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Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! By: Seeking A Peaceful Life

Chapter 1

Hilton Hotel

Nine-month pregnant Charmine Jordan struggled to walk along the aisle while looking at her

surroundings, as though she was searching for someone.

Today was her big day, her engagement day with Julian Cabell. It was almost time, but he was

nowhere to be seen.

As she waddled, however, she then heard a soft yet familiar voice.

“Julian, darling, are you sure you want to get engaged with that adopted daughter? She’s not even

carrying your child!”

Charmine stopped dead in her tracks and turned to the source of the voice. She saw her older sister,

Tiffany Jordan and Julian—her fiancé—by the staircase.

“Of course I knew,” Julian replied in his low and throaty voice. “I was in the room next to hers when

she was assaulted. If she found out that you planned everything, she wouldn’t have given you her 15%

shares,” Julian added, with one arm wrapped around Tiffany’s small waist.

Tiffany, in her frustration, growled. “I don’t get it. She was adopted into our family, but why would

Grandpa give her fifteen percent of the company shares?!” Tiffany whined, her face as delicate and

deceivingly beautiful as ever. Leaning on Julian’s chest, she continued, “Julian, darling, do you dislike

me for doing that? You must be thinking I’m cruel, don’t you? Knowing that I’m not actually related to

the Jordan family, you want Charmine over me now, do you?”

“Don’t be silly, my love. The second your mom swapped you into the family Jordan, you’ve already

become a member of the Jordan family. Also, Charmine’s tacky and ugly. So what if she’s a genuine

Jordan family member? I wouldn’t even love her even if she was royalty! Don’t you worry… Once I get

ahold of all her shares, I’ll leave her for you and give you a huge engagement party that you deserve.

For now, let me make it up to you.”

Charmine could not believe what she had just heard; shock shot up her body as though she was struck

by lightning. She never knew the child in her body was not Julian’s. Julian was not the one who

deflowered her, but it was by a complete stranger ordered by her sister instead? That she was—in

fact—the Jordan family’s actual heiress, but her identity was swapped by Tiffany’s mother?

Charmine would never forget the abuse she had undergone just for being ‘the adopted child’. Back

then, Tiffany was her only source of comfort; the big protective sister who told her it was okay to not

study and just have fun.

All this time, Charmine thought Tiffany was the closest thing to a family, that she would give Tiffany all

her best gifts and opportunities given by their grandpa, including the opportunity to study abroad in

America. Never did she expect that Tiffany was the one ruining her life for 18 years! Worse still, her

fiancé knew everything all this while, yet he allowed these things to happen. Julian even conspired

with her sister!


The unexpected turn of events sent Charmine reeling back in shock, staggering backward, that she

knocked down a nearby vase.

This alarmed both Tiffany and Julian, both still in bliss in each other’s embrace. They looked over with

dilated pupils. “Charmine… What are you doing here?!” Julian called out, a vexed frown on his face as

he did.

Tiffany hastily pushed Julian away and put on her clothes. “Charmine, dear, it’s not what it seems. This

is just a joke; Julian only loves you—”

Charmine scoffed at Tiffany’s feeble choice of words. “In love with me? In love with my shares, in love

with all my properties, you mean! Julian Cabell, Tiffany Jordan, I want everyone to know the truth

today!” Charmine scrambled to run downstairs.

Everyone was downstairs: guests of the highest class in Burlington City, family friends of both Jorda

and Cabell families. Charmine wanted everyone to know Tiffany was the adopted child, that Tiffany

was nothing but a cruel and evil woman.

“Charmine, don’t you dare make a scene!” Julian held her wrist, stopping her from running. “Need I

remind you that you’re pregnant? If it wasn’t for your shares, we wouldn’t be having this engagement

at all. You’ve no right to be arrogant. Besides me, nobody else would want a pregnant


Julian was right; she was only 18 years old. She was meant to go to a university, but Tiffany changed

everything when she arranged for Charmine’s tragedy. Unable to further her studies, her only option

was to get engaged with Julian and become a full-time wife that everyone despised. She used to look

at the prospects of this future with such fondness, but today’s events made her sick to the core.

“I’d rather die alone than to be with a bastard like you!” Charmine swung his hand away and

continued running downstairs.

It was then the unsettling realization hit Tiffany: If word got out, she would be done for.

“Charmine!” She reached out, and it seemed as though she wanted to hold onto Charmine. Instead,

however, she gave Charmine a harsh push.


Charmine was caught off-guard, and her heavy body fell off the stairs. Her body—round with a

child—rammed against the wall. Warm blood began to ooze between her thighs.

“Julian, darling, what now… What now…?! I didn’t mean it… I wanted to hold her…” Tiffany

whimpered, though her action did not match her tone. “I’m scared…!” Tiffany cried as her face turned

pale with fear.

“Calm down. She knows our plan, so she deserves this. She asked for this herself!” With a barbaric

look, he sprinted down the stairs toward the fallen girl. He then gave Charmine’s belly a vigorous kick.

One! Two! Three!


An excruciating pain pierced through Charmine’s belly. This was the man she grew up with; the person

who put up with her as an adopted child; the man who promised Charmine her future. How can he be

so cruel to her?! She hated this! She loathed this!

More and more blood stained her white gown as the floor gradually turned red…

It was not long before Charmine, in her infinite pain, succumbed to darkness.

Chapter 2

Five years later, at the Jordan family mansion’s gates…

A dazzling black motorbike raced into the compound and, with a 360-degree drift, stopped by the

entrance. Built with high-end tech, the vehicle was easily a beauty with a matte finish. An

elegant-looking leg came into view from the clouds of dust. A woman got down from the bike and,

taking off her helmet, her long hair fluttered with the wind.

Charmine Jordan stared at the words ‘Jordan Family Mansion’ as her red lips curled into a faint smirk.

She had at last returned after five long years. A whirlwind of tragedies fell upon her the last time she

was here; she almost lost her life to the kicks on her belly, had suffered a miscarriage, and was framed

to be cheating on Julian when she was—in fact—set up by Julian and Tiffany. With her dignity and

reputation torn into shreds, the Jordan family took away her company shares and forced her to reside

in Africa overnight. As though it was not cruel enough, they gave her bare minimum living expenses to

survive with. In the past five years, she endured inhuman torture and suffering. Now, she was ready to

take back all that belonged to her! She took her first long step, then another, as she made her way

toward the mansion.

In the garden, waiters were serving guests with expensive canapé and wine while renowned guests

exchanged greetings. Today was the 70th birthday of Senior Jordan; every renowned celebrity and

upper-class families in Burlington City gathered at the mansion. A group of people surrounded Senior

Jordan enthusiastically, greeting him with gifts and regards.

“Dad, this is your favorite tea. I brought you this classic hundred-year-old Pu-erh tea, worth five

hundred thousand.”

