Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Charmine walked into Violet Villa with the man’s shirt still on her. She could not fight back the incident

that kept looping in her mind nor calm her burning cheeks. Anthony was not the ideal man in mind,

but she could not deny that his muscular physique was rather beguiling, especially those abs, so firm

and hard…

All caught up in her thoughts, she never noticed a figure approaching her.


Charmine did not see it coming. She was slapped harshly at her cheek and it began to burn.

At that moment, a few guards hidden around the perimeter wanted to step out from the shadow they

were hiding in. Kay, their leader, stopped them. “Wait. The boss asked us to stay out of it, and it’s best

we respect that.”

“We can’t just stand here looking at Boss getting attacked? She’s so precious, and everyone in our

organization treats her with utter respect. The person can’t just hit her and not face us. I’m going out,”

one of the guards spoke, angrily as he did.

“Calm down,” Kay assured him. “I’m not too worried. She’ll get back at him… Just watch.”

Recovering from the shock, she looked up to see a high school boy standing in front of her. With hair

dyed bright silver, he was dressed in ripped jeans with an oversized shirt, and it gave him an edgy yet

cool air.

It was Robert Jordan, her eighteen-year-old brother by birth. Sadly, he was used by Tiffany and,

indirectly, was corrupted by her influence. He disdainfully remembered Charmine as the adopted

daughter, that all she wanted was to steal the Jordan family’s money.

Robert glared at her as though she was a villain. “How dare you do such a thing to Tiffany? She doesn’t

even hurt a fly! Why would you make up such nonsense to hurt her? Do you know that she cried

herself to sleep, and yet wouldn’t even let me speak to you about it?! She has such a kind heart. You?

What have you done? If it weren’t for our family bringing you home, you would’ve died a long time

ago! You’re a bastard without a soul!”

Wordlessly, Charmine wiped the blood on the corner of her lips, an ominous glint in her eyes as she

did so.

Robert had his fair share in fighting people from a young age, but he had never come across such a

daunting look.

His surprise lasted for a moment before he regained his composure. “Listen, you’re just an adopted

kid, and you’ve no right to stare at me with that look of yours!” he barked. “I’ll tell you something: The

surveillance cameras here are all broken. Even if I kill you right here tonight, nobody would ever find

out or even mourn at your death.”

Momentarily stunned, Charmine said, “What? The surveillance cameras are all broken?”

“Of course! Why else am I attacking you?” Robert sneered at her. “Hah! Are you scared now? If I were

you, I’d return Tiffany’s rightful final appearance and ambassador role to her before it’s too late.”

Her lips then curled into a sadistic smirk. “No, but thank you for telling me that.” Then, she swung her

leg up and powerfully kicked Robert right at his chest with her high heel.


The solid kick sent him flying to the end of the room, where Robert quaked in pain. At least a few

bones were broken.

The guards watched in disbelief. She was a real tough boss, alright. How could a kick send a 1.7 meter

tall boy like Robert zipping through the air?

Her clothes fluttered as she inched closer to him. It was as though she was a victorious warrior

returning from war.

Utterly startled, his eyes squinted at her as he attempted to shield his abdomen with his arm. “Wh…

What are you trying to do?! Go away!”

Charmine had such astounding, seemingly polished skills that she broke his ribs with just a mere kick.

There was no way he could match her in strength.

As she stood before the cowering Robert, she eyed him balefully, “Didn’t you say the cameras are all

destroyed? How could I let such an opportunity pass?”

With that said, she raised her leg again and pressed the tip of her shoe onto Robert’s head and exerted

force into it.

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