Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 13

Chapter 13

In the ballroom, Chanel’s executive manager was about to sign Charmine.

“Mr. James, are you sure you want to sign a nobody? She has absolutely zero stage experience!”

Amelia Jordan protested.

“Exactly. She’s just witty! I can bring fireflies to cheat like her, too. Matter of fact, anyone could, but

these are cheap tricks that won’t hold up on such a big occasion like tomorrow’s.”

“Alright, why don’t you ladies show us some tricks? You’re all pretentious, thinking yourselves as

supermodels as you put on dead-like expressions,” the manager refuted. He then turned to Charmine

and, seemingly changing expressions in a 360-degree manner, spoke with confidence, “Miss Jordan,

please sign here. Just do what you did up there and it’ll do fine. We believe in you.”

Charmine sealed the contract with her signature.

Pleased, Charmine then turned to Amelia Jordan and spoke, “Miss Jordan, you gotta try harder

tomorrow. Please don’t end up foolish like today, losing to some inexperienced person like me with

your three-year modeling experience.” The corners of her lips curled into a sneer as she turned and


Amelia’s face turned red in anger. While she was not as famous as Tiffany, everyone knew her name.

She was also an actress, and because of her arrogant and straightforward manner, she was marketed

as the ‘wild and blunt’ one that her fans were crazy about. She always had her way wherever she

went, respected by everyone, and yet… An adopted daughter like Charmine spoke to her in such a

rude tone and—to rub salt into the wound—even secured the opportunity! This drove Amelia crazy!

Charmine left the hotel and walked straight to the parking lot. Luxurious cars lined up one after

another in this park while Charmine’s dinged-up motorbike sat quietly by the corner.

As she was about to put on her helmet, a kid came running out from nowhere.

“Mommy! Mommy!” With his sweet voice, Chris ran into Charmine. He clung tightly to her thigh, his

small figure much like an accessory on her leg.

Charmine wanted to push him away, but who could resist such an adorable doe-eyed plump boy?

Unable to fight back, she bent down and ruffled his hair. “Darling, why are you here alone? Did your

dad neglect you again?”

“No, I ran away from him. I miss Mommy… Will Mommy come home with me?” Chris nestled further

into her embrace.

“Oh darling, I’m not your mother. I have my own house, so I can’t go home with you.” Charmine


“No, you’re my Mommy. My dad promised to make you my mommy! Daddy loves you, and he’s been

thinking about you every day since he met you. Last night, he even went to sleep with a photo of you!”

the boy rambled on and on. “Today, he parted with his project worth at least a few billions just to

watch you, to protect you.”

Charmine was speechless. Was Chris telling the truth? Also, did Anthony genuinely go to sleep with

her photo?

She ruffled his head affectionately and said, “Momo, you’re still young. Don’t become like your dad.

Love is sacred; there’s no such thing as love at first sight,” she explained. “Love at first sight isn’t love,

it’s just ‘sight’. In other words, it’s a simple attraction based on physical appearances. It’s like a hobo

hitting on a pretty girl, and this is illegal. It’s bad!”

Anthony overheard her last sentence as he got there. His handsome face turned dark instantly, like the

sky before a heavy rain.

Hobo? She thought of him as a hobo?

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