This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 97

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 97

‘I think so too. As Miss Reed said, President Fuller could easily turn her down, and she would never force herself on him. Since he didn’t turn her down, it means that he married her willingly. Considering that, his treatment of her after their marriage is unacceptable.’

‘There’s more to it! I’m also starting to doubt if President Fuller actually likes Miss Gray! If he does, he wouldn’t have agreed to marry Miss Reed and would have waited until Miss Gray regained consciousness.’

Green with envy, Tina was biting on her lip while reading the comments. She knew full well that the person who Toby had always been in love with was Sonia. The only reason he was misled to believe that he loved Tina was because she pretended to be the woman who was in correspondence with him. However, he would take back all his love to her and pour it all onto Sonia if he came to find out that Sonia was actually the one who he corresponded with.

Meanwhile, Zane also read the comments, which made him tut. “Toby, I, too, think you’re a bit of a scum. Just hearing what Sonia said is unbearable enough, and she had to endure it for six years. Judging from that, she really loves you, but you don’t deserve her.”

Toby clenched his fist in silence as his heart hammered and pounded against his chest. All this time, he had thought of her as a despicable woman who took Tina’s place when she was in a coma. Therefore, he unconsciously ignored that he could turn down her proposal to begin with. Even though he was aware of the life she led in the Fuller Family, he never thought of helping her out. I was the one who owed her!

“After telling you the full story, everyone should believe now that I didn’t step in between President Fuller and Miss Gray.” Sonia watched the press below her.

Upon hearing that, the journalists smiled sheepishly. The fact that she revealed everything in the presence of the press and the audience of the livestream meant that she had to be telling the truth. After all, she wouldn’t be able to handle the consequences of the public’s backlash toward her company and herself if what she said was proven to be false.

“How would you explain the claim about you pestering your ex-husband?” The journalist from before spoke again.

“First of all, I never tried to pester him. Seafield isn’t all that big, and we’re both businessmen, so it’s only natural that we bump into each other. As for the reason we were at the stadium together last night…” An irritated look crossed Sonia’s face. “It’s because both of us got a ticket from President Fuller’s brother. If I knew President Fuller would go, I wouldn’t have gone no matter what.”

Immediately, Zane burst into laughter while slapping his thigh. “Toby, she’s dissing you! I think she’s serious when she says that she doesn’t love you!”

Toby glowered at Zane before turning his gaze back to Sonia’s face on the screen with a complex look in his eyes. Does she really not love me anymore?

“I know you might not believe in me, but it’s alright for us to hold contesting viewpoints. However, I would like to stress that I don’t see the need to associate myself with a man who would chase his wife out of the house in favor of his mistress,” Sonia stated with a smirk.

Tina’s heart sank as she had a bad premonition. What does she mean by that?

Toby was also frowning, confused by what Sonia was planning to do. On the other hand, the journalists realized that Sonia was about to stir up a ruckus. “Miss Reed, would you mind clarifying what you mean?”

“Sure.” A cold glint fleeted across Sonia’s gaze before she opened up, saying, “Everybody should know that President Fuller decided to divorce me due to rumors of my infidelity. I’ll have you know that I was not the one who was infidel, but President Fuller himself was.”

All Sonia wanted was to live her own life and continue to develop Paradigm Co. to avenge her father. Yet, the Fullers and people like Tina insisted on giving her a hard time, so she saw no reason to be courteous to them.

The announcement sent the crowd into an uproar. No way! President Fuller had an affair?

Meanwhile, Zane was watching Toby playfully. “Toby, I think Cynthia actually pissed Sonia off this time.”

Toby didn’t say a word, but his handsome face looked glum, while the air around him was filled with pressure. I had an affair? Wasn’t she the one who had an affair? The thought of the men around Sonia made him uncomfortable.

“Miss Reed, is this true?” The journalist’s hands were shaking. President Fuller’s infidelity is a huge scoop. I bet it’ll be able to garner the press a lot of attention for the next week!

“Of course.” Sonia nodded. “Toby always visited Tina at the hospital behind my back even before our divorce. He even had me move out of the residence just so Tina could move in.”

“Gosh, this is unexpected.” The crowd was dumbfounded.

Even Zane stared at Toby in shock. “Toby, did you really do that?”

Toby’s lips quivered. He was unable to deny those claims. With that, Zane started to study Toby peculiarly. “Toby, what were you thinking? No matter how much you wish to be with Tina, you shouldn’t have had Sonia move out of the house. Considering how large your house is, you should at least have a guest room.”

“Tina didn’t want to see Sonia,” Toby replied in a hoarse voice as he lowered his gaze.

Zane was exasperated. “You should let Tina stay outside if she doesn’t want to see Sonia. Why did you insist on letting Tina in?”

Toby’s throat bobbed as he ignored Zane’s comment. Although he was aware that it wasn’t the best choice, he didn’t want to disappoint Tina when she had just regained consciousness.

“I know people might say that it was just normal for President Fuller to do that since he loves Miss Gray. But the point is, I was still married to him, so it was a matter of principles.”

Nobody had anything to say against that. Indeed, President Fuller and Tina shouldn’t have done that no matter how much they loved each other.

Meanwhile, Tina was trembling with rage. How dare she? Sonia’s practically putting Toby and I up in the hall of shame by mentioning Toby’s affair! Even though we’ve never had sex, Toby’s actions are considered as an affair nonetheless.

In that light, Tina was portrayed as the third wheel who stepped in between Toby and Sonia’s marriage. Even if she were to marry Toby later on, they wouldn’t receive the public’s blessings, but their disdain and mockery. That was Sonia’s aim. Even though both Tina and Toby were aware of it, Toby wasn’t particularly angry.

“Alright, everyone. Since I have explained clearly that I’m not a third wheel, and had never pestered President Fuller, I hope that a similar occasion would never occur ever again.”

After that, she narrowed her sharp eyes. “Of course, let’s not forget about the instigator, Miss Cynthia Stone. Due to the fact that she defamed my company and me, I have decided to file a lawsuit against her, the twenty troll accounts, as well as three hundred of the netizens who had criticized me the harshest.”

Twenty troll accounts and three hundred netizens? The crowd inhaled sharply when they heard the incredible number of people whom she planned to press charges against, in awe of her resolution.

“Miss Reed, are you really going to do that?” One of the journalists tried to get confirmation from her. “Aren’t you afraid of a public backlash?”

Sonia answered impassively, “Since I already decided to press charges against them, I will not fear the consequences. Besides, I’m merely defending my own rights by letting these people know that the internet isn’t a place where they could do as they pleased. Just you wait for the summons from the court.”

With that, Sonia set the mic down before heading for the exit on her crutches, with Daphne following behind her. In the meantime, Charles stayed to conclude the press conference.

The audience who were watching the livestream were stunned by Sonia’s actions. After all, nobody foresaw her pressing charges against them. Immediately, the netizens quickly deleted their critics of Sonia for fear of being summoned by the court. Cynthia was also panicking as she took out her phone to give Tina a call.

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