Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 19

Chapter 19

At the Jordan family’s mansion…

Tiffany staggered onto the sofa, terrified.

‘How could this be? It was going so well… How did it all turn so wrong? Why would Professor Zero

make such a clip ruining my reputation if he claimed to be a fan, and going so far as publishing the

clip?!’ she exploded, ranting deliriously to herself.

It was then when Julian Cabell walked into the room, wearing an exquisitely tailored suit. “Tiffany,

what’s the photo abo—”

“It’s bullsh*t! Bullsh*t! ” Tiffany snapped before he could finish his sentence.

Julian stopped short. He had never seen Tiffany like this before.

Once she realized it was Julian, Tiffany hastily recollected herself and rushed to him as she whimpered,

“Julian, Darling, I didn’t mean to yell at you. I was just very disappointed at Charmine.” She then

continued as she simmered in resentment, “I’ve never done her wrong all these years, except for the

one time five years ago. I can’t believe she can be so evil. I wonder what she has done for the past five

years in Africa, making so much money, buying properties, and even made acquaintance with

Professor Zero. For all we know, she must’ve bribed him to make a false claim since we know nothing

of photo analyzing. He could get away with any lie!”

Her entire being shook as she cried, as though Charmine had been the one doing her wrong. “Julian,

Darling, we grew up together. Do you really think I’m that kind of person? Why would I ruin my own

reputation?” Her act was utterly flawless that it was hard to not fall for her facade.

“Please, don’t cry. Of course I trust you.” Julian hugged her as he rubbed her back. “I can’t believe

Charmine Jordan has become so cruel in just five years.”

Tiffany pushed him away gently, looking as though terrified. “Yes, and she’ll come at us for revenge.

After all, I did push her down the stairs by accident, and you even kicked her. With what she is now,

there’s no doubt she’ll come at us at all costs, destroying us.”

“Hah! She won’t be able to,” Julian scoffed. “Don’t worry about this. She has wronged you twice, I

won’t let it pass,” came Julian’s assurance. Once he sat her down comfortably, he picked up his phone

and logged onto his Weibo account with millions of followers.

In the past five years, Julian’s parents have retired and handed him the family business, and this made

him the CEO of Mile-End Group.

Originally rated as ‘Top Ten Highest Achieving Company’ in the country, Mile-End Group owned malls,

theatres, hotels, travel agencies, and more. Under Julian’s management, coupled with his callousness

and charm, his excellent marketing skills on Weibo successfully pushed the group into the top five.

Even Senior Jordan thought of his abilities highly, approving Julian and Tiffany’s marriage. However,

they were not allowed to get engaged before Charmine returned the engagement token, so they had

not been able to be official in the past five years. For this, they held a grudge against Charmine.

Julian made a post on Weibo and tagged Charmine.

[Hah. “We shall all find out tomorrow night”? Only a fraud like you can tell such lies! If you can really

make it to the show tomorrow night, I, Julian Cabell, owe you 100 million! @CharmineJordan]

As the youngest CEO, wealthy and handsome, he had the nickname of ‘National Husband’ worshipped

by over 40 million fans on Weibo. Within seconds, his post received at least 200,000 replies.

[Ahhh! My husband finally posted on Weibo. So hot and dominating!]

[Even our National Husband cannot stand that b*tch Charmine Jordan!]

[Rumours have it that Julian Cabell is seeing Tiffany Jordan. Is he standing up for Tiffany?]

[These are all unimportant! Didn’t Charmine ask us to wait till tomorrow night? If she’s got what she

claimed, why is she hiding?]

[Haha! Isn’t it ironic that the b*tch got told off by our national husband? She must be crying in the

corner right now.]

Little did they know, Charmine had long logged off her account and was working out in her gym at the


As her agent, Eric was tasked to keep things under his watch. With Professor Zero’s clip going viral, he

expected the haters to give Charmine a break, but it did not take long before their attacks came right

back at Charmine. Moreover, Julian Cabell was involved. He had no choice but to get off the sofa to

show this to Charmine.

In the gym, Charmine was dressed in her tight workout outfit, throwing punches at the punching bag.

Beads of sweat rolled down her fit and toned body as she was practically damp with sweat, yet her

unruly wild beauty was still evident.

Eric—like any man would—got lost in the moment looking at her, though he quickly snapped out of it.

“Charmine, that ex-boyfriend of yours declared war on Weibo,” he spoke. “Do you have a moment to


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