Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 17

Chapter 17


Robert’s head was pushed into a sink filled with dirty water.

Charmine shoved his head further in with her heel. “Wash your head off those false and filthy

thoughts!” she jeered. “Think about this: If Tiffany wanted the best for you, why didn’t she encourage

you to study harder? Why did everyone in the family end up avoiding and despising you?”

Robert struggled to breathe under the water, unable to get up as Charmine’s incredible strength kept

him down. Suffocating, the dirty water shot up into his mouth and nostrils the moment he opened his

mouth in his struggle. It was only when he nearly passed out that Charmine removed her leg.

Harshly pulling him by his hair, Charmine growled, “Robert Jordan, don’t be such an idiot; that’s all I’m

leaving you with. If you do this to me again, I won’t let you off so easily. Not even if we’re related.”

She let him off and left.

Robert sat beside the sink as he struggled to catch his breath. Unbelievable! What changed the shy

and quiet adopted kid into such a skilled woman? Who managed to break his ribs with just one kick

without even trying?

‘What an evil woman! She even tried to strain my relationship with Tiffany. Had she not hurt Tiffany

enough already? I’ll get her one day!’ he scowled to himself.

Meanwhile, Charmine went into her bathroom on the other side of the villa. She instantly removed

her makeup and rinsed the taste of blood off of her mouth when a man walked through the door,

handing her a pack of ice. “Why not just get a DNA test?” the man spoke first.

“Eric, do you think Tiffany doesn’t know what she’s doing? She probably pays off every hospital and

clinic in Burlington. It’s likely she would change the test result even before the DNA is tested.” Noting

her swollen lips in the mirror, Charmine continued, “So what if they find out I’m the actual child? They

don’t like me anyway.”

Eric frowned.

“Though, I’m actually looking forward to the part when the truth is revealed and that Tiffany had torn

them apart.” Her lips curled into a mirthless smile as she cooled her swollen lips with the ice pack.

Eric’s frown deepened. Who would have thought that someone else would hold as much grudge as

him, or perhaps even more?

“Anyway, there’s something more important to attend to.” He handed Charmine a phone.

Charmine was met with a Twitter news feed with the following headlines: [Who is Charmine Jordan’s

sugar daddy?] read the first; [Tiffany Jordan Photoshopped in nude] stated the second; [Tiffany

Jordan’s resources stolen!] was the third.

The hottest discussion topic in the search bar was, [Tiffany Jordan was auditioning for Chanel’s show,

but a Photoshopped nude of her was put on the big screen, and she ended up losing the role.]

Looking at the comment section, she read the following:

[What a coquettish woman! Our Tiff is so adorable and pure, she’s unreal! She’d never do such a


[Why now of all times? She’s obviously playing dirty just to get the role.]

[What an evil woman.]

[Exactly! I wonder what men she’s sleeping with. How could a newcomer take up such an important


[I’m disappointed at Chanel for having her as their ambassador. Boycott Chanel!]

[Boycott Chanel! Boycott Charmine Jordan!]

[Leave, Charmine Jordan. You’re not welcomed.]

The entire forum was filled with unpleasant comments toward Charmine.

Charmine merely rolled her eyes as she scoffed, “This is nothing to me.”

Nothing? Everyone was bashing her in the forum. How could she act so calm?

“This is your first fight, Charmine,” he warned. “You ought to win this.”

“Isn’t making the headline something worth celebrating for?” Charmine walked to the wine cellar and

poured herself a glass of red wine. She poured one for Eric, though he turned it down.

His look darkened; it was no wonder why no one could help her. The things that happened within the

past five years had turned her cynical. “Can’t you be more serious?” he asserted. “This isn’t a joke.”

Meanwhile, the executives at Chanel were having an emergency meeting regarding this very situation.

They could not let Charmine have the role if everyone was criticizing her online.

Charmine merely reclined herself on the sofa languidly as she took a sip of her wine. “Don’t you worry.

Why would I set this up if I don’t have a Plan B?”

With that, she started typing on her phone.

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