“Grandpa, this is Qi Baishi’s renowned ‘High In The Sky’, and the asking price is nearly five hundred

million. Wishing Grandpa longevity like the character in the painting.”

“Grandpa, here’s a jade Buddha I specially requested to be made for you, worth five billion. I hope you

like it!” A soft and beautiful voice was heard from across the room. The voice sounded serene like the

heavens’ glow.

Tiffany Jordan then walked forward in elegance, her features beautiful and delicate as ever. Her

beauty attracted everyone’s attention. Four assistants followed behind her as they carried a board

clothed with red silk, and an ingeniously and beautifully carved jade Buddha sat on the board. Under

the bright sunlight, it exuded a luster like the secrets of ancient forests. The texture was thicker,

colder, and deeper than jade itself.

The crowd fell into an uproar at that moment.

“My god! What type of jade is this? The color is so dense; I’ve never seen it before!”

“That’s Czech No.1 Black Green Meteorite Stone! Asking price is five billion!”

“What? Czech No.1? The one and only Black Green Meteorite Stone in the world?”

“Correct! According to reports, Czech No. 1 has a very special material that’s even harder than the

hexagonal diamond. It belongs to a type of iron meteorite, and no hydraulic press could crush it!”

“God! Out of jades and pearls, Tiffany chose to give such a unique and one-of-a-kind meteorite stone!”

“How kind of her! Tiffany is indeed the most celebrated supermodel in the world. I can’t believe she’d

purchase the meteorite stone and have it carved into a Buddha statue!”

Words of praise filled the air, referring to Tiffany with nothing but admiration and respect. Tiffany, on

the other hand, was secretly reveling in the praises. She strongly believed that, sooner or later,

Grandpa would be charmed by her and eventually give her the 15% of shares. With that, she would

become the Jordan Group’s biggest shareholder. Outwardly, she maintained her humble façade, her

head hung low. “Please, everyone, don’t over-praise me. I just want to make Grandpa happy with my

five-year savings. I’m just happy Grandpa likes it.”

“I like it. Of course I like it!” James Jordan nodded repeatedly, a pleased expression adorning his face.

Out of the blue, someone spoke out, “ Who’s that? She seems familiar!”

Everyone stopped dead in their tracks the moment they shifted their gazes. From the garden’s

entrance by the far end of the aisle, Charmine walked along the red carpet with her black leather

jacket and pants. With hair long yet slim, Charmine’s dark hair fluttered as she walked. She bore a

clean and neat outlook, and though she exuded arrogance and boldness, she appeared serene, much

like calm water.

Tiffany’s beaming disposition plummeted in an instant. It was Charmine! Had she not stayed in Africa

for five whole years? As she checked, was she not meant to have become burnt and ugly? How did she

turn out so beautiful?

Her parents were stunned, too. Why did she come back? Such a disgraceful adopted daughter… This

was not the right time to return!

Joey Yu, Charmine’s mother, hastily stepped forward and pointed at Charmine. “What are you

wearing? Do you know where you’re at? Go to the backyard, don’t shame us!”

“Charmine might’ve come to celebrate Grandpa’s birthday,” Tiffany spoke up, despite her inward

displeasure. “Why don’t we let her stay?” she added, the pretense of a supposed loving sister never


All the attention fell onto Charmine.

“Celebrate? She came here empty-handed. How’s that ‘celebrating’?”

“An adopted kid, taking the family’s money for nothing, how could she afford anything? She is as good

as not asking for more money!”

“Senior Jordan saved 15% of the shares for her, yet she showed up empty-handed!”

“What are you still doing here, adopted kid? Get lost! What are you looking at? You can’t even afford

to set your eyes on this stone. Do you know how much this is? Five billion!” Cousin Amelia Jordan said

as she pushed Charmine, being the bully she had always been.

“I bet you haven’t seen this much money after spending years in Africa. Didn’t even show up with a

fifty-dollar gift. How dare you show up?”

Unfazed, Charmine’s red lips curled into a faint smile. “Who said I came empty-handed? What a

coincidence that I prepared a Czech No.1, too.” As she spoke, she clapped her hands, and four

assistants came forward with a Buddha statue.

The statue was the exact same as the one Tiffany gifted to Senior Jordan!

It was…identical! What happened?

Chapter 3

Everyone was in shock. “Isn’t there only one of Czech No.1?”

“How is Charmine gifting the Czech No. 1 as well? How are there two of them?”

Amelia was the first to react, a mocking cackle escaped her lips. “Haha! What else could it be? She

must’ve wanted to save her face and bought a fake one. Little did she know that Tiffany gifted the

same thing. Shame that the cat’s out of the bag, no? Hahaha!”

“Charmine, are you not ashamed of yourself? Can’t you bring something else if you’re that penniless?

Why would you bring a fake item? I must’ve been blinded back then when I brought you home out of

pity,” scowled Joey Young.

Joey loathed Charmine since day one, but little did she know that the woman before her was her

actual daughter. The Tiffany she adored was the adopted kid sneaked into the Jordan family, carefully

planned by Tiffany’s biological mother, Lara Zabel.

Before Charmine could even reply, Tiffany walked up to her. “Charmine, how could you do this? Don’t

you know that stones have Reiki?” she swiftly reprimanded her, playing the role of a genuinely

concerned sister. “Fake stones can inflict harm to the body. How could you do such a thing to

Grandpa? Please apologize to Grandpa; I believe he and everyone else here would forgive you if you


“Apologize? You’re the one who should be apologizing!” Charmine retaliated. “The Czech No.1 black

green meteorite was found in the southern part of Czech. According to experts, its Mohs hardness

scale reaches 11, with the ability to crush even diamonds. Needless to say, things that are made with

this meteorite stone can’t be damaged by a knife or hammer.”

Confident, Charmine then added, “Want to know if this statue is real? Allow me!” Without giving time

for anyone to react, Charmine picked up a hammer and smashed Tiffany’s Buddha statue.


The moment the hammer crashed onto the Buddha statue, the supposed ‘Czech No.1’ shattered into

pieces all over the grass. Swiftly, Charmine turned to her Buddha statue and swung the hammer.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

With a stronger hit each time, the Buddha statue remained undamaged, yet the color turned darker.

Everyone was stunned, unable to comprehend what was happening before them. Unbelievable!

“What! How’s this possible? Does that mean Tiffany’s gift was fake all along?”

“These broken pieces are obviously some advanced artificial glasses! We were almost fooled!”

“My thoughts exactly. How can a supermodel like Tiffany earn up to five billion in just five years? Now

it makes sense; she’s a fraud!”

What was once a resounding choir for Tiffany’s generosity and prosperity quickly darkened into an

atmosphere of condemnation.

“If you knew that fake stones cause harm to the body, how could you do such a thing to Grandpa?”

