Warning: My Mommy is A Savage! by Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Tiffany finally made her appearance in a white linen gown, simple and elegant, as though she came

from a classic novel. Her hair cascaded down her shoulders, a floral band rested on her head. The

gown fluttered with every step she took, and it was the autumn leaves that danced mid-air in a

picturesque scene of a fairytale. Her exquisite face stood out from the other dull and tasteless models,

though she still carried a fey-like poise. Her appearance was the personification of heaven on earth as

she emulated the beauty of a goddess from a painting.

The copy of the necklace was brought to life on her elegant neck.

The designer of the necklace, Aida, was awestruck by what she saw. “OH MY GOD! That’s it! She’s the

one!” she beamed. “This is exactly what I had in mind. It’s her! We’ll sign her!”

“Amazing! Why is there such a pure and refined woman on earth? So honorable and spotless, like a

blank white cloth!”

“Definitely worthy of her immeasurable fame and reputation for being the best supermodel in the

world. Her innate temperament isn’t something ordinary people can compete with.”


“So pretentious,” Chris muttered.

“Mhm.” Anthony passed him a chocolate bar, agreeing to the boy’s opinion.

Nial, on the other hand, looked at them in confusion.

Tiffany Jordan seemed nice. Why was she called ‘pretentious’? These two were hopeless!

Meanwhile, Tiffany enjoyed the words of adoration from the audience. A smile broke out on her face,

and it was akin to sunshine in summer.

She knew it in her heart now; she would be the chosen one to make the final appearance.

As expected, when she walked to the panel, the host and designers called on her.

“Models who have yet to come out, don’t bother coming. Tiffany Jordan, it’s you. You’ll be the

ambassador of the necklace and will make the final appearance at tomorrow’s show!”

“I agree! It should be Tiffany. We’re all convinced by her win!” Amelia spoke up as she happily agreed.

The other competitors nodded with conviction. They were out of Tiffany’s league and they accepted it.

After all, it was Tiffany Jordan that they were losing to, the most famous supermodel in the world!

Tiffany humbly—as much as she could be—lowered her head. “Everyone is being too kind. I’ll have no

other choice than to accept this offer. I won’t disappoint everyone.” Her soft voice was sweet like

heaven on earth.

The producer confidently brought the contract up to her on the stage.

Tiffany’s lips curled into a beautiful smile, and this time, the grin was sincere. She knew Charmine

would not be able to do anything to her once she got this role. It was foolish of her to even think of

competing with her. Why did she not look at herself in the mirror?

As Tiffany reached forward to accept the contract, a strange sound was heard.


Suddenly, the big screen in the hall lit up. A photo then appeared on the screen.

It was the photo of Tiffany under the showerhead. Her body was covered, or uncovered, by a thin and

almost transparent layer of bikini, as seducing as imagination could go. Above all, she had a fetching

expression; red lips slightly parted, pink cheeks flushed, and her eyes charming like silk. To put it

simply, she was rather tantalizing to the eye.

In an instant, the crowd was plunged into chaos.

“My goodness… Is this the Tiffany Jordan? She’s much different from what she pretends to be!”

“She has such a pure and innocent outlook. Who would’ve thought she could be this coquettish!”

Tiffany was frozen in shock. This caught her off-guard entirely.

She had gone through many scenarios of the photo leaking online last night, but not in a million years

would she have thought the photo would be exposed in an event such as today.

Veronica was the first to recover from the shock. “Someone please turn it off!” she yelled.

It was foolish of her to think anyone would want to take down a private photo of Tiffany Jordan.

Everyone in the audience was either admiring with their eyes glued to the screen or taking photos for

their ‘collection’. The panel, on the other hand, were re-evaluating if Tiffany was still suitable to

become their brand ambassador.

As noises of displeasure and mockery occupied the room, Tiffany finally regained her senses.

“Turn this off, please! Turn this off! This… This wasn’t me!”

Not her? Why would she panic if this was not her? There were no true friends in the entertainment

industry. Who would help her?

The photo was still blaring through the screen.

Finally, Tiffany could not take it anymore. She took a stool nearby and threw it right against the big



The screen finally went black. Broken.

The photo was gone at last, but…

The judging eyes remained. She was no longer the supermodel in the past; no longer the pure and

charming Tiffany Jordan she pretended to be.

“It’s not me, I swear. Someone set me up! Someone did!” Tiffany shrieked, her face pale and anxious.

“Miss Jordan, we’re deeply sorry that such a thing happened. We hope you could go back and resolve

this,” the manager spoke and delivered the ultimatum.

Just like that, her opportunities were taken away from her.

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