Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Her private account on Weibo was bombarded with messages.

[You’re so evil! How could you do such things to Tiffany Jordan? Why didn’t you Photoshop your own

photos as well?]

[What a b*tch. You should be dead by now. I hope you and your family could die in peace!]

[A nobody like you thinks you can audition for Chanel? How many men are you sleeping with to get

that money? Beware of HIV!]

Charmine scrolled through the messages and scoffed as she typed:

[Sleep around for money? More like sleeping in money!]

She then attached three photos: a high stack of house deeds, a pile of luxury car keys, and a street

view of High Street in Burlington.

These photos quickly became the staple topic in the entire Weibo. High Street Burlington was a

famous commercial street known for housing hundreds of international luxury brands along the street

as long as 2000 meters. The high stack of deeds was of High Street Burlington. Furthermore, the luxury

car keys were of supercars worth millions of dollars!

[God, she’s a billionaire!]

[Impossible! These must be fake! She’s just an adopted kid, there’s no way she could afford any of


[I checked these, and they’re for real! A quarter of the properties in High Street Burlington belong to

Charmine Jordan! Even the wealthiest family Bailey only own half of the properties.]

[Huh? So it’s possible that she’s only sleeping with people from the Bailey family. Still, wealthy

families like the Baileys won’t take in an adopted kid like her for sure! But who else is she sleeping


[Even if everything is of her own, she had to have bought off the final appearance and ambassador

role! She’s burning cash for her fame!]

[Totally! She has nothing but money.]

[She’s buying for her fame, and Chanel is willing to play along with her? Money can work wonders,


Suddenly, the topic shifted entirely.

[Charmine Jordan bought fame with money, bullying Tiffany Jordan!]

Nonetheless, Charmine was not fazed; she had expected as much. She then replied:

[Buying fame with money or not, we shall all find out tomorrow night!]

‘Find out tomorrow night’? How could a fraud like her be so confident?

At the Bailey family’s mansion…

Chris Bailey was initially scrolling through his laptop in silence when he suddenly jumped up in

agitation. “Mommy is so cool. I’ve never met a woman so cool! I’m fangirling over Mommy!”

“You’re a boy,” Anthony deadpanned. He placed Chris to the side as he powered up his laptop.

Chris frowned in confusion. “So many people are bullying your wife, Daddy. How can you still focus on

your work? You’re so mean!”

“Keep quiet. I’m sorting out Mommy’s stuff,” Anthony muttered, enigmatic yet charmingly so.

Although Charmine had it under control, Tiffany was still cunning enough to have pushed all the lies

onto Charmine. The discussions on the forum should have been [Tiffany Jordan’s nude], but Tiffany

successfully turned the tables.

That could be changed.

With his slender fingers doing wonders on his keyboard, the headline instantly changed to:

[Professor Zero analyzing Tiffany Jordan’s nude]

The video clip started with Professor Zero, in his mid-sixties with greyish hair, as he addressed the


“Hello, everyone. I’m the National Photo Analyst, Professor Zero. As you may have known, I work for

the government, and my job scope consists of analyzing the validity of all kinds of photos and images,

assisting our departments to validate the proof from crime scenes.

“As I came across a heated discussion recently, I was interested to clear some mysteries with the

resources I have. To be honest with you all, I myself am a big fan of Tiffany Jordan. She’s such a pure

and hardworking young lady, and I even inspired my granddaughter to look up to her great

achievements at such a young age!

“Therefore, when I saw that photo of hers, I was agitated by the false accusations of her. Thus, I took

out some spare time to analyze this photo so I can find out if it was Photoshopped or merged by AI


Professor Zero then turned the camera to his computer screen as he powered up a complicated

software. As the program was running, he continued to explain, “This is a powerful photo analyzing

software, accessible only to professionals. It can analyze the validity of any kind of photos, whether

they’ve been Photoshopped or artificially merged.

“Usually, this program is used for important government-assigned projects. However, I’ve requested

special permission to use it for this occasion, helping everyone to dissolve the mystery.”

He uploaded Tiffany’s image onto the program, a message displayed on the screen:

[In progress 9%]

A few seconds later, some codes popped up filling the screen with complex computer language. The

professor turned to the camera and, seemingly excited, added, “This is what the program has

analyzed. Right here, it’s processing all the data of this photo.”

He continued to speak as he scrolled down. Suddenly, his pale old hand halted with a shake.

[The image is 100% original]

The words were clear as day.

In an instant, hundreds and thousands of comments appeared below the video.

[This is impossible! Tiffany Jordan would never take photos like this! Is this mistaken?]

[That’s very unlikely! Professor Zero is a professor; he wouldn’t make up things like this. Also, only

government officials have access to this program, so the result is legit.]

[Does that mean Tiffany Jordan actually sent out the photo? I can’t believe she’s so wild.]

[Well, if we look at it properly, how could there be a woman pure and beautiful like her? She’s nothing

but a great deceiver.]

Comments from her haters’ filled the forum, and the topics that stirred hate for Charmine shifted into:



#Professor Zero

The photo had been validated by Professor Zero, so there was nothing her fans could help her with.

With that, Tiffany’s reputation was forever tainted with this.

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