Charmine scorned, a permanent frown on her face as she did.

“I didn’t know… I really didn’t!” Tiffany shook her head vigorously. She turned to Senior Jordan and

hastily sputtered, “Grandpa, I went to Czech just for this…!”

Grandpa wanted to believe his granddaughter, but the truth that unraveled right before him made it

impossible for him to do so. He merely waved it off. “Alright, I understand. You might’ve been

deceived in a foreign land,” he commented. “Step back. Someone please come and clear the rubbish.”

In an instant, a few staff came forward to clear the broken bits. Tiffany’s face ashened as she looked at

the pieces of shattered glass being cleared. The ‘rubbish’ they were clearing was not just her five

billion dollars… They were also taking away her reputation, her dignity!

Humiliation had never hit her this hard before. How did Charmine have so much money? She could not

even make five billion as a supermodel in five years, so how was it possible that Charmine made five

billion in Africa? Impossible! Where did her money come from?

James Jordan could care less about what had happened; what mattered was the young girl before her.

Five years ago, he had no choice but to send Charmine abroad to recover, but his longing for his

precious granddaughter had never diminished. Now that Charmine returned with such maturity,

James rose from his seat and walked toward Charmine.

As Senior Jordan stood before her, he held Charmine’s hand fondly. “Oh, my child,” he spoke, “it

must’ve been difficult for you in the past five years. From now on, no one can change your status as

my granddaughter, and nobody can send you away from me,” Senior Jordan consoled her. “Grandpa

will transfer you the promised fifteen-percent share.”

Instantly, the crowd fell into chaos.

Senior Jordan was so loving to this adopted child, and he was even willing to give her the 15% share of

the family’s business! The adopted kid who suddenly disappeared for five years was suddenly

showered with the biggest blessing anyone in the Jordan family could ever ask for. She was indeed an

attractive woman with a generous heart; her future seemed rather bright as of this moment.

The guests surrounded Charmine to congratulate her, and words of adoration and praise were sent in

her way. Tiffany, on the other hand, was left alone like a moon among glowing stars. She was

completely tossed aside, just like the broken bits cleared away earlier. Nobody cared.

Eventually, someone did see her, but their only comment was, “Tsk, what a fraud!” The moment this

person walked away, Tiffany balled her fists. How did Charmine steal her spotlight away so easily? No.

That was it. Charmine did it on purpose. She came back to take revenge on what happened five years

ago. Tiffany would not let this slide. With malice darkening her eyes, Tiffany took out her phone.

[I want her dead.]

Meanwhile, a tall and well-built man stood at the mansion’s attic with one hand in his pocket, emitting

an aura of indisputable class and elegance. He saw everything that had transpired at the garden

below, and his eyes were strongly glued onto Charmine. She was no ordinary woman.

He snapped out of it the moment his phone rang. Answering the phone, he instantly spoke, “Did you

find anything on the girl from five years ago?”

“Sorry, Bro. I tried my best, but I don’t have any leads on the girl’s identity. We do have a situation,

though: Momo’s missing!”

“What?” The man swiftly turned and walked away.

Chapter 4

The celebration gradually receded, and the only ones left in the garden were members of the Jordan

Family. Worn out by today’s celebration, Senior Jordan decided to retire to his room and rest.

The moment Senior Jordan left, however, Joey Young turned her hate-filled eyes at Charmine. “You’re

an evil and cruel adopted kid,” she growled. “Tiffany had been protecting you ever since you were a

kid and loved you dearly. How could you do this to her?!”

“I didn’t do anything. Did I make her buy the fake meteorite stone?” came Charmine’s nonchalant

reply, undismayed.

This only fueled Joey’s anger. “She was scammed, and you didn’t even bother to warn her? You even

humiliated her in front of everyone! Is this how you treat your sister?!”

“Someone please drag her out. The Jordan family cannot accept this kind of person!” Adam Jordan,

the patriarch, barked to his men.

Several securities came forward, ready to drag her out. Charmine merely shrugged them away and

coldly fixed her jacket. “No need. I can walk.”

She did not intend to stay at the mansion anyway.

“Charmine, where else can you stay? Mom and Dad won’t be angry for long, so just apologize to them,

will you? I’ll be heartbroken if you stay on the streets…” Tiffany frowned. Of course, she was not

genuinely ‘heartbroken’; quite the contrary even.

“No need. I actually bought a villa group, some twenty blocks of houses. I’m actually quite busy

collecting rents.” With a faint smile, Charmine pulled out a few hundred sets of keys and swiftly turned

away. The sound of keys jingling accompanied her every step.

Everyone stared with eyes wide like saucers. She bought so many properties! Where did she get her

money from? How did an adopted kid get so much money?

Charmine then approached Tiffany and stood next to her, shoulder to shoulder. “Hey fraud, you better

get ready,” she spoke in a hushed tone, though the warning was more than palpable in her tone.

“Now that I’m back, I’ll be taking what’s mine. Oh, and those who hurt me before? They better pick a

god and pray.”

Though she had a non-threatening smile on her face, Charmine’s ‘smile’ was akin to a monstrous

piranha in the dark; deadly.

Tiffany turned paper-white as her legs went weak. She was terrified. The Charmine who used to be

quiet and shy had turned into this woman with such a powerful aura. Charmine continued to walk to

the exit, proud of herself.

[She’s left the mansion!]

Charmine put on her helmet and left on her motorbike. Now was not the right time to make her

official comeback. Even if she stayed, everyone would have tortured her for being ‘the adopted kid’

except Grandpa. After all, Charmine came back for revenge; not for them to treat her badly. The day

she would make her official return would be a mass celebration, welcomed by everyone.

The sleek motorbike sped from Burlington City to the villa. Not long after, her phone rang. Stopping at

the side of the road, she answered the phone. She heard panting from the other side before the

person spoke, “Miss Jordan, why didn’t you let us know you’ve returned? We could’ve arranged your

transportation. My boss has prepared for you a five-star villa—”

“No, it’s fine,” Charmine interrupted. “I’m only back for some personal business, so I won’t be staying



“I’ll contact you when everything is resolved. But, if you’re too bored, do help me check the identities

of all the guests at Phoenix Hotel on Valentines’ Day five years ago, especially all the men who were

on the top floor.”

Charmine lost her chastity in Phoenix Hotel five years ago in 2015, and her life was ruined from that

night onward. She wanted nothing more than to find the man who destroyed her life; she would make

him pay when she did.

“Of course, I’ll be on it right away,” Kay, the person on the other end, replied.

Once she ended the call, Charmine started her motorcycle once more and sped off. She was so focused

on making plans that she was completely unaware of the van closely following not far behind. Situated

outside of Burlington City, the villa was only 800 meters away, but no outsider would come as it was

very quiet and secluded.

