This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 91

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 91

At a loss for words, Toby pulled his lips into a thin line. Indeed. Tina is the only one that Sonia has beef with, so she will of course suspect Tina. “I will investigate this.” Toby moved his shoulders before putting on his clothes.

Meanwhile, Sonia was watching him impassively. “What will happen after that? What will you do if Tina is indeed behind this?”

Toby’s gaze dimmed. “It won’t be her.”

“Haha.” Sonia laughed derisively. “You didn’t give me a direct answer because you don’t even have a solution for that, no?”

Toby’s gaze flickered for a moment. “I will have her apologize to you if she’s behind this.”

“An apology? Again?” Sonia did an eye-roll in her mind.

Toby frowned. “What do you want then?”

“The comments online accused me of interfering with your relationship with Tina. Since that is the case, I suppose I should honor the person who posted that status. Therefore, I only have a simple request. If Tina is truly behind this, I want you to stay away from her forever!” Sonia stared at him with a chilly gaze. “Toby Fuller, do you have the guts to promise me?”

Toby’s pupils contracted, but they returned to normal soon. “Must you do this?”

“You don’t dare to take the bet?” Sonia threw the ball back to him.

Toby pinched the space in between his brows. “Alright, I promise you.”

“You’d better remember what you said. Don’t you dare go back on your word when the time comes.” With that, Sonia left on her crutches. Keeping Charles’ advice in mind, she took the rear exit when she left, and had the driver meet her there too. However, she was still surrounded by the press when she got there.

“Miss Reed, can you tell us if what was mentioned in the status is true? Did you really interfere in President Fuller and Miss Gray’s relationship six years ago and plotted a scheme so that you could get married to President Fuller?”

“Miss Reed, are you trying to snatch President Fuller back because you aren’t willing to admit defeat after you’ve divorced him?”

“Aren’t you hurting President Lane by doing this?”

“Miss Reed…”

In the face of their press’ bombarding questions, Sonia could feel her head buzzing. “Sorry, I won’t be answering any of your questions for now,” she replied frostily.

“Miss Reed, did you refuse to answer our questions because you’re feeling guilty?”

Sonia narrowed her eyes while looking at the journalist who asked that question. “Since that’s how you assumed me to be, you should have just said that I’m a b*tch.”

Her comment silenced the journalist. His face flushed in embarrassment, while there was resentment in his eyes.

Although Sonia noticed that, she ignored it while averting her gaze to announce coldly, “Out of my way. I’m leaving.”

However, it was as if none of the press heard her. Not only did they continue to block her way, but they even kept on taking photos of her; some were even live streaming their encounter. All the while, the netizens watching the livestream kept on posting comments on it.

‘Wow, she’s being all cocky even though she’s the third wheel, and the one who keeps on pestering her ex-husband.’

‘Yeah, she must be getting agitated.’

‘She’s such a beauty, but she’s malicious.’

Upon noticing that the press refused to move aside, Sonia was riled up. After clenching her fists, she took out her phone. “Hello, is this the police station? I would like to file a report. A group of press flocked in on me without permission, which caused an injury to my leg. I’m currently at City Stadium. Please come here immediately. Thank you.”

With that, she tucked her phone away, while the press were staring at her in disbelief, dumbfounded by her actions.

“Miss Reed, how dare you call the police?”

“Can’t I do that when you’re the ones who flocked in on me?” Sonia bit back in exasperation.

The press choked on their own words, but proceeded to retort in discontentment after a few moments.

“But why did you frame us for injuring your leg? What do we have to do with your leg injury?”


Even the netizens who were watching the livestream thought that Sonia had crossed a line by framing the press.

Sonia merely snorted. “It’s true that you aren’t responsible for my leg injury, but there’s no proof even if I claim that one of you injured me when all of you flocked in on me.”

As soon as she said that, the press began to back away out of fear. They came to interview her, but they wouldn’t be able to explain themselves if the interviewee claimed that they injured her. They would be prosecuted by the law. Ah, she’s fearsome!

When Sonia saw the press made way for her as if she were a menace, she snickered internally before walking toward the car on her crutches.

On the other hand, Tyler arrived at the lounge in his sports jacket after inquiring about Toby’s whereabouts from the manager.

“Toby.” When Tyler entered with the basketball in his hand, he saw that Toby was the only one in there. “Where’s Sonia?” he asked hurriedly.

“She left.” Toby didn’t look up while replying to him, for he was still checking his phone.

“She left?” Tyler pouted in dejection. “Why did she just up and leave without waiting for me? I was hoping to ask her opinion on how I did during the competition.”

Toby arched his brow, finally sparing Tyler a glance. “Since when are you so close to her?”

Tyler scratched the back of his head. “It just happened recently. I started to notice that Sonia is different from how I perceived her in the past.”

That’s true. Toby nodded in agreement. At that moment, his phone suddenly rang with a call from Tina.

“Hello, Toby. Where are you? Come get me. I’m surrounded by the press.” Tina’s voice sounded fearful through the phone.

Toby stood up while telling Tina solemnly that he would meet her shortly. Then, he left for the entrance with Tyler following behind him. Upon arriving at the main entrance, Toby saw Tina being surrounded by the press. She was cowering slightly as she observed the circle of people around her timidly, seemingly weak, helpless, and pitiable.

Seeing that elicited a frown from Toby. “Tina.”

“Toby!” Tina’s eyes lit up as she waved at him with a delightful smile on her face. When Toby marched forth, the press backed away automatically due to his intimidating presence. Thus, he was able to get to Tina without a problem.

Right away, Tina launched herself into his arms. “Toby, you’re finally here! I’m so scared! They surrounded me as soon as I got here. I don’t even know how to answer the various questions that they hurled at me.”

“It’s okay.” Toby patted her on the shoulder. “I’ll deal with them.” Then, he swept a glance at the press. “What did you all ask her?”

“Um… President Fuller, we asked a few questions that the netizens are curious about. For example, if Miss Reed did interfere in your relationship with Miss Gray back then? And did she force you to marry her?”

Toby lowered her gaze while replying resolutely, “She didn’t!”

Both the press and Tina were startled by his reply, for they could hardly believe that he had denied that claim. Is this to protect Sonia? Tina looked down to hide the jealousy that ran rampant in her eyes.

One of the journalists noticed her reaction. After scanning his surroundings, he questioned in a loud voice, “Miss Gray, is what President Fuller said true?”

Even though Toby was glaring at the journalist, the latter forced himself to focus his attention on Tina under the pressure of Toby’s stare. When Tina raised her head, a wistful smile bloomed on her pretty and innocent face. “Let’s assume that’s the case since Toby said so.”

The press exchanged glances among themselves after hearing her reply. Soon, they were onto the next question. Meanwhile, Tyler had a peculiar look on his face while watching Tina, who was in Toby’s arms, from where he stood at the main entrance.

Why does Tina’s reply sound so odd? What does that even mean? I can’t shake the feeling that she’s implying that Toby’s lying. Is she doing this on purpose?

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