This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 77

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 77

When Sonia and Toby looked up, they saw Zane walking toward them while twirling the car keys on his fingers. Toby narrowed his eyes as he glanced at Zane and Sonia with a frown on his face. Why would she get Zane to fetch her? Since when has their relationship progressed this far?

On the other hand, Zane was surprised to see Toby. “Why are you here with President Reed, Toby? Are you two on a date?” He pointed at the two of them teasingly.

After setting the ice pack aside, Sonia rolled her eyes at him. “Stop spouting nonsense. I came for a business negotiation and just happened to bump into President Fuller.”

“Is that so?” Zane caressed his chin in disbelief. Seeing that Toby said nothing to affirm or deny the claim, Zane pouted, bored by the uneventful exchange. Then, he was startled when he saw Sonia’s swollen ankle. “President Reed, what happened to your leg?”

“I sprained my ankle,” Sonia replied casually while putting her heels back on.

Zane tutted. “The sprain looks quite severe. You must have hurt your bones.”

“So, your next mission will be sending me to the hospital.” Sonia raised her head to look at him.

Zane acted as if he were Sonia’s underling. “Yes, boss!”

Sonia also got into character when she reached her hand out to him. “What are you waiting for then? Come help me up.”

“Okey-dokey!” Zane stepped forth to help Sonia up from the sofa.

All the while, Toby had a glum look on his face as he watched their interaction. When Zane rested his hand on Sonia’s waist, the aura Toby emitted was so cold that it could have easily frozen someone over. However, neither Sonia nor Zane noticed Toby’s abnormal attitude.

Having sprained her ankle, Sonia could hardly stand. Any slight contact with the ground would cause excruciating pain, so she wasn’t in the mood to take in her surroundings. At the side, Zane was supporting her carefully to prevent her from falling over, so he wasn’t paying attention to anything else either. They didn’t even bid Toby goodbye as they made their way to the lobby entrance.

Just like that, Toby saw them off with a grim look in his eyes and hardened expression on his impassive face. “Investigate if the incident in the elevator was an accident or if it was deliberately targeted at us.” Toby gave his orders in a merciless tone after standing up.

Following Fuller Group’s development over the past few years, they did seize benefits that used to belong to other companies. Therefore, it was possible that his competitors would try to deal with him using underhanded tactics.

“Understood.” Tom began the investigation right away after giving a curt reply. Soon, he came back with the results of his investigation. “President Fuller, I’ve finished investigating the incident. It was an accident. A problem was found with the operation of the elevator this morning, but the manager didn’t stop it, nor did he inform the technicians to service it, which led to what we experienced in the elevator.”

By that point, Tom was also feeling terrified when he recalled the incident. They were fortunate enough in that the elevator ended up reaching the ground floor safely. Otherwise, he dared not imagine what would have happened.

“Bold of him to do that.” Toby clenched his fists with a sullen look on his face. “Inform the HR department in headquarters to hire another manager. Also, stop the elevator right away for service.”

“Understood.” Tom nodded.

Something flashed across Toby’s eyes before he added, “Other than that, find out what happened between Sonia and Zane.” Even though Sonia and Zane had known each other prior to that, they were never close to each other. In fact, they were almost strangers to each other. However, their relationship had improved drastically over time to the point that they could joke around with each other. Toby would never believe that there was nothing between them.

When Tom noticed the look of jealousy that fleeted across Toby’s gaze, he knew Toby must have been jealous of Sonia and Zane’s relationship. Despite knowing that, Tom dared not say it out loud, so he could only take his orders while pretending that he knew nothing. “Got it.”

Meanwhile, Zane helped Sonia get into the hospital and had her registered. On the other hand, Tina and a group of people came along while enjoying a conversation among themselves. It wasn’t Tina, but her good friend, Cynthia, who was the first to notice Sonia.

Cynthia tugged on Tina’s sleeve before pointing at the registrar. “Look, Tina. Isn’t that Sonia and Mr. Coleman? Why are they together?”

The smile on Tina’s face faded when she looked in the direction where Cynthia was pointing at. Although her gaze dimmed, she maintained a gentle tone of voice as she spoke. “Indeed. It is Miss Reed and Mr. Coleman. By the way, I think Miss Reed is injured.”

Tina’s gaze traveled downward before stopping on Sonia’s leg, where an angry swell was evident. “Miss Stryder, did you do this as well?” Tina glanced at Melody, who was on her other side.

Melody also swept a glance at Sonia’s ankle before she shook her head arrogantly. “It wasn’t me.”

“That’s odd,” Tina mumbled.

Cynthia added, “Tina, they’re turning over here.”

When Tina cast a glance in their direction again, she met Sonia’s gaze, which caused the latter to chuckle.

Zane lowered his head to look at Sonia. “Why are you laughing?”

“I’m laughing at how small the world seems to be. I bumped into Toby at the hotel, and now I meet Tina in the hospital. What luck,” Sonia replied.

When Zane saw Tina and the others coming at them, he seemed to be anticipating a show. “They’re coming for you.”

Aware that he was gloating, Sonia glowered at him right. Then, Tina and her gang stopped in front of her. With a smile, Tina greeted Sonia. “What a coincidence, Miss Reed, Mr. Coleman.”

“Indeed.” Sonia nodded calmly, but her mind was occupied; most of her attention was on Melody, who was beside Tina.

After Tina checked on Sonia and Zane, an odd glint fleeted across her eyes before disappearing. Then, she asked with feigned curiosity, “Why are you with Mr. Coleman, Miss Reed? Won’t Mr. Lane be angry at you if he knows about it?”

Zane arched his brow. She’s setting out to sow discord into Sonia’s relationship with Charles.

On the other hand, Sonia combed her hair to the back of her ear, seemingly without the panic that she was expected to show when someone found her with another man. Instead, she replied nonchalantly, “Why would he be angry at me? I have so many suitors, so he will only better himself so nobody will snatch me away from him. He has no time to be angry.”

Tina’s face froze before she let out a dry chuckle. “You have a good sense of humor, Miss Reed.”

On the contrary, Cynthia rolled her eyes. “That’s not even humor. She’s just being a shameless arse by cheating on her own boyfriend.”

“What is it? Are you jealous?” Sonia watched Cynthia smilingly. “Does the fact that I have a dozen suitors, but you have none, not sit well with you?”

“T-That’s not it!” Cynthia’s face turned a scarlet hue.

A smile tugged on Sonia’s lips. “Oh, really? You don’t need to be ashamed to admit the truth. After all, it’s normal that you would feel jealous toward someone beautiful and popular like me when you’re an ugly duckling that no man wants. I won’t mock you.”

“You—” Frustrated, Cynthia was on the verge of tears, but she had to admit to herself that she was indeed feeling jealous.

At the side, Zane was amused when he saw Sonia silencing Tina and her gang with a few words. I wonder if Toby is aware that his ex-wife has such a sharp tongue.

“Miss Reed.” Tina pulled Cynthia behind her. “Judging from what you said, you’re saying that Mr. Coleman is your suitor, no?”

“Tell her. Are you courting me?” Sonia elbowed Zane. In a voice that was only audible between them, she warned, “I will make your life hell if you dare mess this up.”

Zane’s lips twitched. He wanted no part in that, for he preferred to simply enjoy the show from the audience seats. Yet, he had to step in despite the headache that the situation gave him since the women around him had already dragged him into the mess. “Of course I am!” Compared to Sonia, he disliked Tina even more, so he decided he should side with Sonia.

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