Everything happened too fast. The sound of a vehicle was heard, loudly so, and it came from behind



The van powerfully rammed against Charmine’s motorbike, and the impact threw her high up in the

air before she fell onto the side of a road near a steep slope.

Weakened, Charmine squeezed her eyes shut and gripped onto whatever she could to keep herself

from falling. However, this did little to no help, as she rolled down the hill, with nothing to break her

fall. The motorbike crashed and broke apart, with black smoke coming from the remnants.

Once he got down from the van, the driver immediately looked at the dangerously high and slippery


As his eyes searched the area where Charmine had fallen into, his fingers fumbled on his phone.

“Miss Jordan, Charmine jumped from her motorbike and rolled off the hill.”

“Look for her immediately! I want her body; dead or alive!”


With serious injuries all over her body, Charmine rested at the bottom of the hill. Unfortunately,

Charmine would not have her time to recuperate as she heard noises that came from the road above

her. They were coming for her!

She would have given them a piece of her mind had she not sustained this much pain. Once she

collected her thoughts, Charmine scrutinized her surroundings carefully and, not long after, saw a cave

covered by bushes. Without wasting any time, she went inside. In the silent cave, Charmine rested

against the walls of the cave and sighed.

However, the silence was broken when a child-like boyish voice called out, “Mommy! Mommy!”

Before Charmine could react, a soft and warm body coated with mud ran into her arms. When she

looked down at this small figure, her eyes were met with a small yet round face, paired with watery

doe eyes. The boy looked up at her and blinked.

Chapter 5

The moment their eyes met, Charmine felt as though a warm feeling was spreading throughout her

being. It felt as though she was reunited with a person so dear to her. Chris Bailey—the little

boy—held onto Charmine and clung tightly to her.

“I was chasing a kitten before I came across you, Mom, but now I can’t find it,” the boy muttered. “But

I’m happy now, since I found you again!”

While this took Charmine by surprise, she soon recovered from the shock. Gently grabbing the boy by

his collar, she pushed him away. “I’m not your mother. Where are your parents? I’ll bring you to


The boy’s initial cheery expression then morphed into one of pain. Suddenly, the boy began to sob.

“Waa… My chest hurts…”

Charmine released his collar out of guilt, but before she could get a word out, the boy went right back

into her arms.

“My chest hurts… Hug… Mommy, hug…” The boy nestled further into the embrace.

Charmine was flabbergasted. Why would the parents leave such a cute boy behind?

Just when she was about to speak, a snake as thick as her wrist slithered into view, and it seemed to

aim for the boy’s ankle. With scales dark as ink, the snake’s sharp fangs were noticeable. No doubt, it

was a king cobra; one that could inflict fatality!

“Watch out!”

Charmine grabbed the boy with one hand and grabbed the snake with the other. Triggered by the

sudden movement, it turned toward Charmine and bit her instead. The snakebite gave her a sharp

pain, but she fought against it. Once she covered the boy’s eyes with one hand, Charmine swung the

snake at hand and smacked it against the cave.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

Sounds of the snake slammed against the walls of the cave echoed, and before long, the snake went

limp as it died. Just as Charmine threw the cobra far away, her body started reacting to the toxin. She

went soft and slumped against the back of the cave once more.

As her hand dropped from covering the boy’s eyes, the boy cried, “Mommy, Mommy! Don’t scare

Momo…! Please don’t scare Momo! Wait here; Momo will go get Daddy!” Panicked, the boy ran out of

the cave as fast as he could.

Once he got out of the cave, he took out his phone and clicked on a chatroom. Once he sent his

location, he swiftly hit the ‘record’ button and whimpered, “Daddy, I’m here! I found Mommy, but a

snake had bitten her! She needs help!”

Anthony Bailey was searching the Jordan family’s mansion with his hundred or so bodyguards.

Suddenly, his phone lit up. He read the message and frowned. ‘The kid went as far as ten miles away!

He needs a lesson! And who’s this ‘Mommy’ he’s talking about?’ he thought to himself.

He got into a car and speedily called a contact of his. “Niall, bring the cobra serum to the location I

sent you, right now.”

The moment Anthony reached the cave, he saw Chris weeping next to an unconscious woman.

“Mommy… Mommy! Wake up! Don’t scare Momo…!” Chris wailed as tears streamed down his face

like waterfalls.

‘Who’s this? Chris seems too attached, considering she’s a stranger…’ Anthony studied the

knocked-out Charmine. Pale and unconscious, her facial features were so stunning that it was hard to

look away from her. ‘That’s her: The adopted daughter, Charmine Jordan.’

Chris saw his dad and ran toward him. “Daddy, please help Mommy!” he wailed. “Mommy is dying! I

don’t want Mommy dying…!”

“Calm down. I’ve asked Uncle Nial to bring over the serum,” Anthony assured the little boy the best he


It did nothing to cease the boy’s tears. “It’s too late… It’s too late! Mommy was bitten for almost an

hour, and she’ll die soon if we don’t clear her blood!” Chris sobbed as he shook his head vigorously.

As he scrutinized Charmine’s body, he noted that the snake had bitten her thigh. If one were to suck

out the blood, the pants would have to be removed…

“Listen, Momo. There’s a difference between a boy and a girl. Uncle Nial will be here shortly.”

Chris refused to listen, and it was as though his mind was overridden in utter fear. “Help mommy!

Daddy help Mommy! Momo had just found Mommy; Momo doesn’t want Mommy dead. Momo

doesn’t want to have no mommy… I don’t want to be laughed at! Daddy, help her! Please help her!”

The boy was spurting word after word as he pulled Anthony to Charmine.

“Momo, stop making a scene,” Anthony warned him with a stern look.


Suddenly, the boy’s eyes rolled to the back of his head. He then fell onto the ground with white foam

coming out from his mouth.

Anthony’s look instantly changed. The boy had been weak since he adopted him. Whenever something

terrible happened, his body would cramp up.

Nial Bailey—who happened to be a medical doctor—had constantly warned him that cramps and

strokes would affect the development of Chris’s brains and intelligence. That was why they had always

been cautious throughout the years and allowed Chris to have his way all the time. It had been over a

year since this had happened…

“Alright,” came the reply of defeat, “I’ll help her.”

Anthony had to kneel at Charmine’s heel and reached out to remove her pants.

Chapter 6

Anthony had no intention to do what he was about to, but this woman had undeniably piqued his

interest. His family had been trying to get him married throughout the years, but now…

“Daddy… Daddy…” Chris’s bright voice brought him back to reality.

Anthony noticed that the two darkening spots were quite terrible to the eye. It might be too late to

save this woman by the time the serum arrived.

Pushing all thoughts aside, he bent down and started sucking the blood out of the wound. Chris, who

was laying on the ground, saw this and chirped with joy, “Daddy touched Mommy, and Daddy kissed

Mommy. Now Daddy needs to take care of Mommy!”

