Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 15

Chapter 15

The unmistakable masculine scent from Anthony entered her nostrils and occupied her senses. With

her heart picking up the pace, Charmine was angry and embarrassed altogether.

‘Ugh! Nial must’ve done it on purpose!’ she fumed internally.

Just as she was about to lash out, she heard Chris from the passenger seat, his voice pleading as he

spoke, “Sorry, Mommy, please bear with us. Uncle Nial likes drifting, you see. He was an F1 racer last


“Nial, please drive carefully. This is a highway, not a racing track,” Anthony huffed in a low and

authoritative tone.

Charmine’s voice was lodged in her throat when she heard him. Anthony then held Charmine by her

arms and—with a much gentler and concerned voice—said, “Are you hurt?”

He had a genuinely concerned face, and Charmine thought she was overthinking things again. She

pulled herself up and distanced herself in an instant. “I’m fine,” she replied as she held tightly onto a

handler in the van, securing herself.

With such a strong grip, no more turns could make her fall… At least that was what she thought before

the van made another sharp left turn out of the blue.


Proud Charmine successfully prevented her fall this time, but it was not the case for Anthony. He fell

onto her this time, and he intentionally grabbed onto her dress for stability.


The cloth at her waist was torn out, and that side of her waist was exposed.

“Anthony Bailey!” Charmine yelled his name through her gritted teeth. She could not take it anymore!

The van then came to a stop.

“Miss Jordan, you’ve reached your destination,” Nial announced as he turned to look back, guilty of

the situation he caused. “I’m so sorry. I’m really sorry! Once I get my hands on the steering wheel, I

just can’t help but drift.”

“Uncle Nial, I’ve told you so many times to get rid of this habit! This isn’t the first time you tossed

Daddy in the air!” Chris told Nial off, crawling to the backseat to help Anthony. “Daddy, are you



Anthony regained his balance and fixed his crumpled suit before he looked at Charmine with genuine

concern. “Miss Jordan, I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused. I’ll buy you the exact same dress to

show my sincere apology. For now, cover yourself with this.” He put on a spare white shirt on

Charmine. His voice, though masculine in itself, was gentle and caring as he addressed her.

Charmine swung her fist as though she wanted to hit him, but she pulled it back before it could even

graze Anthony. Chris seemed innocent, Nial appeared guilty, and the handsome Anthony had his

serious face on. They seemed as clueless as she was.

Certainly, a man like Anthony was unlikely to pull on such tricks…

“No need. Thanks for the lift, but don’t bother about my dress. Treat it as my pay for petrol.”

Charmine went off the van swiftly.

Anthony, however, had a different thought in mind. “I don’t owe people, especially if it’s a woman,”

he abruptly spoke up. “It’s better if we keep things clear. I’ll bring you a new dress myself.”

Charmine almost tripped over as she got out of the van. She did not want him to buy her a new dress,

nor did she want to ever see him again. However, if she rejected his offer, it would seem as if she

wanted him to owe her something. Not worth the trouble, it was better if she ran away.

It was only after she was far out of sight when Anthony finally looked at Chris and Nial, his eyebrows

raised with a knowing smile. “Alright, what do you want?”

Nial demanded enthusiastically, “I need you to help me get out of all the pre-arranged blind dates set

up by our family for one year!”

Chris, on the other hand, clapped joyously as he chirped, “I want you to marry Mommy and make me a


“Consider them done.”

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