian. If she failed to even get out of her house,

Charmine would lose terribly.

Amelia laughed boisterously, though only to herself. The thought of Charmine being mocked and

laughed by the netizens was both entertaining and relieving.

Her internal celebration was cut short when someone added Amelia on WhatsApp from the Jordan

family group chat. The person had a black image as the profile picture, nicknamed ‘Boss Jordan’.

Who could it be? Which relative? Amelia accepted the request warily and before she could ask who

they were, she received a voice message from this mysterious sender.

[Miss Amelia, everything is going as planned. Charmine can’t get out.]

[Good work. Keep watching, and make sure she doesn’t come out.]

This was the recording of her call with her secretary!

Her phone then vibrated.

It was a text from ‘Boss Jordan’. [Amelia Jordan, ask your secretary to unlock my door right away. If

not, I’ll post this online, and you’ll end up like Tiffany Jordan.]

Amelia’s face darkened. So this ‘Boss Jordan’ was Charmine Jordan, was it?

She typed furiously. [Charmine, how did you get the recording of my call? Are you spying on me? Do

you know that this is illegal?]

A reply came not long after.

[So is detaining someone in her house. In serious circumstances, this can be charged with the crime of

illegal detention. According to the provisions of paragraphs 1 and 2 of Article 238 in Criminal Law,

‘Anyone who commits the crime of illegal detention shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of

not more than 3 years, criminal detention, surveillance or deprivation of political rights’!]

Amelia’s face turned pale from reading the text. Unbelievable! Charmine was threatening her with the

law? Worse still, if the recording went public, everyone would know that she was bullying Charmine. It

would be a surefire way to end her.

Her fans would not like her anymore, and Grandpa hated to see the siblings falling out. Whenever

something happened, he would deal with them using the family law, ranging from getting beaten by a

whip filled with thorns kneeling at the ancestral hall to deductions of company shares.

Another message came through:

[Amelia Jordan, you have exactly one minute. If you don’t open the door by then, and even if you do

later on, I won’t leave the house. And when I don’t show up to the show later and it goes on the news,

I’ll publish this recording. What do you say?]

‘What do you say?’ Of course everyone would think that Amelia trapped Charmine inside her villa for a


Amelia fumed with gritted teeth. She wanted to kill Charmine so badly, but she only had one minute

to decide, and she had no choice. Unwillingly, she called her secretary. “Zoey, unlock the door right

away! Now! One minute!”

“What? Why?”

“Just do as you’re told. Don’t give me bullsh*t. I’ll chop off your hands if you take an extra second,”

Amelia threatened.

Terrified, Zoey hung up hastily and smashed the metal chain that locked the door with a hammer. The

metal chain was securely fastened on the top of the door, thus it was impossible to open the door

from the inside. Zoey put in so much effort to fasten the chain, and she had to destroy it in merely one

minute. Zoey swung with all her strength, and by the time it was unlocked, she was covered in sweat.

Charmine strode out from the room in a red gown. With eyes that could mesmerize, she stared into

Zoey’s eyes. “Remember to fix my door. Oh, and tell Amelia that she wasted thirty-five minutes of my

time, so remind her to transfer me three hundred and fifty thousand bucks.”

Three hundred and fifty thousand? She might as well steal it. Was she delirious?

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