The boy never ceased to surprise him.

When Charmine regained her consciousness, she found herself in a monochrome-colored room, and

nicely furnished at that.

‘Where am I? Wasn’t I attacked by a cobra? I need to clear the wound now!’

When she looked down, however, she realized her clothes had been changed. Moreover, her clothes

were swapped with an oversized white shirt that reached her knees.

‘My wounds are cleaned and bandaged…? Who did this?’

“You’re awake?” a deep velvety voice was heard from across the room.

Charmine looked up and saw a tall muscular figure walking in from the door. The man was dressed in

his tailored suit, his facial features looked as though carved with the finest detail. His aura felt

exorbitant, lathered with class and refinement.

It was Anthony Bailey.

The man who was at the top of the pyramid; the Bailey family’s thirteenth heir, a family of extreme

wealth for 500 years. This was Anthony Bailey.

“Was it you who saved me? Were you the one who changed my clothes?”

“Mhm,” he softly replied.

As he approached her, he then knelt before her. “Don’t worry, I’ll take responsibility over you.”

He took out a small cotton box and gave it to Charmine. The box automatically opened; sitting in the

box was a heart-shaped diamond ring.

“What are you doing?” Charmine frowned.

“Proposing to you,” Anthony answered.


Rumor had it that Anthony paid no interest in women, and even his son had a surrogate mother. Why

would he propose to her?

Of course… The son! The boy’s features were similar to Anthony’s, too. So the boy she had saved

turned out to be this wealthy man’s son? Why did he allow his son to wander in such a dangerous

place and, out of the blue, was proposing to her now? What an irresponsible man!

“Are you insane? You helped me change and now want to marry me?” she scoffed.

“I’m a man of principles,” Anthony deadpanned.

“According to your principles, doesn’t it also imply that the men who go to beaches would have to

bring home a bunch of wives? More than thousands of men saw me when I went to the beach, so do I

have to marry every one of them, too?”

Thousands of men? Anthony did not like what he heard.

Once she got down from the bed, Charmine gently patted him on his shoulder. “Mr Bailey, we’re all

adults. I don’t need you to take care of me; just take good care of your son. Don’t spend all your time

making money. Your son doesn’t have a mom, and if you don’t do something about it, it could affect

his character development.”

Charmine left the room after telling him off for good. Her, dressed in an oversized shirt that showed

off her long and slim legs, gave off strong masculinity laced with elegant femininity.

Anthony’s face went stiff in awe. Was his proposal rejected?

Any other woman in the world would die to marry him, yet this woman rejected him without a second


He turned suddenly and asked in a slightly raised tone, “Is there someone else?”

“Ah?” Charmine was confused.

Anthony looked right into her eyes, and pronounced each syllable as he said,

“I sucked out your toxin.”

Wait a minute. Was the snakebite not at her thigh?

Chapter 7

Chasing after her, Anthony went to stand in front of her path, and it effectively blocked her. He took

out the small box once more.

“Miss Jordan, please consider,” he asserted, languid yet evident with determination.

Charmine was speechless. Must she accept his proposal? Who placed such a ridiculous mandate?

She gently plucked out the ring from its box. Needless to say, it was a beautiful heart-shaped diamond

ring perfectly cut, and the exquisite workmanship was evident with the ring itself. It was one of the

best cuts in the world.


With a faint smile on her red lips, she tossed the ring away. Just like that, a perfectly cut diamond ring

was thrown away like it was rubbish.

Anthony and his assistant were stunned.

The assistant felt like everything was a blur. Charmine literally rejected his boss and threw the

diamond ring into the bin!

Unperturbed, Charmine nonchalantly spoke, “I am thankful that Mr Bailey had saved me and nursed

me back to health, but I won’t marry you. Marriage isn’t a game, and a victim doesn’t have to marry

the rapist. You’re too naive.”

With that, Charmine left.

The corners of Anthony’s lips quivered in displeasure. Was she implying he was a rapist? Was she

genuinely comparing him to one? What deplorable attitude! This woman was being ludicrous.

Anthony scoffed. Would she still reject him if he sucked her all over? He was quite intrigued to find


Nonetheless, the most important thing was that she survived the fall from the hill.

“Luke, send her the evidence we’ve found.”

“Ah?” Luke, the man addressed by Anthony, was confused.

What was going on? Charmine was so rude to him, but not only was he not angry, he even wanted to

send those evidence to her? What happened to his calculative and remorseless boss?

“Forget it, I’ll do it myself.” Since Luke did not react, Anthony walked to his office and turned on his


By this time, Charmine had reached her villa. Once she got changed into her own clothes, she threw

the white shirt into the bin. It was not long, however, until the ringing of her phone broke the silence.

Picking up the phone, she noted the person on the other line panting. “Oh my lady, are you alright?”

spoke the person at the other end, voice evidently worried and panicked. “Why did you return home?

Wasn’t it nice back here? Also, why didn’t you let Kay and his team protect you? Do you know that my

heart nearly combusted when I heard about your accident?! That evil woman actually paid for the

murderers… I’ll make her pay for it now!”

Nobody knew this, but Charmine had a fair share of accomplishments she had gotten on her own in

the past five years. These, in turn, made everyone look up to her, paying attention to her every move.

She never sought aid of any kind, yet many people wanted to help her out.

Charmine cradled her phone between her shoulder and neck. “Don’t bother. Pass this message on: I’m

taking care of some personal stuff back here at home, so leave me alone.”

“W—What? Are you sure?” the man asked worriedly.

Charmine scoffed. “If I didn’t believe I could settle this myself, I wouldn’t have returned.”

She ended the call.

Simon Gray—who was on the other end of the call—sighed. Without much to go around, he could only

relay Charmine’s message.

As Charmine logged into her mailbox, an unread email was brought to her attention. Once she clicked

on the unread email, she was met with screenshots of Tiffany’s conversation with the driver, with

details of Tiffany’s plan and order for Charmine’s murder. There was also a record of the transaction

from Tiffany’s account to the driver’s as well as video footage of the accident. Everything she was

seeing would be enough to convict Tiffany.

Who did this? Who could have gathered all these in such a short time and, what more, sent them to

her for free?

Charmine had the impression that this could be the work of a party looking forward to working with

her, trying to earn a favor from her. When she searched for the sender’s name, however…

Anthony Bailey?

Why on earth would this man go through such lengths to help her, even after she rejected him in a

rather ridiculous manner? Indeed, he did deserve to be in such fame and wealth with such generous

heart and capability.

No matter; Charmine found no reason to reject help offered without strings attached. As she saved the

screenshots, a sliver of mischief glimmered in her cunning dark eyes.

At the same time, inside a lavishly decorated bedroom in the Jordan family’s mansion…

Tiffany was sitting in front of her piano as she toyed with a doll, a smug smile on her face as she did.

