Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 20

Chapter 20


“Julian Cabell, the douchebag?” Charmine scowled.

“Yeah. He posed a challenge that if you can win the audience with your charm, he’ll owe you a

hundred million dollars,” Eric replied calmly.

“Huh? Do I look like I’d need an extra hundred million?” Charmine turned back to her punching bag

and delivered a sharp punch right to it.


The hundred-pound punching bag was sent flying away.

Eric was utterly stunned, though it was nothing new.

This was true to Charmine’s nature.

That was not the end of it, however. Removing her gloves, Charmine picked up her phone and replied


[Gross! @JulianCabell]

Attached to that post was a photo of her middle finger.

Preposterous! The national husband rejected as ‘gross’ by Charmine Jordan? A man with a net worth

of 30 billion was tagged with a photo of Charmine’s middle finger?

[OMG! What’s wrong with this crazy woman? Julian is so hot, and she called him gross?]

[No wonder she’s adopted. Such a b*tch!]

[Too scared to accept the challenge? Don’t you dare tag on my husband’s fame to become famous!]

[I just wanna punch her so badly!]

The haters all came at Charmine with viciously typed out replies.

Charmine was unfazed, undaunted by their comments, but it was then when her phone rang. She

picked up the call and heard Simon Gray wheezing on the other end of the call. “Boss, are those people

on Weibo attacking you?” he spoke in between pants.

“Mhmm,” came Charmine’s simple reply, uninterested to explain.

Simon was shocked. Who would dare come for Charmine? In the past five years, nobody had the

nerves to go against Charmine!

Well, all except for Eric who could be rather direct sometimes.

“Boss, should I fly over now? I can help!”

“No need. You just have to take good care of the company. If I don’t see a ten percent increase in the

quarterly review, you might as well forget about the end of year bonus.” With that, she ended the call.

On the other end of the call, Simon was left hanging with mixed feelings. He was concerned about his

boss, yet that same boss responded with a threat in return. He was starting to regret making this call.

Seeing as Charmine had hung up, Eric took the chance to warn her, “The fans here do prefer

low-profile celebrities, so it’s in your best interest to keep your profile low. They won’t like it if they

find out who you truly are, and those who work for you.”

“Don’t you worry, I know what I’m doing,” Charmine reassured him as she continued scrolling through

her phone. She had a moment and decided to log back onto Weibo. She posted:

[I accept your challenge. If I lose, I’ll pay you 10 billion dollars. But, if I win, I don’t need your money,

but I want a live stream of you eating sh*t. Do you accept the challenge?]

With that, she attached two more photos of her middle finger.

Eric was dumbfounded. ‘Didn’t she just tell me she knew what she’s doing? When will she ever learn

to keep her profile low? Ah, forget about it. She can never do that,’ Eric thought, annoyed yet amused


On the other end, Julian’s face darkened when he saw the post. How dare Charmine spoke to him with

such arrogance, when she used to be that woman who tailed after him wherever he went! Fuming, he

was just about to type in the reply when Tiffany stopped him.

“Julian, Darling, don’t act too rashly. If she speaks with such confidence, perhaps she knows for sure

she’ll win this challenge, and if she does—”

“Huh? Her, winning? I know her better than anyone else. For the past eighteen years, she had been

this vulgar and tasteless woman, and now she’s nothing but a paper tiger. There’s no way she

would’ve changed so much in five years,” he scoffed. “Also, walking on the T-stage takes more than

just some tricks. One needs so much confidence and experience. With this bet going on, everyone

would be critical of her performance, and there’s no way she’d be able to charm every single


With that, he posted:

[Bring it on. I hope you have 10 billion dollars ready!]

He was confident Charmine would lose.

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