Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Five years later, at the Jordan family mansion’s gates…

A dazzling black motorbike raced into the compound and, with a 360-degree drift, stopped by the

entrance. Built with high-end tech, the vehicle was easily a beauty with a matte finish. An

elegant-looking leg came into view from the clouds of dust. A woman got down from the bike and,

taking off her helmet, her long hair fluttered with the wind.

Charmine Jordan stared at the words ‘Jordan Family Mansion’ as her red lips curled into a faint smirk.

She had at last returned after five long years. A whirlwind of tragedies fell upon her the last time she

was here; she almost lost her life to the kicks on her belly, had suffered a miscarriage, and was framed

to be cheating on Julian when she was—in fact—set up by Julian and Tiffany. With her dignity and

reputation torn into shreds, the Jordan family took away her company shares and forced her to reside

in Africa overnight. As though it was not cruel enough, they gave her bare minimum living expenses to

survive with. In the past five years, she endured inhuman torture and suffering. Now, she was ready to

take back all that belonged to her! She took her first long step, then another, as she made her way

toward the mansion.

In the garden, waiters were serving guests with expensive canapé and wine while renowned guests

exchanged greetings. Today was the 70th birthday of Senior Jordan; every renowned celebrity and

upper-class families in Burlington City gathered at the mansion. A group of people surrounded Senior

Jordan enthusiastically, greeting him with gifts and regards.

“Dad, this is your favorite tea. I brought you this classic hundred-year-old Pu-erh tea, worth five

hundred thousand.”

“Grandpa, this is Qi Baishi’s renowned ‘High In The Sky’, and the asking price is nearly five hundred

million. Wishing Grandpa longevity like the character in the painting.”

“Grandpa, here’s a jade Buddha I specially requested to be made for you, worth five billion. I hope you

like it!” A soft and beautiful voice was heard from across the room. The voice sounded serene like the

heavens’ glow.

Tiffany Jordan then walked forward in elegance, her features beautiful and delicate as ever. Her

beauty attracted everyone’s attention. Four assistants followed behind her as they carried a board

clothed with red silk, and an ingeniously and beautifully carved jade Buddha sat on the board. Under

the bright sunlight, it exuded a luster like the secrets of ancient forests. The texture was thicker,

colder, and deeper than jade itself.

The crowd fell into an uproar at that moment.

“My god! What type of jade is this? The color is so dense; I’ve never seen it before!”

“That’s Czech No.1 Black Green Meteorite Stone! Asking price is five billion!”

“What? Czech No.1? The one and only Black Green Meteorite Stone in the world?”

“Correct! According to reports, Czech No. 1 has a very special material that’s even harder than the

hexagonal diamond. It belongs to a type of iron meteorite, and no hydraulic press could crush it!”

“God! Out of jades and pearls, Tiffany chose to give such a unique and one-of-a-kind meteorite stone!”

“How kind of her! Tiffany is indeed the most celebrated supermodel in the world. I can’t believe she’d

purchase the meteorite stone and have it carved into a Buddha statue!”

Words of praise filled the air, referring to Tiffany with nothing but admiration and respect. Tiffany, on

the other hand, was secretly reveling in the praises. She strongly believed that, sooner or later,

Grandpa would be charmed by her and eventually give her the 15% of shares. With that, she would

become the Jordan Group’s biggest shareholder. Outwardly, she maintained her humble façade, her

head hung low. “Please, everyone, don’t over-praise me. I just want to make Grandpa happy with my

five-year savings. I’m just happy Grandpa likes it.”

“I like it. Of course I like it!” James Jordan nodded repeatedly, a pleased expression adorning his face.

Out of the blue, someone spoke out, “ Who’s that? She seems familiar!”

Everyone stopped dead in their tracks the moment they shifted their gazes. From the garden’s

entrance by the far end of the aisle, Charmine walked along the red carpet with her black leather

jacket and pants. With hair long yet slim, Charmine’s dark hair fluttered as she walked. She bore a

clean and neat outlook, and though she exuded arrogance and boldness, she appeared serene, much

like calm water.

Tiffany’s beaming disposition plummeted in an instant. It was Charmine! Had she not stayed in Africa

for five whole years? As she checked, was she not meant to have become burnt and ugly? How did she

turn out so beautiful?

Her parents were stunned, too. Why did she come back? Such a disgraceful adopted daughter… This

was not the right time to return!

Joey Yu, Charmine’s mother, hastily stepped forward and pointed at Charmine. “What are you

wearing? Do you know where you’re at? Go to the backyard, don’t shame us!”

“Charmine might’ve come to celebrate Grandpa’s birthday,” Tiffany spoke up, despite her inward

displeasure. “Why don’t we let her stay?” she added, the pretense of a supposed loving sister never


All the attention fell onto Charmine.

“Celebrate? She came here empty-handed. How’s that ‘celebrating’?”

“An adopted kid, taking the family’s money for nothing, how could she afford anything? She is as good

as not asking for more money!”

“Senior Jordan saved 15% of the shares for her, yet she showed up empty-handed!”

“What are you still doing here, adopted kid? Get lost! What are you looking at? You can’t even afford

to set your eyes on this stone. Do you know how much this is? Five billion!” Cousin Amelia Jordan said

as she pushed Charmine, being the bully she had always been.

“I bet you haven’t seen this much money after spending years in Africa. Didn’t even show up with a

fifty-dollar gift. How dare you show up?”

Unfazed, Charmine’s red lips curled into a faint smile. “Who said I came empty-handed? What a

coincidence that I prepared a Czech No.1, too.” As she spoke, she clapped her hands, and four

assistants came forward with a Buddha statue.

The statue was the exact same as the one Tiffany gifted to Senior Jordan!

It was…identical! What happened?

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