There was no way Charmine could have survived that high drop. At the very least, she would be

incapacitated or disfigured. Once admitted to the hospital, she would have ways to kill Charmine and

take the 15% share from her.

With her silky pale hand, Tiffany sharply ripped off the doll’s head.


A notification showed on her phone.

Who would message her private phone at this hour? She clicked open the anonymous email.

Her face rapidly morphed into one of complete, unadulterated horror.

The email contained her conversations with the driver.

How…? How could this have happened? She contacted the driver with an anonymous sim and, for

extra precautions, even paid with her overseas account. How could this plan have fallen apart so


Though her face was blatantly horror-stricken, she fumbled to text as though unfazed.

[Who are you? What do you want? How much? Give me a number.]

[I don’t want your money. You have two options. The first is to host a press conference and apologize

to your sister in public. Option two: Send me a nude. If you can’t make up your mind in ten minutes,

these screenshots will go public.]

Nude? Nude? Was this person out of their mind?!

Tiffany pictured it with an angered and distorted face.

Who could this be?

She quickly replied, [Absolutely not. Give me a number, I’ll pay you any amount you desire. Just so you

know, I’m the heiress of the Jordan family, so you can’t afford to mess with me. If you choose to

cooperate with me, however, I’ll reward you generously.]

Undaunted, the person merely replied, [You have nine more minutes to decide.]

Tiffany gritted her teeth; she had no choice.

Chapter 8

Fists clenched tight, Tiffany called her manager, Veronica Ramos right away.

“Find out who sent me the anonymous email in the next five minutes. I want his information,” ordered


Tiffany believed she could blackmail this person into conceding defeat once she obtained their

information. Nobody could ever walk over her.


Five minutes later, Veronica called her again, but she came without good news.

“Tiffany, I’m sorry. I found the best hacker in town and used up all my connections and resources, but

we still couldn’t break in the sender’s IP address.”

“How is this possible? I thought we had the best team?!” Tiffany’s fear had gotten the best of her as

her voice raised a few octaves. “Now we can’t even break into an anonymous IP?!”

She was the most celebrated supermodel in the world, armed with the finest of resources and best

connections. There was no way such a thing could happen to her.

“The hacker has skills we can’t compete against. We don’t know their identity, and even the best

hacker in our team couldn’t break his IP. Tiffany, perhaps you could come up with other plans to keep

him silenced. If this goes public, your reputation will be completely ruined,” Veronica tried to reason

with her, and a sigh escaped her lips soon after.

Tiffany fell onto her bed in disbelief. Veronica was her manager and assistant. If she—a person who

possessed the best resources in town—said she could not help, anyone else would be useless.

What could she do? Host a press conference and confess her wrongdoings? What difference would this

make from the screenshots going public? Should she send this person her nude then? Her reputation

would be just as ruined as the first option.

She received another email.

[You have three more minutes.]

In the email, a screenshot of a typed-out post on Weibo was attached. The screenshot read:

[The most famous supermodel Tiffany Jordan paid for her sister’s murder!]

Tiffany turned pale as her hands quaked without restraint.

If this was to be revealed, it would make headlines around the world, and she would likely end up in


[Don’t send this. Wait. I’ll send you nude right now.]

She had no choice but to run into her bathroom, she even picked up the cucumber she prepared for

her eye mask.

However much she did not want to do such a shameless thing, she had no other choice. The

perpetrator was most likely some crazy fanboy who wanted to entertain himself with her nude photo.

Also, even if her nude got circulated, she could insist they were photoshopped by others and easily

think of ways to dissolve this chaos. She could even gain more male fans with her nude. The outcome

of this choice was more bearable compared to the other.

Holding onto these thoughts, Tiffany bit her lips and took a nude in the bathroom.

At Violet Villa…

Cross-legged in front of her computer screen on the desk, Charmine muttered quietly as she sipped her


“Three, two, one.”

An email showed up in her inbox at that instant.

The email had Tiffany’s photo attached to it. Under the shower head was Tiffany in her bikini,

thoroughly soaked. She looked into the camera holding a cucumber, imitating that of a seductive gaze.

Charmine smirked. The fish took the bait.

Oh, well. Nobody could blame Tiffany for choosing this option, however ugly it was.

It was then when a man dressed in casual wear suddenly entered through the door of the study room.

With a deadpan look, the man stared at Charmine coldly and spoke, “Charmine, you might have the

budget, but don’t forget the real reason why you’re back.”

“Of course I remember. Things are going as planned.” Charmine took a sip of the wine as she saved the


The man glanced at her computer screen and added, “This alone won’t do you good to fight Tiffany

Jordan. It’s only when you get more fame that you can take away Tiffany’s every belonging. Go to the

audition tomorrow.”

With that, the man threw a file on her desk and turned to walk away.

Charmine picked up the file and studied the content; it was the document for Chanel’s audition.

Chanel was an international luxury brand known for its beautifully designed clothes, bags, and

amazing perfumes. Many people took pride in buying an item from Chanel.

Chanel just so happened to announce that they would host their 10th Annual Jewelry Show on the top

floor of Ocean Pearl, Mount Claire in two days. Therefore, in the audition tomorrow, they would hire a

supermodel to make the final appearance during the show. This would make a huge difference to the

fame and reputation of a supermodel.

Charmine scanned the list of names. Besides Tiffany, the supposed ‘most famous supermodel’, the

other 49 candidates were world-renowned supermodels, guests of Milan Fashion Week, Victoria

Secret’s Show, and the likes.

Charmine was still new in this field, considering she had just returned from abroad, yet this man

already had such a difficult task arranged for her.

The man knew what he was doing.

Charmine rearranged the folder and her attention went back to the photo on her screen. A sly smile

went on her lips. Tomorrow would be interesting.

Tiffany’s reputation was at stake.

Chapter 9

The following day had come, and Veronica came over to pick up Tiffany.

Tiffany was dressed in her best gown, face meticulously decorated with makeup. Her mother, Joey

Young, walked her to the door. “I’m sorry, Tiffany, but I can’t go to the audition with you today. Your

dad and I have a project to discuss after all. We wish you the best for this audition and getting into the

final appearance. Mommy knows you’re the best!”

“Thanks, Mommy.” The mother-and-daughter duo shared a hug before Tiffany got in the car.

Once the door closed, the sweet and innocent smile on her face was replaced by an entirely different

look. It was darker.

Tiffany had been plagued with anxiety and concern since Charmine’s return. Tiffany knew the truth:

Her poor biological mother was sentenced to death three days after giving birth to her. To ensure that

her child would have a better future, she swapped Tiffany with Joey’s actual daughter, and poor

Charmine was left on the street instead.

Would Joey love her the same once she found out the truth?

