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Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Charmine scoffed at Julian’s reply and typed out her own.

[Someone might as well make up his mind on whether to eat human sh*t or cow sh*t. Maybe pick up

some dog sh*t by the road?]

No one was making it easier for the other side as a century worth of gamble was announced. The fans

on Weibo went crazy at this as the bets were huge. A live stream of eating actual sh*t versus 10 billion

worth of cash; what else could be wilder than this? Everyone could hardly wait for Chanel’s show


Charmine never lost her composure as she merely threw her phone aside. Turning to Eric, she then

spoke, “Be prepared for tomorrow.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t let you down.” With that, Eric turned and left.

He was just Charmine’s agent, thus he would not be staying at her villa. Charmine locked the door the

moment he exited and went to bed early.

The same did not go for Tiffany.

She tossed and turned in bed, unable to fall asleep. She did not know why, but she had a strange

feeling that Charmine came back as an entirely different person. It was rather impressive that she

could buy the black-green meteorite stone. As Julian’s lover, it would embarrass her to no end if Julian

was to lose the challenge.

As though a light bulb went off in her head, she walked out of her room and knocked on Amelia’s

bedroom door.

The door opened, and Tiffany was met with Amelia’s puzzled look. “Tiffany, you’re still awake?”

“Mhm… I thought of Charmine, and I just can’t sleep. I’m worried about you.” Tiffany sighed.

Amelia frowned. “Worried about me? What is there to be worried about?”

“Oh, Amelia… I’m sure you saw what Charmine wrote online. She’s marketing her image as

‘straightforward and arrogant’ just like you, and she’s behaving way more ostentatious than you.”

Tiffany then added, “If she charms everyone with her final appearance at the show tomorrow night,

I’m afraid that she might replace you.”

“Replace me? What? Does she have what it takes?” Amelia refuted mockingly, as she eyed Tiffany.

“Tiffany, are you out of your mind? I’ve been in this industry for five years. I’m not as popular as you,

but I’m one of the top ten supermodels in the country. She’s nothing but a newbie. How is she going to

replace me?”

Tiffany clung to her hand as she convinced her, “Amelia, the fact that she was signed by Chanel today

is already a sign that she does have some skills. Didn’t you notice that she’s completely different from

before? Don’t take it too lightheartedly.”

Hearing all these, Amelia then recalled the look on Charmine’s face when she was on the stage. Her

face was attractive, so attractive that any woman would envy her, with beautiful legs so long and

perfectly shaped.

A strange sense of danger raised from within, Amelia then firmly replied, “Don’t worry, I’ll try my best.

I’ll practice my steps right away.”

“One more thing, Amelia: Please take good care of yourself. Charmine has harmed me twice since her

return, and I’m worried she might harm you too. Be careful,” Tiffany reminded her with a soft tone.

“Still, these are just my suspicions, and Charmine is still family. Be nice to her, and don’t make the

relationship worse.”

As Tiffany walked out of her sight, Amelia’s face darkened. Harm her and replace her? No way!

She took out her phone and made a phone call.

At 8 o’clock the next day, everyone on the Internet was anticipating the live stream of Chanel’s show.

Charmine woke up early to get ready, but as she was ready to leave the house, she realized the door

was stuck. She pushed and pulled the doorknob but it did not help. The door was locked from the


She was almost impressed that someone could pull such a childish and low-level trick under her nose.

She thought she might as well play along.

Her lips curled into a sneer. Instead of banging on the door, she walked back into her house.

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