This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 89

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 89

The streamer said to her fans in her livestream, “Did you see that? The couple looks so sweet together.”

‘Yeah, I saw them. They looked so loving!’

‘Chilli, you should also find yourself a boyfriend who’s as handsome as that man. You won’t need to admire other people from afar then.’

‘Are you serious? Chilli wouldn’t have stayed single until now if she could find herself a boyfriend!’

Part amused and part annoyed, the streamer, whose username was Chilli, threatened mockingly, “I won’t show you the couple anymore if you continue to tease me.”

‘Hold it right there! We’ll stop!’ The fans quickly surrendered, after which Chilli snorted proudly while keeping her camera pointed at Sonia and Toby.

Having learned a lot of makeup techniques from Chilli’s livestream sessions, Cynthia was her fan. She never expected to see Sonia and Toby in Chilli’s livestream. “No, I have to inform Tina about this!” After setting her iPad aside, she reached for her phone to give Tina a call.

Meanwhile, Tina was applying a mask on her face as she sat in front of the dressing table. When she saw the caller ID, she picked up the call before inquiring gently, “What is it, Cynthia?”

“Tina, quickly check on the livestream link that I sent you,” Cynthia urged.

While tidying the edges of the face mask that stuck out, Tina asked, “What is it?”

“Oh, it’s Sonia! She’s trying to seduce President Fuller again!”

“What did you just say?” Tina’s pupils contracted as she tore the face mask off her face.

Cynthia was puffing in anger. “She’s too shameless! Even though she already divorced President Fuller and had found herself a boyfriend, she continued to pester President Fuller! She even went after him to the stadium!”

By that point, Tina had come to understand what Cynthia was talking about. Sonia and Toby were watching Tyler’s competition in the stadium together. Although it was normal that Toby would be there, for Tyler was his brother, Sonia had no reason to be there.

During the past six years, she was constantly being bullied by Tyler. Logically speaking, she wouldn’t have gone to support Tyler. Is it really as Cynthia said, that she’s after Toby? Tina bit her bottom lip as that thought crossed her mind.

After that, she stood up to walk over to her computer to click on the link that Cynthia sent her. When she saw Sonia and Toby sitting together in the livestream, her gaze dimmed immediately.

“Tina, are you still there?” Cynthia asked.

Tina’s gaze flickered for a moment before she hid the terrifying look in her eyes. “Yeah, I’m still here, Cynthia.” Her voice was strained.

When Cynthia noticed the sorrow in Tina’s tone, her anger boiled up. “Tina, it’s obvious that Sonia isn’t taking you seriously, so we can’t let her off the hook. Let’s go get her at the stadium right now!”

“No, Cynthia. We won’t be able to enter without a ticket.” Tina hung her head low, pretending to be putting on a tough front despite the fact that she was on the verge of tears. “Besides, this might be a misunderstanding. Miss Reed might actually just be there to watch the competition.”

“How could this be a misunderstanding? You’re being too kind by assuming the best in people, Tina.” Cynthia stomped her foot, angry that Tina wouldn’t fight for what was rightfully hers. “You didn’t see Sonia deliberately falling into President Fuller’s arms!”

“What?” Tina’s expression changed. “Did Miss Reed actually do that?”

“Yeah, that’s why we can’t let her off the hook just like that.”

Heartbroken, Tina began sobbing. “But what could I do? I promised Toby I will never hurt Miss Reed.”

“Are you planning to just let things slide?” Cynthia sounded reluctant.

Upon hearing that, Tina sobbed even louder. “Miss Reed must be seeking revenge against me because it was the fact that I regained consciousness that forced her to be divorced with Toby. I owe her that much. Cynthia, just pretend that you haven’t seen that.” With that, Tina hung up.

Outraged, Cynthia slammed her fist on the bed. What did Tina mean by saying that she owed Sonia that much? Sonia was the one who insisted on marrying President Fuller even though he already had Tina. In the end, it’s Sonia who owes Tina!

“Hmph! Although Tina might let things slide, I won’t. A shameless woman like you who loves interfering with people’s relationships should be called out in public,” Cynthia muttered with a menacing expression on her face as she opened her Facebook to post a status using her alternate account.

‘Six years ago, a woman stepped in between the young lady of the Gray Family and President Fuller. She practically forced her way into marriage with President Fuller after the young lady had an accident. Six years later, the young lady woke up, so that woman was chased out of the Fuller Family. However, she never stopped pestering President Fuller. She has no shame!’

After typing that, Cynthia added a few screenshots that she took of Sonia and Toby in the livestream. One of the most eye-catching ones depicted Sonia falling into Toby’s arms, while both of Toby’s arms were on her shoulders.

The angle of the screenshot was just right to give off the impression that it was Sonia who actively threw herself into Toby’s arms instead of being pushed over by someone. At the same time, Toby didn’t look like he was trying to support Sonia. On the contrary, he looked like he was trying to push her away with a frown on his face. The image itself seemed definitive enough as proof of what happened.

Delighted with her handiwork, Cynthia smiled in satisfaction before hiring a group of Internet trolls and buying fake accounts to spread the status that she posted. Soon, her post garnered a lot of attention, and had quickly made it to the top of the trending list. A lot of netizens had recognized Sonia and Toby, which prompted them to make various comments.

‘Gosh, I already thought during the livestream that they looked familiar. It turns out that they’re none other than the president of Fuller Group and the vice president of Paradigm Co. The vice president was famous on the Internet some time ago.’

‘I recognized them too. Sonia is also the girlfriend of the president of Lane Corporation’s president. To think that she would pester her ex-husband when she already has a boyfriend is disgusting.’

‘There’s more to this than that. Didn’t you read the status? That woman already interfered with President Fuller and Miss Gray’s relationship six years ago, and married President Fuller when Miss Gray was involved in a car crash. Even though they’re now divorced, she hasn’t given up on President Fuller. I sure sympathize with both Miss Gray and President Lane.’

The netizens went as far as tagging both Tina and Charles. There were even some who directly asked how Charles felt for being cuckolded. When he caught wind of the incident, he stopped the meeting that he was holding immediately to storm out of the meeting room sullenly.

“Start an investigation! I want to know who’s spreading these rumors!” Charles ordered angrily while tugging his tie loose.

“Understood,” his assistant answered from behind him.

Then, Charles opened the door to his office. “Other than that, try to lower the popularity of the search.”

“President Lane, I’m afraid it won’t be that easy since our company isn’t that powerful.” The assistant sounded conflicted.

Charles rolled his eyes at him. “Of course I know that. Just try your best.”

“Got it!” With a nod, the assistant left.

After that, Charles took out his phone to give Sonia a call. When she felt the vibration of her phone in her bag, she lowered her head to fish for it. She was about to pick up the call when she saw that it was from Charles. At that moment, she heard panicked exclamations as well as Tyler’s yell. “Watch out, Sonia! Get out of the way!”

What is it? Still a little confused, Sonia raised her head to check on the situation, only to see an orange basketball flying her way, which caused her face to pale. Just when it was about to hit her on her head, a figure moved in front of her and shielded her from the ball.

“Oof…” Toby grunted in pain while his handsome face scrunched up.

Sonia, who was hiding in his arms, observed him with a complicated look on her face. “You—”

“Toby, are you alright?” Before she could finish her sentence, Tyler cut her off while running up to them.

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