When she saw Tiffany’s difficult expression, Veronica assumed Tiffany was still concerned about what

happened last night. “Don’t be too concerned about it, it’s just a photo,” she assured her. “Even if it

got out, it wouldn’t be such a big deal. You should focus more on getting the opportunity to make the

final appearance. Everyone will be attending the show tomorrow, and I even heard that someone from

the Bailey family would be coming. Scoring this role would definitely double your value, and nobody

would remember what happened during Senior Jordan’s birthday.”

“I know what to do.” Tiffany nodded.

Last night’s event no longer bothered her; the hacker must have been a pervert like many of her crazy

fans. Since the perpetrator did nothing to release her photos last night, there was no way the hacker

would publish in the future. They probably just wanted to keep these things to themselves.

“By the way, I gathered that Charmine Jordan signed up for the audition when I looked through the list

in the morning,” Veronica added. “The girl had just returned to the country and had no previous

experience at modeling. It’s hilarious that she even signed up!”

Instead of joining in with Veronica’s mocking, Tiffany’s brows furrowed at the mention of Charmine’s

name. Right, she did threaten to take everything away from Tiffany. It was no surprise she would be at

places like this, though there was no way Charmine could compete with a supermodel like Tiffany.

She sneered with utter disdain. Tiffany aimed to capture the audience with her brilliance today, and

they would adore her. That would show Charmine how far away she was from her league.

Inside the Grand Ballroom of Hotel Vienna, a long T-stage stood elegantly, surrounded by luxurious

chairs seated by the hosts, designers, and sponsors.

One by one, models made their appearances on the stage. They were all dressed in a simple gown and

makeup, though expressionless as they were. Chanel was to present a necklace named ‘The Glowing

Forest’ with the final appearance. The necklace was made with platinum, carved in the shape of a leaf,

along with a green fluorite stone hidden in the leaf. The stone consisted of platinum, white gold, silver

and light green, and it exuded an air of perpetuity and elegance. Therefore, the chosen model to make

the final appearance would have to exude an aura that matched the necklace or, more preferably,

more than that.

Nial Bailey looked down as he sat on a hidden seat on the second floor.

“Bro, didn’t you say the special lady would appear today? The audition is almost over. Where is she?”

“Exactly! Where’s Mommy? These women are so ugly and bland-looking, thinking they’re cool and

refined. My eyes are drooping already…” Chris muttered.

Anthony rubbed the boy’s hair and spoke, “She’ll be here anytime.” He then averted his gaze to the


“Uh…You’ve only seen her once and you’re so sure?” Nial asked, tone laced with disbelief and


“No one believes in love at first sight until that special person comes along and steals your heart,”

Anthony replied with an unintentional smirk on his face.

“Lord, save me from this burn!” Nial howled dramatically. He acted as though he was attacked and

struggled to stop his imaginary wound from worsening.

“Bro, are you my actual brother? Seems like I was wrong from the beginning. I shouldn’t have been

born, and then I needless to have a brother like you. Without a brother like you, I don’t have to listen

to what you just said! Your existence is a pain to a single man such as myself!”

Chris then chimed in, “Uncle Nial, you’ll still have me even if Daddy’s not here! I’m almost old enough

to go to school, too. Where’s your child, Uncle? Oh wait, you’re not married and you don’t have a wife.

How can you make a baby then?” Chris continued to chatter without restraint. “Poor you, Uncle. Even

if you’re married, you can’t get a baby as adorable as me.” Chris looked at Nial sympathetically.

Nial was met with more slaps to his face. What had he done to deserve this?

All of a sudden, the crowd below them grew aroused as noises of appreciation were heard.

“Oh my goodness… What a stunner!”

The three stopped bickering and immediately turned to look at the stage.

Chapter 10

Tiffany finally made her appearance in a white linen gown, simple and elegant, as though she came

from a classic novel. Her hair cascaded down her shoulders, a floral band rested on her head. The

gown fluttered with every step she took, and it was the autumn leaves that danced mid-air in a

picturesque scene of a fairytale. Her exquisite face stood out from the other dull and tasteless models,

though she still carried a fey-like poise. Her appearance was the personification of heaven on earth as

she emulated the beauty of a goddess from a painting.

The copy of the necklace was brought to life on her elegant neck.

The designer of the necklace, Aida, was awestruck by what she saw. “OH MY GOD! That’s it! She’s the

one!” she beamed. “This is exactly what I had in mind. It’s her! We’ll sign her!”

“Amazing! Why is there such a pure and refined woman on earth? So honorable and spotless, like a

blank white cloth!”

“Definitely worthy of her immeasurable fame and reputation for being the best supermodel in the

world. Her innate temperament isn’t something ordinary people can compete with.”


“So pretentious,” Chris muttered.

“Mhm.” Anthony passed him a chocolate bar, agreeing to the boy’s opinion.

Nial, on the other hand, looked at them in confusion.

Tiffany Jordan seemed nice. Why was she called ‘pretentious’? These two were hopeless!

Meanwhile, Tiffany enjoyed the words of adoration from the audience. A smile broke out on her face,

and it was akin to sunshine in summer.

She knew it in her heart now; she would be the chosen one to make the final appearance.

As expected, when she walked to the panel, the host and designers called on her.

“Models who have yet to come out, don’t bother coming. Tiffany Jordan, it’s you. You’ll be the

ambassador of the necklace and will make the final appearance at tomorrow’s show!”

“I agree! It should be Tiffany. We’re all convinced by her win!” Amelia spoke up as she happily agreed.

The other competitors nodded with conviction. They were out of Tiffany’s league and they accepted it.

After all, it was Tiffany Jordan that they were losing to, the most famous supermodel in the world!

Tiffany humbly—as much as she could be—lowered her head. “Everyone is being too kind. I’ll have no

other choice than to accept this offer. I won’t disappoint everyone.” Her soft voice was sweet like

heaven on earth.

The producer confidently brought the contract up to her on the stage.

Tiffany’s lips curled into a beautiful smile, and this time, the grin was sincere. She knew Charmine

would not be able to do anything to her once she got this role. It was foolish of her to even think of

competing with her. Why did she not look at herself in the mirror?

As Tiffany reached forward to accept the contract, a strange sound was heard.


Suddenly, the big screen in the hall lit up. A photo then appeared on the screen.

It was the photo of Tiffany under the showerhead. Her body was covered, or uncovered, by a thin and

almost transparent layer of bikini, as seducing as imagination could go. Above all, she had a fetching

expression; red lips slightly parted, pink cheeks flushed, and her eyes charming like silk. To put it

simply, she was rather tantalizing to the eye.

In an instant, the crowd was plunged into chaos.

“My goodness… Is this the Tiffany Jordan? She’s much different from what she pretends to be!”

“She has such a pure and innocent outlook. Who would’ve thought she could be this coquettish!”

Tiffany was frozen in shock. This caught her off-guard entirely.

She had gone through many scenarios of the photo leaking online last night, but not in a million years

would she have thought the photo would be exposed in an event such as today.

Veronica was the first to recover from the shock. “Someone please turn it off!” she yelled.

It was foolish of her to think anyone would want to take down a private photo of Tiffany Jordan.

Everyone in the audience was either admiring with their eyes glued to the screen or taking photos for

their ‘collection’. The panel, on the other hand, were re-evaluating if Tiffany was still suitable to

become their brand ambassador.

As noises of displeasure and mockery occupied the room, Tiffany finally regained her senses.

“Turn this off, please! Turn this off! This… This wasn’t me!”

Not her? Why would she panic if this was not her? There were no true friends in the entertainment

industry. Who would help her?

The photo was still blaring through the screen.

Finally, Tiffany could not take it anymore. She took a stool nearby and threw it right against the big



The screen finally went black. Broken.

The photo was gone at last, but…

The judging eyes remained. She was no longer the supermodel in the past; no longer the pure and

charming Tiffany Jordan she pretended to be.

“It’s not me, I swear. Someone set me up! Someone did!” Tiffany shrieked, her face pale and anxious.

“Miss Jordan, we’re deeply sorry that such a thing happened. We hope you could go back and resolve

this,” the manager spoke and delivered the ultimatum.

Just like that, her opportunities were taken away from her.

Chapter 11

In an attempt to save her career, Tiffany quickly reached out and held onto the manager’s hand.

“Didn’t we have a deal? That photo was Photoshopped; it really wasn’t me in that photo. I don’t do

these things. How could anyone assume the photo is real without asking me first?” she whimpered as

tears rolled down her face, touching and convincing. Alas, the innocent face she pulled only reminded

everyone of what they just saw on the screen.

“We’re deeply sorry, Miss Jordan. Let’s discuss this next time.” The manager pulled her hand away and

ordered the securities, “Someone please send Miss Jordan out, and bring her the bill of her damage to

the screen.”

A few securities came forward and showed Tiffany out, expressions of mockery and disdain on their

faces as they did.

Tiffany could not stand this poor attitude toward her. She was brought up as the heiress of the Jordan

family, treated with utter respect and admiration. She had never been more embarrassed in her life.

However much she hated it, she had no choice but to leave with her hands covering her embarrassed

face. The moment she was out from the hall, her poor and pitiful expression distorted into a

murderous mien.

Who could it be? She had to find out; she wanted the person dead!

As her mind was thrust into a maelstrom of thoughts, an elegant figure in dark green walked toward

her. The woman had bright red lips, her dress fluttering as she walked. She was indeed stunning and


It was Charmine Jordan.

Tiffany snapped out of her chaotic thoughts when she saw Charmine close enough to her. Suddenly,

everything made sense.

“It was you, wasn’t it? You were the one who displayed the photo on the screen! You tricked me into

sending you nudes, didn’t you?!”

“Does it even matter if I did it?” Charmine sneered, with her hands on her waist as she stood proudly

before Tiffany. She had no intentions to run away from the accusation.

This pushed Tiffany to the edge, her eyes burning with anger. It was Charmine. She truly was the

hacker, the one who caused this catastrophe!

No longer caring about her image, Tiffany screamed through gritted teeth, “Charmine Jordan, you’re

my sister! How can you be so evil?! I want everyone to know the truth; I want everyone to know how

evil you are!”

“Please. By all means, go ahead. You attempted to murder me, but I found out. You didn’t want the

truth to be revealed, so you bribed me with your nude. You can even tell everyone about the two

options you were given, and how you chose to send nude instead of apologizing. I’ve got every

media’s contact nationwide, so feel free to have your pick,” Charmine spoke nonchalantly, scrolling

through her phone unfazed by the woman before her.

“You—” Tiffany trembled with anger, completely at a loss for words.

Who would have thought that Charmine would find out about her dirt and use it against her? The

truth should be revealed.

Noticing that someone was near their perimeter, Tiffany’s vicious expression was instantly replaced by

a much gentler look, with tears suddenly springing back to life. “I’ve no idea what you’re talking

about… I’ve never done such a thing to you! How could you make up such lies about me?” Tiffany

sobbed as though she was bullied. “I know you’ve always been jealous of me, and that’s why you

made the photo public. You want to replace me, don’t you? Had you asked me in person, I would’ve

gladly given you this chance, this role! Why did you have to ruin my reputation?”

Once she noticed Tiffany in tears, Veronica instantly went up to them. “Exactly. Tiffany has such a

beautiful soul, so why did you treat her so badly?” she scoffed. “The Jordan family brought up a

bastard for nothing!”

Charmine laughed to herself. It was no surprise that Tiffany was at the top of the entertainment

industry: She could turn lies into truth, like black into white. Finding it a complete waste of time, she

indifferently replied, “Oh, you’re absolutely correct! Yes, I want to ruin you, so bite me!”

Charmine flipped her long voluminous hair. “Aren’t you bored from saying the same thing every time?

Boring!” With that, Charmine turned and left, her dark green dress fluttering with her every step.

Tiffany was seething with rage like an active volcano ready to erupt. This was a completely different

Charmine from the shy and weak younger sister she once knew; Charmine had become bold and wild.

How on earth did she turn to be so arrogant?

Tiffany could not accept this. “You better watch out, Charmine Jordan. I won’t let this slide.”

Entering her limousine, she commanded, “Listen, Veronica. I want to destroy her with all of Jordan’s


Meanwhile, In the ballroom, the audition continued once the damage was controlled.

Eventually, the manager announced, “And now to our final contestant: Charmine Jordan.”

Charmine pushed open the grand, heavy door. All eyes were glued on her, including the trio on the

second floor. Dazzling, she walked with grace to the stage in her simple yet elegant heels. Dressed in a

dark green gown, her beauty was brought out with her fiery red lips. One word could easily wrap

things up: breath-taking.

Sensing a threat, the models began muttering to one another, “Who is she? I’ve never seen her


“Isn’t she the adopted daughter? She has no experience modeling. What does she think she’s doing

here?” Amelia Jordan scorned.

Everyone else let out a sigh, disdaining Charmine.

“Isn’t it humiliating that anyone thinks they can audition for Chanel these days?”

“The ambassador needs to be fair and beautiful. She’s so overdressed, she must’ve thought this was a

Victoria Secret’s audition.”

“Can someone in charge please ask her to leave? She’s wasting everyone’s time.” The crowd began to


The manager looked at Charmine in contempt. “Why is there an extra on the name list? Security, send

her out.”

“I just need a minute,” Charmine muttered under her breath, not once stopping as she walked toward

the stage.

Nobody believed in her. The securities stopped her from moving forward.

“Get out! Don’t waste our time. We’re not like you, wandering around doing nothing. Our time is

precious, unlike yours.”

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